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Bluefish Wireless has launched the Bluefish Network, a service that lets Palm users upload and download content on the go via their handheld's infrared port through any Bluefish access point, or by performing a HotSync operation. Palm users can beam on a Bluefish to receive up to the minute news from Reuters, and buy books, CDs, flowers, wine and many other products and services.
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Coyote67 @ 6/5/2001 8:21:06 AM #
Another way to drain my battery?
This sounds pretty interesting, combine this with a way to connect your bankaccount or credit card to it, and you have a way to purchase stuff instantly. I'd love to be able to get soda from a vending machine through my handheld. Put one of these EVERYWHERE and you'll make me a happy camper.

OH my god...becky, look at her....Prism.
RE: Yay?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/9/2001 4:10:36 PM #
Where would the most useful locations for a Bluefish / remote synch station be? Given that it is a new technology (i.e. no limit to its focus at this time)what would be your mandatory killer aps be?

Pretty interesting....

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 10:58:24 AM #
This seems to be pretty cool.

I have one question. How long will it take for BlueFish to put a decent number of these around the country?

Access the Net Via Infrared and Bluefish

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 11:10:01 AM #
How about Europe or it is not on the picture. Look very nice only hope that will be not onle for USA. B

The time has come...

PalmPlan @ 6/5/2001 9:07:16 PM #
You know what... I'm getting this feeling that we are witnessing what may be the future of money looks like - with Bluetooth's capability of placing virtual stores everywhere, you might never have to leave home for ANYTHING!

And if you DO leave home, you can't leave without your trusty ol' Palm/Handspring/Sony/HandEra/Acer(??)!

Wow! Way cool... I feel like we're in some science-fiction movie.

"The only constant in life is... death"

and taxes
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 9:27:36 PM #

This looks like competition to bluetooth

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/5/2001 10:35:16 PM #
This looks like the first competition to bluetooth for the future of ecommerce market. I would love if i could buy stuff without pulling out a credit card.

It will also be sweet to get up to date info from ports around the country.

This is just the beginning on where our palms our going


[ No Subject ]

fernando @ 6/5/2001 10:49:08 PM #
this is a great idea!!! finally, something that uses the infrared port on the palm. the only question i have is when will this come to my area?
finally using IR?
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 4:07:28 PM #
There are lots of things to use your IR port for. Sending and recieving data with other palms being the biggetst one for me. My wife and I send notes and CC address entries and appointments all the time. Not to mention writing rude notes to each other about the speaker in a boring meeting ;-)


Palm Spam

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 12:07:20 AM #
OK, I get ad spam on email, now I can get spammed on my palm. I read a related article not long ago about IR ports on poster ads in busy places like airports so palm users could "automatically" recieve more detailed info to take with them. That didn't sound like a good idea and this one has the potential to go that route. Sure mobile syncing for free sounds fun, but aside from privacy issues, I know advertizers will get their money's worth on exposure.


RE: Palm Spam
SilliconMan @ 6/6/2001 3:50:46 PM #
Keep in mind IR is a line of sight thing. If they do start spamming you just turn off beam receive or cover your IR port. I don't find that a hard thing to do...

Palming away.....
RE: Palm Spam
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 3:55:52 PM #
You are right, it's not a hard thing to do. Neither is hitting "delete" on my email. But it's still annoying and I shouldn't have to do it.



I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 6:03:42 AM #
This could have been really cool if only they wouldnt make it propietary and try to patent it. Now I dont think this will be a success. A thing like this depends on it being "everywhere", and one small company wont take care of that.


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 8:19:43 AM #
Also as long as they only support Palm OS machines I dont think this will be a success (another reason for not having a proprietary system).

Perfect Combo

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 4:00:53 PM #
I'll reserve judgment on whether I think this thing will succeed. But I think they've got it wrong when they say that having a "portable Tower records" is the killer use here. Who wants to buy a CD while walking around? You want to do it either while you're at home snuggled up in your pajamas or while you're physically in the store, able to browse the products.

I think the killer use here is putting a box right inside the entrance of Tower Records (or Barnes & Noble, or Safeway, or Bloomingdales) and downloading a store map, directory, reviews, specials, and so on. It's a perfect combination of what we like about on-line shopping (easy comparisons, access to extensive background info, quick movement from one product to another) and what we like about shopping in stores (tactile and visual feedback, chance of seeing something unexpected, social atmosphere).

I can really see that kind of thing being very useful in a lot of places.

RE: Perfect Combo
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/6/2001 4:21:48 PM #
Maybe a subscription like Avantgo. You have a small app on your palm so every time you visit the store and pass the IR port you get an updated "what's new" tailored to your special interests with reviews and such included.
I can also see a big market for "coming events" at large venues. Go to a concert and the civic center has an IR station where you can automatically get a coming attractions calander. You might even be able to learn about events without relying on ticketmaster.


Sounds Great - But...

Chris @ 6/6/2001 7:39:38 PM #
It's a great idea but the critical issue will be the number and availability of these Bluefish terminals. Also would there be any ability to access e-mail?
Singapore's Changi Airport had a similar infra-red access system operating late last year where commuters could access e-mail and internet for free - great system!


cyber2600 @ 6/6/2001 10:13:09 PM #
A proprietary platform won't succeed. Long live open source.


Stu @ 6/7/2001 9:19:31 AM #
I know it is Beta but the sync trys to re-install EVERY TIME I sync. Is anyone else having problem?


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/7/2001 2:10:33 PM #
I don't think its just me.... I watched an old James Bond movie last night and the hot technology at the time was a mini reel to reel... even Mr. Bond would envy what my Handspring can do- How kewl will this be in five years? It is a great time to be alive!


The chee @ 6/9/2001 11:14:50 AM #
Where is the bluefish website? I have been unable to locate it.
RE: Unclear
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/9/2001 1:02:12 PM #
Did you click on the link at the end of the article?

RE: Unclear
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/20/2001 1:57:12 AM #


david @ 6/10/2001 9:46:28 AM #
Although this may be a good idea, it is going to take a while for it to be of any use. I mean, when will the whole BlueFish stuff be nationwide?!?!

P.S. If you buy an m500 series @ an Office Depot, you get a free 16m expansion card!



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