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The big noise last week was all about new wireless hardware. Sprint PCS is going to release a Springboard that is both a wireless phone and modem while Motient is close to releasing a wireless modem and ISP for the Vx that it hopes will compete with OmniSky. The trickle of Bluetooth devices continues with the Red-M Blade for the Vx. And finally, a cordless phone Springboard is available.
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Ed looking for job

EGarrido @ 8/5/2001 1:34:33 PM #
If/When you find a job, does that mean that you'll be leaving the PIC?

Eric Garrido
RE: Ed looking for job
Ed @ 8/5/2001 6:58:03 PM #
In a word, no. Until I got laid off a few months ago, I've always had a real job in addition to Palm Infocenter. While we make a small amount of money from advertising, unless we do something crazy like charge for access, it will be a long time before this site can afford to support its staff in even lower middle class style. In the mean time, there shouldn't be any change when I return to the wonderful world of full employment.

News Editor
Palm Infocenter

Link to Market Place on main page?

CKMOOSE @ 8/5/2001 4:35:53 PM #
I looked for a link to the Market Place on the main page. I didn't see one. If you had one, it would result in higher traffic to that area IMHO.
Just a thought.

new device - check this one out

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/5/2001 10:14:09 PM #
RE: new device - check this one out
Altema @ 8/5/2001 11:26:16 PM #
Cool device, I'm keeping my eyes open...

does anyone have-adv.

darryl hey @ 8/9/2001 12:30:21 AM #
im leaving for uk end of aug. how can i power up my palm m505 while im there and on the plane ? i wont be hot syncing during this time ( cant have pc with me ) any suggestions ?
Travel Charger
Ed @ 8/9/2001 12:43:40 AM #
Try this travel charger from Tech Center Labs:

BTW, this issue has been covered extensively in our Forums. (Hint, hint.)

News Editor
Palm Infocenter



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