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Palm Inc. finally officially released the m125 today, one of the most leaked handheld releases ever.

This new mid-range model is a combination of the m100 and m500 series. It has the m100's general shape but uses the Universal Connector that first appeared on the m500 series. Its most significant feature is it has a side-mounted SD/MMC slot. It has a monochrome screen, runs Palm OS 4.0 with a 33 MHz chip and 8 MB of memory. It costs $250.

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Davy @ 9/20/2001 9:55:21 AM #
The m125 has an AOL icon on the screen, does that mean it can use the Novatel m500 modem? Perhaps the 56k Palm Plug in Modem? This is a very confusing way to sell a product.

RE: Universal Connector
Ed @ 9/20/2001 10:00:10 AM #
The m125 should be able to use all peripherals designed for the Universal Connector (UC). The people over at Brighthand have already used their m125 with the PalmModem and ThinkOutside keyboard designed for the m500.

It's possible people like Novatel Wireless made a mistake naming their peripherals for the m500 series as all future Palm models will be able to use them. At least they will as long as Palm continues to use the UC.

News Editor

RE: Hmmm........
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:10:13 PM #
to compete with Pocket PC IE bundle.
some customers feel they got more.

Palm has done it again!

PalmPowered @ 9/20/2001 9:52:06 AM #
This new Palm should be a welcome addition to the Palm family of handheld computers. It combines the great form factor of the m100/m105 handhelds with many of the functions of the m500/m505 series such as expanded memory capabilities and OS 4.0 while keeping the price lower than the m500. However, I see several things happening here that could spell the end for some of their other handhelds. With the price of $249.00, this puts it fairly close to the classic but outdated Palm Vx. For $50.00 more, you get a handheld with no expansion slot, a serial cradle, and OS 3.5. However, the Vx does offer upgradeable ROM, rechargeable batteries and a sleek form factor that set the benchmark. Additionally, there are numerous periferals, cases, and other stuff out there that will fit the Vx. Whether that will be a compelling enough argument to justify paying more for an older model will remain to be seen. Of a more pressing nature, for $80.00 more, you can get a Palm m500 which offers little more than upgradeable ROM and a sleek form factor. There are still many more cases and add-on devices for the Vx than the m500 series. I think the line up we will see soon will be something like this:

m100-Retired as price drops on m105. All Palm models would have a minimum of 8mb of ram.

m105-Entry level Palm with 8mb.

m125-Deluxe 100 series with expandability and higher operating system.


Vx-Cancelled and retired to the Smithsonian Institute.

m500-Retired due to lack of interest and competition within Palm's own structure of handhelds.

m505-Palm's executive class standard handheld.

VIIx-Retired due to forthcoming 700 series.

m700-Palm's new wireless, thin handheld.

m705-The hopefully color version of the m700

m900-A 2 ounce, 2 mm thick aluminum cased color handheld with 64 mb of internal ROM, 32 mb of flash rom, SD port, unbreakable color display with adjustable brightness, plutonium battery for 2 years of use on a single charge, jog dial, mp3, wireless, bluetooth, Palm OS 5.0, voice activiated with voice recording capability, a hard case actually manufactured by Palm, a stylus with a pen and a laser pointer, fiber optic cradle syncronization, built in modem and a built in security system that uses the infrared port as a retinal scanner. That should even shut the trolls up if they come out with THIS model!

Keep on Palming!

Power Up!

RE: m900
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:28:02 AM #
The m900 actually has a titanium case...get your facts straight! ;)

RE: Palm has done it again!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:30:10 AM #
Done what? Produced an over-priced, confusingly positioned, unattractive, regurgitated, outdated consumer product?

Well, yes . . they *have* done that again.

My Visor Platimum is loong in the tooth, but there isn't much better stuff out there for sure (except for the cool Sony's! and the one with the virt. graffiti area)

RE: Palm has done it again!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:37:29 AM #
And it costs $1800!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 12:05:10 PM #
Hey, you forgot the marketing campaign to convince girls to look for a guy with a m900 instead of one with a Ferrari... ;-)

RE: Palm has done it again!
Moosecat @ 9/20/2001 12:12:12 PM #
Here's the campaign, to be interspersed among pictures of scantily clad women:

"m900: For the man who doesn't need his Palm."

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 12:59:42 PM #
If Palm wanted to vary its low-end models, at least it could've continued using the III-series form. These m1xx's look really ugly. I'd rather go for a Deluxe.

RE: m900
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:11:27 PM #
u just want to see it, but not buy it because it will cost $1800

RE: Palm has done it again!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:13:01 PM #
m900: it would be the embodiment of all Palm philosophy!

it has only one button for Zen simplicity, made out of platinum silver (just like Sony would have done on the old day when Yankowsky was still working for them)

It would be black and white screen, which display clock and Palm alarm logo superbly.

It would rid of all worldly app need. since it already achieve nirvana perfection.

why would anybody need anything? stare at the palm logo and the clock and contemplate...and all your desire and longing will be fulfilled. (hey if you have enlightenment, what else do you need?)

PALM m900!, for somebody who doesn't need anything else what want everything else. It's Zen. Pure. SImple.

if you wand handheld and all that complicated app stuff, get PPC for gawd sake. (how convoluted, yuck)

heh heh...

what a bunch of crock.

RE: Palm has done it again!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:13:40 PM #
m900 huh?????
at the time m900 in the market, palm computing will be out dated

RE: m900
lorenzszabo @ 9/20/2001 4:18:31 PM #
There is only one problem with m900's 64 mb of internal ROM: iHPaq 3500c users will post ASAP on PalmInfoCenter, that they have 1GB internal ROM! (Merlin takes approx. 800MB)

Side-Mounted SD Slot

Trevethan @ 9/20/2001 10:09:11 AM #
The side mounted SD slot is very odd.
With a larger SD device like a GPS or a camera it will be very unwieldly in the pocket and in the case of the camera, hard to use, unless they produce two version of each SD device, one for side mounted slots, and one for top mounted. I can't see that happening.. so if side mounting becomes the standard, all those 50x series owners are hooped. Is this more short sightedness on Palm's part?

Nick Trevethan


RE: Side-Mounted SD Slot
Ed @ 9/20/2001 10:26:38 AM #
I think they were forced into the side slot idea by wanting to keep the m100 shape. The flip cover connects at the top and so, I think, do the removable faceplates. I know the Scribble hardcase for the m100 series also requires that the flip-cover slots be on the top, too. If they had gone with an SD slot on the top, they would probably have to have given these up. Launching a new product with a wide range of peripherals already available that will work with it is a big help for sales.

While not optimum, I don't think having peripherals projecting from the side will be a huge disadvantage. I'm already not planning on carrying my m505 in my pocket with any SD peripherals sticking out of it, no matter what side they are on. I think the potential for breakage is too high. I'll just pop them out and put them in another pocket. As for using the handheld with them attached, I don't see a big problem adjusting my grip. I'll just have to move my thumb a bit.

News Editor

RE: Side-Mounted SD Slot
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:20:58 PM #
who care how the SD port is positioned? is not like Palm Inc will be around by the time SD/IO being rectify anyway...

RE: MicroTroll
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 2:01:57 PM #
It's our friendly neighborhood MicroTroll!! Must be another day with no PocketPC news so he's here to spead FUD trying to make more support for his platform of choice. Things must be slow in the PPC camp, I see he's got time to post 4 or 5 messages into this page.

When he's done here he'll go over to Jewish site and post some useful comments on how they are all going to hell.

Don't listen to his trollishness.

RE: Side-Mounted SD Slot
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 3:01:14 PM #
oh wow. now we are bringing ethnic brawl into this. Do you think Palm's Zen would approved of this kind of behavior?

Palm has done it again...and again

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:25:08 AM #
This is the same product, repackaged AGAIN. I've never seen anything like it.

I don't think Palm has engineers, just deisigners. Does this company spend any money on R & D?


RE: Palm has done it again...and again
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:23:43 PM #
I guess you don't fall for the silver replacable face plate either huh? Dang, and Palm was hooping consumer will flock for that feature, it's their biggest innovation from their R&D lab this past year.

FYI: m125 review at The-Gadgetter

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:29:46 AM #


I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 11:00:02 AM #
This is the "throw-everything-at-the-wall-at-various-price-point-with-different-feature-sets-and-see-what-sticks" philosophy that damn-near killed apple during the dark days of the:

Performa 5200CD, 5210CD, 5215CD, 5220CD, 5260CD, 5260/120, 5270CD, 5280, 5300CD, 5320CD, the Performa 5400CD, 5400/160, 5400/180, 5430, 5440, the Performa 6110CD, 6112CD, 6115CD, 6116CD, 6117CD, 6118CD, the Performa 6200CD, 6205CD, 62190CD, 6214CD, 5216CD, 6218CD, 6220CD, 6230CD, 6260CD, 6290CD, 6300CD, 6310CD, 6320CD, the Performa 630, 630CD, 631CD, 635CD, 636, 636CD, 637CD, 638CD, 640CD...

RE: Yawn.....
Amorya @ 9/20/2001 2:22:04 PM #
Wow! someone else who visits macnn!

*still has a performa 6200 - worst mac I've used.*


RE: Yawn.....
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 4:21:07 PM #
The scary thing is that you probably typed that Performa product list from memory.

Talk about crappy, varied products, check out the latest PPC machines!

Palm is bailing water with a leaky can

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 10:40:05 AM #
They are trying to counterbalance the slaughter they are going to suffer in the markets as a result of having to report earnings tonight. But they aren't going to fool anyone. At $250, this is not an entry-level device, and with monochrome this is not a device anyone wants anymore. PALM, DON'T YOU GET IT!?!? MONOCHROME IS D.O.A.!!!!!

Sorry. The stupidity angers and depresses me. I like Palm OS devices, but I see precious little reason for hope in its future as they continue to throw away all their money.

I predict that the Palm hardware devision will be dead in a year, maybe year and a half. I predict that Palm OS devices may remain competitive thanks to Sony and possibly HandEra if they present a color device within the foreseeable future. And lets not forget that there are other companies, like Panasonic, preparing Palm OS devices which might prove highly innovative.

But Palm hasn't had an exciting, interesting innovation in two years and its killing them. They are carrying all this baggage about how easy it was to control the market by simply making a sleek-looking device, the PalmV, with little under the hood that was significantly different from previous products. So they keep trying to cash in on the same easy trick. All they have offered since the V is built-in communication and expandability. But their expansion platform choice is disastrous, having no developed expansion devices other than storage, and on a platform whose executive board is controlled by Micorsoft and PPC partners. You these people are ever going to let other MMC devices off the drawing board so long as Palm is around, staking its survival on them?

Face it, folks: better buy a Sony (and, yes, embrace the Memory Stick, which is soon to release actual MS devices other than storage) or jump ship altogether.

Sayanora, Palm!

RE: Palm is bailing water with a leaky can
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 11:10:25 AM #
MONOCHROME IS NOT DEAD!!!!!! Sorry, I'm just trying to match you in volume.

Color devices are still too expensive for mass market. Your ready to pay $400 for color but most people aren't. When color breaks the $200 mark then monochrome will be dead, not before.

RE: Palm is bailing water with a leaky can
jayhawk88 @ 9/20/2001 11:26:04 AM #
Here here. What do I care if my calendar or address book are in color? Just because some of you think you need a color Palm, doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the market agrees with you.

Side note: interesting to see that Palm finally decided to make the announcement official, on the same day they're supposed to announce their first quarter earnings (at least according to PDABuzz). Misdirection, anyone? People are speculating that Palm's got some bad news in that earnings report, this would seems to confirm it.

RE: Palm is bailing water with a leaky can - it's the plan
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 12:42:31 PM #
Palm has said in the past from what i can remember that basically they want thier Palm-OS lisences to be the ones with the innovative, new, cool, hip and potentially dangerous upgrades.

That's why you see MP3 play back and advanced screen technology from SONY and not Palm

Springboard technology from Handspring, NOT Palm

CF card support from Handera, NOT Palm

Palm has made the plan to make the basic, run of the mill, device to please the masses, and basically let all its lisenses do the work in finding new stuff to throw in. Then palm lets them have a short period where they are the only thing in the market, steals the idea and puts it into there products.

This allows them to fouces more on the OS and not R&D for the hardware, which is what they want to do anyways. Also they don't have to risk putting out a Palm that totaly flops (Palm VII, Palm IIIc, ect...) and losing lots of money. They put there money on the mass market, not the geeks that need toys.

RE: Palm is bailing water with a leaky can
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/23/2001 10:36:37 PM #
...Which makes them dead, since the Handeras, Handsprings and Sonys will get all the consumers

Not bad, but nothing new

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 11:16:21 AM #
Let's see, Sony has a $199 monochrome device with 8M 33mhz and expansion slot. Handspring has a $199 monochrome device with 8M 33mhz and expansion slot.

If Palm makes an equivalent device and charges $249, I'm sure everybody will throw out their old devices and get the new 125!

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 12:15:32 PM #
I've been an avid Palm supporter for years, but I have to agree. Palm has been on the skid for the last year or so, simply relying on their brand identity. In the past, when people decided that they wanted a handheld, they didn't say "I want a handheld", they said "I want a Palm".
But now with their devices that do less and cost more than their Palm OS 'competitors' it's going to be very hard for them to continue to make sales based only their brand identity.
Being somewhat of a handheld expert (compared to my friends), people often ask me what device they should purchase. In the past I've alwasy found a Palm branded device that would fit their needs, but that's starting to get pretty tough.
For people who only care about the survival of Palm OS, I think that it's still in a good position. But the hardware group is suffering...

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 12:38:50 PM #
Imagine a world with only Palm (like it used to be) and no other hardware companies like Sony, Handspring and Handera. The Palm world would suck right now. There would be no new innovations and we would all have the same Palm unit. Most of us could not afford a color Palm, so we would be stuck with m1xx series everywhere. I believe we are all happy that a world exists outside of Palm devices. I'm really not interested in their new devices anymore, it's always the same thing inside with a few changes. I can't believe they didn't release this with a $199 price tag. My Handspring Visor Platinum does the same with speed and much more with the Springboard attachments. I believe it also is $199. Palm has given up on R&D and their consumers. I hope a change in leadership will bring some new 'love' to the company...

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:01:12 PM #
If you wan't a good product you have to pay more money the handspring module transfers at 11mb per second the palm transfers at 12.5 mb per second. I could go on and on but why would you wan't a machine that cannot out perform a palm!!!!?

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:32:01 PM #
Yeah! Get a Michael Jordan's Palm or the comming Britney's Palm.

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
Ronin @ 9/20/2001 5:34:59 PM #
I look at the m125 (the total package) and I see a device that is very competitively priced.

Out of the box the m125 has everything the top of the line models have, unlike the offerings of comparable devices from the Palm licensees. The m125 comes with a cradle not a hotsync cable. It comes with a full suite of connectivity and productivity software. At retail, the price of Documents to Go covers the $50 difference between the m125 and the Sony S320. When reviewers comment on the price of the m125 over the S320 they always seem to leave the value added stuff out.

When a consumer opens up the m125, virtually all software needs are addressed - to view pictures, to create, edit and view word processing documents and spreadsheets, has all the software needed to be connected to the internet including e-mail, attachments, pqas, AOL, and surf the web, not to mention the functionality of the built0in apps. I think that these items justify the price difference and arguably make the m125 a better deal than the devices offered by the licensees.


Also want to note that while I agree that Palm has a bit of a problem with the various accessories that are specific to the m1xx series that will work with the m125 and the peripherals that will work with both the m5xx and the m125, there have been outcries for years for Palm to make a uniform connector across models. This is a by-product of that accomodation. Because the devices have the same connector does not mean they will have the same form and thus the accessories will be different. Can Palm ever win, I mean, come on, cut them some slack. :)

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
Davy @ 9/21/2001 3:02:26 PM #
True Dat' The m125 is a very competivly priced palm. The universal connector opens it up for use with lots of assecories, such as 3 kinds of keyboards, Wireless Modems, Digital Cameras, and much more, something that the Clie 320 will be hard-pressed to ever achieve.

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
rldunn @ 9/21/2001 3:26:08 PM #
Actually, there already is a keyboard and wireless modem for the S320, and a prototype of a digital camera for the Clie has already been shown, something that hasn't been done for the Palm universal connector. Get your facts straight.

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
Ronin @ 9/21/2001 5:36:39 PM #
In response to the post by: rldunn
<<"Actually, there already is a keyboard and wireless modem for the S320, and a prototype of a digital camera for the Clie has already been shown, something that hasn't been done for the Palm universal connector. Get your facts straight">>

Actually, there is a digital camera for the universal connector. It is called the Kodak PalmPix.

However, I believe that digital camera you are referring to is designed to work in the memory stick slot of the Sony devices. To date, there has only been news regarding mock ups of the digital camera to work with the Palm SD/MMC slot not a prototype. Ultimately, neither item actually exists as a consumer product, although the Sony device may be closer to existence, until it is on shelves its nothing more than hype.

At this point, I could, snidely suggest that you get your facts straight but that would be crass and immature.

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
rldunn @ 9/21/2001 6:21:53 PM #
Thanks for the correction. I didn't realize that the PalmPix had been updated to be available for the universal connector. However, the point of my post wasn't to say what was or wasn't available for the Palm, but to dispute Davy's comments that the S320 would be hard pressed to ever get the accessories he mentioned, when in fact, most of them were already available for the S320. He's an example of the kind of person who's so blindingly one-sided that leads to most of the flame wars we see on here; we could really live without fewer of those from each camp. That said, at least he registered and stands behind his comments, which I appreciate.

RE: Not bad, but nothing new
Davy @ 9/22/2001 12:55:56 AM #
Hey, I'd rather be a registered moron than I.M Anonymous.


Stock market gimmick

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:08:34 PM #
From now one, every quarter Palm Inc will introduce this so called new model just to juice up their press release before financial report.

next quarter palm will introduce m525, the same old crap with additional bluetooth. the next quarter after that it come with different colors. after that it will come with scented box and super model picture on top of it.


don' you all feel the excitement? (hey at least we know their marketing department is working overtime)

RE: Stock market gimmick
twizza @ 9/20/2001 7:14:33 PM #
i agree with the person above...also i think that the m125 may mean that the time of the 2mb palm is soon to die. it is not that 2mb aint enough...jsut that technology is getting better to the point that we can all [in da palm community] set the min ram at 8.

my 2 cents. GOD bless all.

Claudia schiffer on top of Jordan model...

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:27:52 PM #
Now this model I might consider buying....

(whaatever that title might imply, you pervert!)

RE: Claudia schiffer on top of Jordan model...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 1:39:14 PM #
do you think Black and white screen can handle this? ( i think it would have)

and i bet it goes faster too.

......oh are killing me with this joke already.

har har.

RE: Claudia schiffer on top of Jordan model...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 7:18:42 PM #
I'm waiting for the Osama bin Laden model.

Heck, every other figure in the press is getting one with there name on it!

RE: Claudia schiffer on top of Jordan model...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 7:24:16 PM #
...comes with a camel-hide flip cover

Palm m125

PalmPowered @ 9/20/2001 2:29:19 PM #
I did forget to mention one improvement...the m125 now has the Palm LOGO on the front of the case!

Ha Ha

Power Up!

Palm in Japan PC expo

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 3:44:37 PM #
the link is in japanese , use babelfish.,1636,6091,00.html

RE: Palm in Japan PC expo
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 3:46:04 PM #
take a look at this puppy (OT),1683,19786-6091-1-1,00.html

RE: Palm in Japan PC expo
lorenzszabo @ 9/20/2001 4:13:05 PM #
Let me guess, this NEC 'puppy' cost US$ 250, too? Get lost with PPC, this is a Palm forum ...

Amazingly many people still buy Palms, because they don't need color or sound. Just for looking up addresses or e-mails you don't need color and sound.

By the way, a friend of mine would never buy a TFT display -- he needs to see the display in sunny dailight condition, too.

End of discussion!

RE: Palm in Japan PC expo
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2001 4:59:05 PM #
it's transreflective.



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