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Purchase any Grinder Gear PDA SUB (Sport Utility Bag) during September and be automatically entered to win their Free Adventure Contest. -Scott Hibbs

Cutting Edge's Quickoffice suite is the best selling Palm OS app based on unit sales figures in retail stores, as compiled by market research firm NPD INTELECT. -Kevin

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I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 7:38:35 AM #
In Quickoffice there are two applications:

1) Quicksheet is simply an amazing application for the palm. Contains alot of the excel functions, and is directly connected to the desktop excel program.

2) Quickword, is simply useless, it is connected to the desktop word, but has no functions, not even the basic functions such as bold, underline...

But worth the buy because of Quicksheet.

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:29:04 PM #
As a "Word-like" tool, QuickWord definatly falls short when comparerd to the likes of WordSmith, but as a DOC reader and editor, it is a top-notch program. The main thing I like about it is its relativly small footprint and its consistent use of the Palm UI. It is clean, fast, and isn't a memory hog. There have been WAY too many times when I have tried to open large DOC files in WordSmith and it either doesn't open or it takes FOREVER to open. The exact same file opens in QuickWord quickly without any complaints about memory.

If you need formatting functionality, look elsewhere. If you need a solid, fast editor/reader, give it a try!

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:31:58 PM #
An idiotic comment if there ever was one.

Quickword is a Palm DOC editor.

Palm DOC files do not support formatting- they are the Palm version of plaintext. Therefore, to slam a DOC editor for not supporting formatting is silly.

There is a DOC editor that appears to support formatting, an excellent program by the name of WOrdSmith- but the reality is that your formatted texts CANNOT be saved as DOC files, only in WordSmith's proprietary format.

Many people do not need formatting in their text editors.

For those people, QuickWord is an outstanding program.
For those who find formatting indispensable, WordSmith is pretty much their only option.

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 1:45:50 PM #
Quickword- less than 200k
WordSmith- more than 500k

WordSmith needs approximately twice the size of the document free in memory in order to open that document

QuickWord needs a few k free, and with that can open any size document

WordSmith is pretty neat, and has been on and off my Palm since it was released

QuickWord has a home in my Palm's flash, and has never been deleted.

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 2:36:05 PM #
I think Tinysheet is better than Quicksheet, it has more formatting options and can sync with Excel as well.

Too bad...

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 9:49:59 AM #
Too bad Pocket XXX costs money...anyone know of anything like that that doesn't?

RE: Too bad...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 7:54:53 PM #
well most good things cost money now a-days but I did find a Adult News site that has pda version of it..

and really i guess $19.95 isnt to bad. you get porn for your PDA and also full version you can browse on your desktop.


Porn on PIC

Flash @ 8/27/2001 11:09:40 AM #
wasn't expecting to see that...

--Martin Sheen is my President.--


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 2:44:07 PM #
F**K QuickWord. I'll stick with Qed for lean and mean. If you want power, go with MegaDoc.

About XXX

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 3:38:01 PM #
You can have porno anywhere you go, and no one will SUSPECT A THING!

RE: About XXX
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/27/2001 6:09:23 PM #
Not if many people start to use it, then everyone will suspect that anyone carrying a palm is a pervert :)

RE: About XXX
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 3:58:47 AM #
'porn' and 'palm' - hmmm...

RE: About XXX
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/28/2001 6:34:53 PM #
better than carrying around a huslter mag in your bag and having it fall out :)




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