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Atom Smash 2.0 beta testing will begin in the next few days. All beta testers will be given a free unlock code for Atom Smash at the end of the beta period. Due to a limited number spots spots, better sign up before this weekend. -Scott

Global Star will be launching five new games for the Palm platform that will be available this holiday season: Serious Sam, Grand Theft Auto, Action Bass, Austin Powers Pinball, and Jetfighter. -Ari Haviv

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Grand Theft Auto?!?!?

JET8810 @ 7/27/2001 7:28:45 AM #
I have always thought of having a version for the Palm OS, but never thought it would actually happen. I just hope it will work on the Handera 330...


chbarr @ 7/27/2001 8:31:58 AM #
Could this possibly be a really flight simulator for the Palm (at least more real than Ace II)? So long as it will work with the Visor Platinum I just got, I will celebrate for three days strait.

Deja vu

mikecane @ 7/27/2001 9:32:47 AM #
"Global Star will be launching five new games for the Palm platform that will be available this holiday season: Serious Sam, Grand Theft Auto, Action Bass, Austin Powers Pinball, and Jetfighter..."

Hmmm... didn't I see that mentioned here?

"First was Global Star Software, which produces several packages I have seen in several NYC retailers: "100 Great Games," "50 Great Utilities," "Vegas Casino," "Chess Checkers Reversi," "Storm Front" and (my favorite!) "Mahjongg." They are expanding their catalog considerably with titles such as the full line of Eruptor's PortaPets (Pam! Bush!), Austin Powers Pinball, Action Bass, Jetfighter, Shooting Gallery, Serious Sam, Mad Gar, Grand Theft Auto, and (my favorite!) Mahjongg Volume 2. They will also add a productivity title, Day Planner."

-- yeah, I did!

RE: Deja vu
Ed @ 7/27/2001 9:58:38 AM #
Thanks Mike, the next time YOU make a mistake, I'll be sure to point it out to the whole world, too. =-)

News Editor
Palm Infocenter
RE: Deja vu
mikecane @ 7/27/2001 11:06:39 AM #
Hahaha, Ed. Finally, I get to say *you* forgot something on the site -- usually, it's me who's the bad boy! Hah!

This game is GARBAGE!!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2001 11:41:01 AM #
This game is garbage. Just take a look at Adaball!! Now thats a game!

RE: This game is GARBAGE!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2001 11:42:55 AM #
I personally find atom smash to be better, as many of the features of ababall are ripped straight out of Atom Smash. Upgradable level packs, and a much easier to look at - but more fun design makes me excited about Atom Smash 2.0. By the way, next time you rant, spell "ababall correctly" Since d and b are nowhere near eachother on the keyboard, I'm not sure why we should listen to your opinion.

RE: This game is GARBAGE!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/27/2001 3:46:26 PM #
We should listen to his opinion because he's right: AbaBall makes the old Atom Smash, and likely even the new one, cry for Mommy.

Why should we listen to people who prefer what are generally regarded as inferior products?

RE: This game is GARBAGE!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/28/2001 5:21:28 AM #
Ababall *IS* garbage.
AtomSmash 2.0 will be High resolution 320x320 and 60 freakin frames per second! beat that, (oh yeah you can only get this on the Clie, hahahahahahahahaha)
Yeah you think Ababall looks so good on your m505, well, to tell you the truth, if you get a QUALITY SCREEN (like the Clie) it looks like crap.
AtomSmash 2.0 will be awesome.

Do you know why Ababall doesn't look good on your Clie?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/28/2001 1:53:04 PM #
One, because blowing things up doesn't look as nice on the Clie, and slows down the processer intensive, and 2, because ababall is made for 16-bit palms! Oh, your OS 4.0 update will do that, in November! No wonder it looks ugly, you have 64,800 colors less than we do! Poor baby.


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/28/2001 11:17:17 AM #
Personally, I find GlobalStar software to be not much of a software company but rather a translator of Games to the Palm OS. These translations, IMO, are horrible. You buy them in the store for $20, and they're worth $10. Any programmer worth his consulting fees can write better games. Globalstar's are sprite-based and ugly. There are much better shareware options available.

RE: This game is GARBAGE!!

altema @ 7/28/2001 1:27:14 PM #
The least we can do is wait until the game comes out, instead of assuming it's garbage. Red Mercury has some pretty bright people on their staff, as does Iambic. Atom Smash 1.0 was a good game, Ababall raised the bar on graphics and gameplay, so the new Atom Smash should be a pretty good response. I don't know how things are in your country, but here we don't have to load games on our Palms if we don't like them. As far as dredging up the Palm vs Sony debate, both screens are made by Sony and are the exact same brightness. The sidelight on the Sony is much brighter, but on the downside, the Sony does not render video as smoothly as some other devices. This is probably because the processor in both the Sony and the Palm are the same, but the Sony has more work to do on screen-intensive functions. For people, a sign of maturity is accepting the fact that everyone does not have to like what you like, and everyone does not have to buy what you buy.

Not 16 bit

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/29/2001 5:02:33 PM #
Ababall is not 16 bit, don't you think they'd be writing 16 bit all over the website if it was? You can run it on Palm IIIc and Clie, if it was both 8 & 16, it'd be more bloated than it already is.

lag fest

D4rKiE @ 7/31/2001 9:51:29 AM #
it's gonna be lagging like hell........


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