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Mike Cane let me know today that the CNET CATV program had a report on the new TRGPro PalmOS device, which included video.
Here's what he saw:
1) It looks exactly like a Palm IIIx. In the upper left corner, where "3Com" is on a "regular" Palm, is in quite large letters, "TRGPro".
2) The back was shown, and it looks like the back of Palm IIIx with a bulge that begins just about where the serial number plate is (on my P3). A Palm IIIx with a bit of a "hunchback!"
3) The screen was displaying the Compact Flash software. It was disconcerting! There seemed to be some DOS-like path line navigation involved near the top of the screen. In addition, the center of the screen was showing names of what were apparently directories on the CF card, they were marked as <DIR> next to their title!
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I.M. Anonymous @ 10/17/1999 9:17:37 PM #
I'd hardly call seeing a reference to a directory disconcerting. CompactFlash uses a FAT(like?) file system and I suppose their software preserves that format. I'd call this a Good Thing. I wouldn't want to have to reformat my CompactFlash everytime I took it from my computer to my handheld to my camera, etc.
Numlock @ 10/17/1999 10:22:52 PM #
Is it possible to write an app that could act as a graphical GUI over top of the CF app? I hope were not headed back to a dos aka "dirty operating system" file manager. Or how about linux and mp3's on a CF hard drive....
RE: Disconcerting? @ 10/18/1999 1:30:58 PM #
It was disconcerting to me because I am used to MacOS and PalmOS. No pathnames. Of course I knew it used FAT, but I never had any experience with what this would look like on a PalmOS device. I couldn't even have guessed at it!

Sound fans rejoice! I forgot to mention that on the back of the unit, in a circle pattern, are tiny holes for the beefed-up speaker. I don't think anyone will miss hearing alarms on this baby! mc



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