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Just when it looked like the price for the VisorPhone couldn't go any lower, HandSpring has found a way. The company announced today that the wireless Springboard module is now free with the purchase of any Visor.

This offer is available only from Handspring and a service plan must be activated at the same time. It still costs $50 without buying a Visor.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 6:37:57 PM #
Sounds like Handspring is getting desperate..

RE: Hmm...
Moosecat @ 8/28/2001 6:50:33 PM #
Sounds more like Handspring is trying to unload some product before introducing a device with wireless features built in.

RE: Hmm...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 7:41:01 PM #
I doubt that. If they had plans to introduce a wireless product eventually, the VisorPhone would never have seen the light of day.

RE: Hmm...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:34:56 PM #
It's called "stop-gap."

Maybe the next step will be HS pays YOU $50 to take one???

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 6:44:00 PM #
Jeez, looks like they will have problems even giving these things away.

I think Hawkins created a brilliant original product and I think he is a very bright guy, but I think he is more or less a "One Hit Wonder". He is not a Thomas Edison...he is more like the guy who invented the TV. It's some guy that most people never heard of before because although he created a great mass-market product used by billions - he did not have the ability to market it and improve and innovate it dramatically enough relative to competitors. We all owe Mr. Hawkins a big thanks for his creation, but I think his days as a significant player in the industry are just about over. Your thoughts are welcome.

RE: Maybe the next step will be HS pays YOU $50 to take one???
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 6:54:32 PM #
yeah, who DID invent the tv?

RE: Maybe the next step will be HS pays YOU $50 to take one???
Token @ 8/28/2001 8:04:18 PM #
John Logie Baird

RE: Maybe the next step will be HS pays YOU $50 to take one???
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 8:41:00 PM #
I did! I also invented the new Prism II!

I still don't want it

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 8:37:05 PM #
The only compelling aspect of the Visorphone is the fact that it operates off the Address Book. Everthing else is simply novelty--short on utility. It's an interesting concept, but not a viable product. If any of you think I'm so wrong, just consider this: it's now FREE. Remember the adage: "You get what you pay for."

RE: I still don't want it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:40:19 PM #
If VisorPhone was CDMA and had ATT, MCI, Verizon, and Sprint all competing for low access fees, it would appeal to many people over a Palm VII or a Palm i007. Europeans love it because its GSM.

RE: I still don't want it
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 5:54:03 PM #
Actually, AT&T operates on a TDMA network, not CDMA.

Anyhow, not that I would want a Visorphone, but if I did, the only compelling reason would be because it *IS* GSM and not CDMA. And, no I'm not European.

Just look at the competing IMT2000 3G standards, namely, W-CDMA (based on GSM) and CDMA-2000 (based on CDMA). W-CDMA is winning hands down not only because of the royalty issues, but because the technology is clearly superior.


slot_machine @ 8/28/2001 9:00:46 PM #
This does not surprise me. Think about the hoops a potential buyer had to go through when the visorphone debuted:

- $300 for a phone WITHOUT ACTIVATION when you can get a free phone with activation elsewhere, then
- Change your current provider, when you don't have to do so elsewhere, then
- Carry around a HUGE unit, when you can get something much smaller elsewhere, then
- Hold your PDA to your face all day and get sweat and body oil all over it

By the time you filter through these four barriers, Handspring was left with a small group of customers that were:

1)hard-core gadget freaks that 2)value novelty over convenience, belt holsters to pockets, and have 3)plenty of disposable income. Not a huge market there.

Not to mention LACK OF DURABILITY!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 9:53:55 PM #
I can throw my Nokia 8260 against a wall and it will still work. Try that with this VisorPhone/Visor combo. Cell Phones are very durable - lots more durable than PDA's. We are spoiled now and there aint no going back.

Just Too Big
Ed @ 8/29/2001 1:11:15 AM #
A friend of mine was considering buying a VisorPhone just for the convenience of only having to carry around one thing. Then he realized just how big it is. He wasn't saving much space at all so he decided that a stand-alone phone would be better because he could get a better deal on service.

News Editor

class action suit!

JeepBastard @ 8/28/2001 9:05:26 PM #
damn! i paid $249

thats not right.


RE: class action suit!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:44:29 PM #
I remember you from the last time they dropped the price, you JeepBastard! How's the suit coming? I bet your interviewing hordes of lawyers clammoring for the case, and what a landmark case! I think I'm going to sue P.T. Barnum's estate.

New Wireless Handsprings

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:42:42 PM #
Handspring counters the Palm i705.

Yahoo just posted an article describing two new wireless handsprings.

RE: New Wireless Handsprings
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:49:51 PM #
How do you spell r-m-o-u-r-s?

Bigfoot and Elvis Replace Donna Dubinsky and Jeff Hawkins
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:52:06 PM #
on the Handspring board of directors!

Signed, John Logie Baird

RE: New Wireless Handsprings
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:52:21 PM #
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 10:58:17 PM #

RE: New Wireless Handsprings
robrecht @ 8/28/2001 11:10:35 PM #
I don't spell relief G-S-M.

RE: New Wireless Handsprings
Ed @ 8/28/2001 11:54:41 PM #
I've started a separate article on this:

News Editor

hey ! In Europe...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 8:27:52 AM #

... still costs about 500$ (see

Think i could come to US, buy a Visor+phone, come back (to Italy), sell the visor...

RE: hey ! In Europe...
Trevethan @ 8/29/2001 10:54:55 AM #
No you can't because [ick one up there for nothing and bring it have to sign up for service... and for that you need to be a US resident.. you'll have to go through a credit check on so on... and you also have to fork out $30 month for line rental for a minimum period.. at least one year..

You are looking at $560 minimum including the Visor.... then you have the flight costs... not worth it I am afraid...

Nick Trevethan


RE: hey ! In Europe...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/29/2001 12:45:47 PM #
... and in Italy we can purchase a cellphone + a prepayed GSM SIM card (with 25$ of traffic) at
ONLY ONLY ONLY 120$ !!!!!!!!!!!

(We have 4 Service providers: TIM, OMNITEL, WIND and BLU, so prices are very low)

I'd like to purchase a Visorphone (I have a Plat!) but with these prices it's simply impossible.
Seems like Handspring doesn't matter about Europe...
Don't you agree?

RE: hey ! In Europe...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2001 4:14:36 AM #
Actually it's far less than this:

you can buy the Visorphone through some friend that is currently living in the US.
Get a BASIC service plan from Voicestream (that's $20 per month, minimum for 4 months)
After 4 months, you can resign your contract and you are free to go
(Visorphone does not include Sim-lock). So, you've payed $80 plus the Visor you choose,
which you can sell for $100 more in Italy, that's even $20 that you're earning, give it to
your US friend for bothering and you're done.

Note that Visorphone SHOULD work in Europe in the 900MHz band (loke older gsm phones do)
but that's not assured by handspring.

This was extracted from the plans page on handspring website, where it says:
"Offer available only at VisorPhone must be purchased in the same
transaction in which you purchase the Visor-branded handheld computer. Offer requires
purchase of a wireless service plan at time of purchase. If you return your Visor
pursuant to Handspring's return policies but do not return the VisorPhone, you agree
that Handspring may charge your credit card $49. If you (i) do not return your VisorPhone
pursuant to Handspring's return policies, and (ii) you subsequently cancel or suspend
your wireless service within 90 days following activation (120 days if your service provider
is Voicestream) Handspring will charge your credit card an additional $225.00 plus applicable
taxes. Offer is subject to the wireless service provider terms and conditions (Cingular
(Southeast, NY and Indianapolis), Cingular (West, Central, Great Lakes, Northeast) or
Voicestream) and Handspring's VisorPhone Terms and Conditions of Sale which you must
agree to as part of the purchase process. "



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