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A Palm OS emulator for the PocketPC is in the works. A review of the current iteration of the emulator can be found here. -Keith Francis

Brando is now offering a Clié 9V Emergency Charger, which works with all Sony models. It costs $24. -Brando

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What a joke!!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 8:18:11 AM #
So what they are trying to do is take a PocketPC and turn it into as Palm, when buying a Palm in the first place would have been cheaper, and a real Palm.

Obviously these PocketPC have psychological issues to deal with such as Palm Envy.

RE: What a joke!!!
mikecane @ 7/23/2001 9:02:27 AM #
Actually, that emulator would be useful for people like me -- I'm thinking of switching to that incredible Toshiba PPC. It would allow me to run the 1 or 2 apps I'd like to have that are still only available for PalmOS.

Hmmm... I wonder if people who read the Linux article make comments such as, "Boy, can't these people afford a *desktop* machine to run Liunx?" Hint, hint.

RE: What a joke!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 9:33:10 AM #
2 things:

1 - currently the emulator only has support for os 1 and 2. So you can't run most of the apps, or play most of the games. in the future, this won't be an issue - but for now it is

2 - if the PPC people use the palm os's software, all its gonna do is strengthen the palm economy. so let them use the software, in the end it will help to make palm the domnant OS. Infact, in the past, every time an OS has been emulated on a competing OS that's the OS that comes out ahead (ex. microsft emulator on macs)

RE: What a joke!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 9:43:47 AM #
True, but history doesn't have to repeat itself every single time.

This may be useful as if the next gen PPC's offer significant better battery life and are more user friendly, I'm switching immediately. Those are the two things keeping me back. Of course, if Palm comes out with something as innovative, i will stay. But in the meantime, a PALM OS emulator will allow me to run Quikbudget and Act Names still. Great!

RE: What a joke!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 10:20:50 AM #
ummm . . . I hat to burst your bubble but you won't be using your apps on the PPC quite yet. APPARENTLY, there isn't the ablity to install ANY apps yet, so you're screwed


for details

RE: What a joke!!!
mikecane @ 7/23/2001 11:03:29 AM #
Well, this is all very Alpha. I'd actually be surprised if it came out at all. It's not something I'd *absolutely* have to have to switch to the Toshi.

RE: What a joke!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/23/2001 1:29:31 PM #
Oh..You poor Palm Users...

I am an ex-Palm user who now uses PPC... Yes I come to this site as I do with a host of other PDA sites everyday. I still like the technology, as in PDA..Not Palm or anything beyond that.

This is not to start any kind of war ..who's PDA is better than yours or anything like that. As one who has been following this emulator very closely, this is something very significant. Palm OS 3 and OS 4 is also in the works with this emulator. The big deal here is the emulator, emulates the dragonball process, so that Palm's OS can run on this. The ability to install apps will also be included..infact.. do I dare say it has already been done??? We'll just see.

In despite, for many people it is nothing more than the Geek Factor. Just as there is a Linux OS that can run on the Palm PDA..(which when you think about it, is probably not the brightest thing to do), the same holds true with all the different emulators for the PPC. The Palm OS just happens to be one of many, (like the Apple2, Atari, Colleco, Genusis, MANE, Linux, Dos, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, DOS Games like Doom, Hexon, Quake, and many, many others).

And as a PPC user, there are some Palm Apps that I would like to see move onto the PPC platform. Until then, this emulator could serve a good middle ground. Yes.. I think this can help the developers for the Palm community, and even the Palm OS. I don't think this could help Palm with it's hardware sales though.. But then again.. Palm has such a large market share.. How can this hurt??


RE: What a joke!!!
JET8810 @ 7/23/2001 2:11:04 PM #
I am a Handera 330 user (the most powerful Palm OS device on the market, and thats a FACT!) and completely agree with your comments. I think this is a BIG step for the PDA community as a whole. This should have come out a LONG time ago! I know quite a few ppl that have moved from Palm os to PPC who will start to swear by this app. I dont think this will hurt ANY part of Palm's sales. All it can possibly do is HELP.

RE: What a joke!!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2001 1:21:10 AM #
I ran OS/2 2.0 when it first came out. It had a Win 3.1 emulator. OS/2 was a better OS than Win95 and it was released a year earlier, but IBM just didn't show the 'bet the company' drive that Microsoft has when ensuring it's flagship products secure the marketplace. While Microsoft was able to remove netscape, lotus, wordperfect, borland, lantastic, etc as serious competition, Palm and AOL continue to be entities that it can't beat.

If I were a PPC user, I would not be using a palm emulator. It doesn't utilize the whole PPC screen, and I don't need two address books in one PDA.

No not at all

Chris @ 7/23/2001 2:23:38 PM #
Palm envy, yeah right. PPC is so much more powerful, that it can emulate a Palm. Believe me there are no PPC users going to run PalmOS full time. It will be used to run specific apps that are not available on the PPC platform. Get off the PalmOS high horse and realize that while the PPC might not be for you, it is a powerful platform that can do much more than current Palms.
RE: No not at all
JET8810 @ 7/23/2001 5:33:39 PM #
I am a Handera 330 user, and I agree with your comment, but to an extent. Sure, PPCs have *MUCH* more powerful proccessors and therefore, the apps are powerful too. That is where it ends, though, my friend. Compare it to ym Handera 330, mine has TWO card slots, CF and SD/MMC, a Jog dial but most importantly, the same resolution as PPCs, 240 x 320 with the Graffiti area (virtual) minimized. All it is missing is color, which I dont need. I prefer battery life, and anyways, its not like the Palm REALLy NEEDS color cause it cant even do good Multimedia..:)

re No not at all

Chris @ 7/23/2001 11:30:00 PM #
I guess I don't understand your point. We agree that PPC is a more powerful platform. The Handera is a nice speced unit, but it is monochrome. I don't even see the benefits of the higher res. if your gonna stick it on a b&w machine. The Sony 710 is a nice machine too (the screen suffers a little of 505ism, but PPC's have been doing all that for years now. For PIM stuff PalmOS wins, but for bells & whistles and powerful applications PPC's got Palm beat. Still the point here is no one with a PPC is gonna use the emulator more than to run the occasional app, unlike the previous poster tried to imply.

[ No Subject ]

Jake Brumley @ 7/24/2001 8:41:00 AM #
I find it rather amusing that an emulator of a supposedly" INFERIOR" PDA is being developed for PocketPC. Someone at Microsoft must be having a coniption over this,(Someone allmost always does when a new item or program comes out without their approval,or is it me?)

...the best thing that could happen to Palm!

teq @ 7/24/2001 9:02:54 AM #
...history repeats itself: If you look at the history of emulation, the emulated system always profited from the availability of an emulator - not the host system the emulator runs on.

Proof? Just look at the MS-DOS/Windows emulators for the Mac - this encouraged even more sw companies to write programs for Windows (instead of Mac sw). Same is true with PDA area: The higher demand for Palm programs will further accelerate Palm sw development. This won't help the PocketPC platform...

****** Pilot 5000 => Palm Pilot III => Palm Vx => M505 - I´ve had them all and loved each one of them.

Get the message, people!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/25/2001 3:26:03 PM #
People still don't seem to be getting the main idea behind the 'PalmOS vs PPC' debate; users of both platforms appear to feel the need to justify their owning a particular format...
It's not about whether PPC is better than PalmOS (it's not), or whether PalmOS is better (again, it's not). The simple truth is, that both are good operating systems with their own benefits and disadvantages. PalmOS is better at some things (I prefer Palm for PIM functionality), whilst PPC does have the upper hand for multimedia.
I don't need multimedia, I need an organiser, therfore I own a Palm IIIxe. If I felt I actually would make use of the features offered by PPC, I'd buy one.
Surely this argument makes sense? This whole thing kinda reminds me of the old 'my Atari ST's better than your Amiga' thing at school... when I was about 14...



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