Comments on: Rumor: A First Look at Future Wireless Palms

A source has come forward with some info on Palm's plans for the next two generations of wireless handhelds.

According to this source, the m700 will be announced at PalmSource in October and be available in November. It will have wireless modem capabilities, similar to the VII series and can not be used as a mobile phone. It will have a monochrome screen. Not surprisingly, it will have Palm's Universal Connector.

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Wow! Pant pant!

Moosecat @ 8/16/2001 2:44:35 PM #
WoW! The i725 sounds righteous. Nothing in the article about always-on capability for the m700. Any word?

RE: Wow! Pant pant!
Ed @ 8/16/2001 2:59:06 PM #
The source didn't say anything about it (I'll send an e-mail to ask) but Palm's CEO has been promising an always-on wireless handheld by the end of the year for months.

News Editor
RE: Always On
Ed @ 8/16/2001 8:33:12 PM #
I just heard back from the source, who confirmed that there should be a new service for always on connections.

News Editor
RE: Wow! Pant pant!
drw @ 8/16/2001 9:15:11 PM #
I would hope the 725i would be sold from big players like Verizonwireless so I can keep my existing $35 plan:

-400 weekday minutes (unused rollover into Texas Minute Bank)
-2000 free weekend minutes
-no extra charge for data minutes
-SMTP mail server for outbound mail
-quick connect isp no extra charge

Things that would make me consider upgrading my Kyocera to another smartphone:

-faster transfer rate (although 14.4kbps is sufficient for text, a color high resolution smartphone pulling in html would benefit from a faster connection)

David in Pflugerville, TX

RE: Wireless Plans
Ed @ 8/16/2001 11:35:15 PM #
I only asked about wireless plans for the m700. I don't yet know what they are going to do about the i725. The i725 isn't supposed to be out for more than six months; they might not know yet.

News Editor
RE: Wow! Pant pant!
Raishe_werk @ 8/17/2001 2:58:37 PM #
just speculation, i am guessing it may only work on carriers that support GSM fones. Cingular, AT&T etc. i couldn't find a carrier that offers any fone's by Siemens, but i read all that would be needed is to swap SIM chips. just my $.02. looks pretty phat, i am deff going to ditch my Nokia 8290 POS for this thing.

"Monster Pig kills Jesus
More at 11"


sford @ 8/16/2001 3:22:33 PM #
Uh-oh. Does this mean I have to hold off on the Samsung color Palm phone??? They're "considering" a color version, hey? Well, as a long-time IIIc user, I can tell you, once you've used color for any length of time, you can never go back. I for one won't even consider buying it if it's monochrome. That's why I've bypassed the Kyocera and have been (somewhat!) patiently awaiting the Samsung.

Not Color?!?!?!?

jonecool @ 8/16/2001 4:23:42 PM #
Geez, why would Palm even consider releasing a device that is not color? Sure, color screens are a bit more expensive but if a customer is considering going wireless don't you think they realize it's going to cost?

I've been using my VisorPrism/VisorPhone for 8 months now and would never go back to a Mono device. I've got wireless internet/PQA access from the VisorPhone, why bother with a device that doesn't do color?

If you want wireless inexpensively, buy the Palm VIIx. It's cheap, it works most anywhere. If you want internet access, PQA access(Using MIK), Voice, international use (Worked in Europe too) and Color get a VisorPhone with a VisorPrism. The two are a great combo and in color-Think Palm!!

RE: Not Color?!?!?!?
AriB @ 8/17/2001 12:52:12 AM #
It's not the same level of communication. Always on wireless means you know right away when you get an email-not when you decide to pull out the antenna and check for emails. Hopefully it will also mean real-time syncing with all kinds of data including spreadsheets, databases, stock prices ("alert me when the stock goes up $5"), etc

RE: Not Color?!?!?!?
Trevethan @ 8/17/2001 4:38:51 AM #

GSM text messaging can "fake" always on quite convincingly You can use various SMS alerts. I know when a email hits my account. And various services provide news, stock quotes, you name it....


Nick Trevethan


RE: Not Color?!?!?!?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2001 1:06:58 AM #
Since when is Cingular GSM? Down here (Southeast MO) they are TDMA... I thought they were TDMA all over.

RE: Not Color?!?!?!?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2001 11:39:50 AM #
Cingular is GSM in the old Pacific Bell areas (California, Nevada)

RE: Not Color?!?!?!?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/21/2001 12:07:57 AM #
Going with monochrome is way more about battery life than price. Unfortunately battery technology is lagging behind all other technology advances. They could do a color, wireless device, but it would either a) be a brick, or b) last 5 hours on a full charge. Neither is acceptable in today's market.

Thoughts, Ideas, Ideals, and Truth

s @ 8/16/2001 8:00:38 PM #
The closest I've ever come to a perfect handheld was the m700. Fast wireless (well, fast enough), so convenient that I didn't even mind the lack of color. Light (couldn't have been more than 5 ounces, which is why I think the weight of the m125 is either a misprint or a bigger mistake than that), fast, powerful vibrate (I could actually feel it, unlike my m505), almost always on internet (it probably would have been always on, but the iMessenger app wasn't installed), the most comfortable in my hand of any Palm, ever, and, very simply, the button on the far right which drives the portal. Look at the OS now. Copying off the card, taking about 45 seconds to load a full 16 MB (realistically, the card holds 14 MB, but let's quote the packaging). It's ridiculous. All I want is to be able to run programs directly off the card via a good launcher. Not a little shareware kludge of a program that only supports launching from one directory (i.e. PowerRUN). What I need is compliance from my handheld. Simplicity, convenience, and thought. That's what I want in my Palm.

The two hurdles to cross for the company are:

1) Release the m700. No need for more polishing, the plastic shell was great. Put access at $7 per month for 1 prepaid year of unlimited service, and Palm will once again rule the airwaves.

2) Give in to human mentality. The way of the mind demands instant gratification. Read the cards faster, launch the programs faster, get it all done in real time.

It's entirely possible with today's technology to do all this, but they have to get it done. I hate to play armchair CEO, but I feel I have to say something after years of supporting Palm. Things will flourish, just follow human nature.

Forever Palm!


RE: Thoughts, Ideas, Ideals, and Truth
aan @ 8/17/2001 1:45:21 PM #
when did you get to see/touch a m700? or did i misread your post? if not, are those 'leaked' photos a few weeks back genuine?

RE: Thoughts, Ideas, Ideals, and Truth
s @ 8/17/2001 7:08:27 PM #
I handled it.
I lived with it.
I loved it.
I can't say any more.


RE: Thoughts, Ideas, Ideals, and Truth
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2001 8:04:49 PM #
I have had a III, IIIX, V, VisorDx,VIIx and Kyocera SmartPhone
I now use a VIIx with a FlashPlug but all the 7x really needs is EXPANSION!
I enjoy the price tiered service plan unlike the Smartphone which I'm selling (I'm not a big cell phone user)
I agree with ds.
release m700 now!

Oh well, until PalmSource.

I would love to know what wireless device HandSpring has in mind.

I want my SDIO,
I want my SDIO.

RE: Thoughts, Ideas, Ideals, and Truth
s @ 8/17/2001 10:50:42 PM #
And, to clarify, the scans (not photos) are real.


Siemens i725

Ninja @ 8/17/2001 12:18:49 AM #
As if my head wasn't spinning enough trying to decide what to drool over next. Could the "i" in i725 have anything to do with NTT DocoMo's iMode. Especially since they are doing something with AT&T. Does anyone have any juicy inside info ? Just wishful thinking ?

Palm.Net's Future

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2001 12:24:31 AM #
Ed...You mentioned that there would be a new service for always on connectivity. Is this in addition to the current service? Will there then be 2 services built into the plus the additional always on service? I'm trying to determine what will happen to existing users and their continued alility to use wireless on their vii/viix devices. What I find odd is the 100.00 that Palm will give back for signing up for one year of service. The offer is good till Dec. 31, 2001. This means that Palm would have to supply the current service for the entire 2002 year to buyers of the viix, or at least make provisions to have the service supplied by someone else. We should have heard rumors by now so close to the expected release of the m700 if Palm were in negotiation with a new wireless carrier. Any insight?

RE: Palm.Net's Future
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2001 1:54:54 PM #
The current has "always on" capability since it runs on a pager network. However, the Palm VII/VIIx don't make use of this (perhaps and issue of battery drain). I beleive Palm is sticking with the same network, so VII users will be fine.

m700-What will the web access be like?

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2001 10:45:46 AM #
More robust, more like Omnisky? Not just web clipping.

RE: m700-What will the web access be like?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2001 2:16:14 PM #
I gave up on Omnisky, since they've lost a ton of content providers since the beginning of the year. At this point I'd prefer web clipping that updates all the time to crappy non-existant content.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/17/2001 11:05:15 AM #
From Article:
"this will be the first Palm device to truly integrate a handheld and a mobile phone"

What about the Brick and the new Smart phone from Kycoera (sp)??

RE: First?
sford @ 8/17/2001 11:21:16 AM #
They use the Palm OS, but they weren't made by Palm. I believe that was what was meant.

RE: First?
Ed @ 8/17/2001 11:36:38 AM #
Correct, that's what I was trying to say. The Kyocera SmartPhone is a Palm OS device, not a Palm one. Maybe I should have said the first Palm-branded one but I think that sounds awkward. On the other hand, confusing people is always awkward and it sounds like that's what I did.

News Editor

Shaped like Siemens?

Moosecat @ 8/17/2001 4:29:30 PM #
If the Palm i725 looks like the Siemens phone, does that mean it will have a hard keypad? And will it flip over the screen? (The Siemens phone looks pretty much like a typical cell phone -- small screen, fixed keypad.

Personally, I'd like to see a screen-based keypad, like in the Samsung. And, barring that, it HAS to be a flipdown, right? Otherwise, we will be looking at one gigantic Palm/phone. (Or a very tiny screen.)

RE: Shaped like Siemens?
drw @ 8/18/2001 3:45:02 AM #
Having a flipdown makes it harder for thinkoutside to make a keyboard. Rumor has it that Kyocera doesn't want to give thinkoutside the pinouts, but I think it's more likely they are stuck on the design.

David in Pflugerville, TX

fcc-id for palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/18/2001 6:36:00 PM #
any1 know it? .. [looking for the palm VII fcc-id]

m700 - saw it early?

rch33k @ 8/20/2001 3:35:27 AM #
I swear I saw someone with this thing riding in on the bus the other day. The light on the top of the curved part was blinking, sort of like the LED on the flip-phones when you have a call waiting. Maybe this is how it alerts you it has email or is connected?

The other strange thing I noticed was that the calculator soft key was replaced by a star symbol. No idea what it was, but the upper left soft key was a star. Any ideas?

Robert Cheek

RE: m700 - saw it early?
dmccarty @ 8/20/2001 5:37:34 PM #
Isn't the upper left softkey the applications key and not the calculator?

RE: m700 - saw it early?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/21/2001 12:04:45 AM #
Where were you riding this bus? I'd like to catch the same one to get a glimpse of this baby! :-)

RE: m700 - saw it early?
rch33k @ 8/24/2001 7:58:27 PM #
Doh, yep, it was upper right, not upper left. I was sitting across from him, if that makes it better :-)

As for location, I am in Cincinnati, OH. Not exactly a high-tech mecca or anything...

Robert Cheek

palm pinouts!

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/15/2001 6:41:22 PM #
Does any one know the palm III and palm m10x pinouts?
They look the same are they?
And do you have a diagram?

Bluetooth m505

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/2/2002 12:29:27 AM #
sorry but you idiots in the US are behind in innovation, i have a bluetooth enabled M505, no gommicks and it cost me $400. Beat that and quit the sqaubbling we are meant to be professionals here, fools



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