Comments on: Yodlee2Go for Palm devices is a powerful, new service designed to make your life easier by simplifying access to all your personal information. What Yodlee Does for You: Consolidates and summarizes all your personal account information in one place - your bank balances, credit card statements, bills, travel reservations, e-mail, news, and more - for quick and easy access to the information you care about most. Provides single-click log-in to all your accounts directly from your Yodlee page, without having to enter your user name and password each time. Intelligently synchronizes your Yodlee information with your Palm using Yodlee2Go, so you have it everywhere you need it. Visit it at
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VERY cool app!

Briareos @ 10/24/1999 10:34:46 PM #
Yodlee and Yodlee2Go are two of the coolest things I've
seen in a while. It's great to log into Yodlee and see
my bank balances, E*Trade and Janus balances, credit
card balances, inbox, and pending
and past purchases all in one place, with one password.
Yodlee describes a very secure account setup for
keeping all your info safe, so I'm not too worried
about it being stolen. Yodlee supports hundreds of
websites and they're taking suggestions for others to

Yodlee2Go hotsyncs your financial-type data into memos
on your Palm's Memo applet. There is also an option to
make these synced memos private, so they're
automatically hidden from public view. Yodlee2Go will
also enter pending travel plans in your Date Book.

Both Yodlee and Yodlee2Go are both still in beta, and
there are some glitches (for example, Yodlee doesn't
seem to be able to accurately display my pending eBay
auctions). However, it looks very promising and I
intend to use both regularly.



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