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Palm, Inc. has just announced the creation of the Powered Up Awards, which honor developers of the best Palm OS applications. Each quarter, a panel of judges selected from leaders in the Palm OS community will choose one overall "best in show'' winner and four category winners, one in each of the following categories: enterprise, productivity, leisure and entertainment, and student developers.
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How much?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 10:53:11 AM #
Gee, I wonder how much it will cost to get nominated? After all, the current Palm certification system is pretty darn expensive, so I can only imagine what a "best in show" plug from Palm will cost.

RE: How much?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 11:04:17 AM #
Oh my, how slanderous.

going low cost?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 11:00:14 AM #
man, yankersky gets paid $667K, and they can only afford $2500 for the "best" developer award?

I know economy is going down to drain and all, but shsss...that only pay for one way vacation trip these days.

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 11:05:22 AM #
You do realize that's not a cash payout, right? It is "$2,500 worth of advertising".

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:12:45 PM #
Yeah, this really is a sham. $2500 in advertising could basically mean they'll put something about it on their website.

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:31:05 PM #
Palm's site says:
Newspaper and trade publication advertising featuring the Powered Up Award winners (a $2500 value)

It took me about 20 seconds to find that out. Please do some basic research *before* you start complaining.

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:53:59 PM #
what sort of ad you can get with $2500? definitely not WSJ or NYTimes I must say

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 2:09:42 PM #
My guess is they will run advertisements listing all the winners, not individual ads for each application.

RE: going low cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 3:18:00 PM #
You guys are doing alot of Bitching about someting that is being given out for free. Personally, as a small app developer, I'd be pretty happy being given $2500 dollars worth of advertising. I expect that I might see alot more return in purchase revanue.

Paragraph 4

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:03:10 PM #
Commercial/shareware developers, read carefully - if you enter this contest:

"4. Ownership. You will retain ownership of your application. By submitting your application, however, you automatically grant Palm, Inc. an unrestricted, worldwide, paid-up, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual license to publicly display, use, demonstrate and copy your application"

"...display, use, demonstrate and copy" = don't expect any sales of your program to Palm, Inc. ever ("perpetual") again.

Also, could they "use" your application as a bundle "royalty-free"?

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:22:45 PM #
Stop being so paranoid. Palm just wants to demonstrate how many good Palm applications there are. To do that they want to hold a contest and let a panel of judges decide which is the best. They don't want to have to buy a truck load of copies of each software nominated so each judge can have one.

The best thing to do in this case would be to ask someone at Palm your questions then come back here and tell everyone. Just airing your suspicions without checking the facts is irresponsible.

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:52:04 PM #
hey ... after their last botched attempt to subjegate all palm fan/news site...ya better read all the fine print or the lawyers will fire up those letters again.

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 3:07:21 PM #
so if you win you get $2500 in advertising and Palm can bundle your great app in future palms thus meaning the $2500 in ads is useless since everyone will be getting your app for free with their new palm?

Paragraph 4 is a rip-off
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 4:34:45 PM #
If I understand the contest correct - its a blant rip-off - I would love to be informed otherwise.

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 10:53:20 PM #
so basically, palm is looking for a software writer so they can demonstrate Palm devices for the cost of $2500.

what is the going rate for writing a demo software anyway?

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 3:48:36 AM #
How exactly is it a rip off to
1) have a contest,
2) designate a winner (that's free advertising right there),
3)provide an award,
4) and allow the winner's to utilize the fact that they won in their own advertising.

The winner does not relenquish ownership of their product, hence Palm can not legally bundle / sell the product. "Copy" does not grant licensing priveledges. It only means that Palm can show the product to potential customers. The winner's sales will increase, and if the product is really good (e.g. Datebook) perhaps another company will pick it up.

Now, let's compare this to our "friends" in Redmonton. If you are a potential developer for PocketPC, go out and read some of the books which describe, first-hand the way Microsoft squashes developers that it can't buy. A good place to start is a book written by the head of GO (a tablet computer manufacturer in the early 90's). How long do you think you'd be allowed to keep up your web site entitled "microsoftinfocenter" or "microsoftguru" or "microsoftstation"?

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 10:13:12 AM #
the word associated with the product is "pocket" not "microsoft".

and usually microsoft will just buy the product or the developer's company if it is extremely good. Pure business in their part, very classic microsoft, contrary to this somewhat amateurish "contest".

RE: Paragraph 4
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 5:55:00 PM #
"usually microsoft will buy the company if it is any good"

Common conventional wisdom, but patently untrue. Mergers and acquisitions are used when it is provably better than the strongarm tactics. In this way, Microsoft is no different from any other company out there (no surprise), except that Microsoft has both an unfair business position and an almost limitless supply of capitol in order to consider both options. (BTW, according to US law, neither are illegal)

Why not look at the case of say... Stak vs. Microsoft.

(Pardon the puns).

At least one step at the right direction

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 12:55:15 PM #
But this is not enough. I think a bigger reward for the top three in each category is necessary to get a more serious audience.

I also think that there should be one for the hardware as well.

The catch

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 1:58:48 PM #
The catch is that you can't use "Palm" in the name of the application or you might get charged with copyright infringement. :-P

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 4:44:35 PM #

a) It's trademark, not copyright, and
b) How is this a catch? It's just common sense not to say your software is from Palm if it's not.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 4:50:02 PM #
>b) How is this a catch?
> It's just common sense not to say
> your software is from Palm if it's not.

Nobody argues with that - and you know that.
Yor remark is fishy.
MS would pay a free world travel to everybody if they could get by that more URL's, usergroups and programs to include PPC.

The whole idea to punch the friends is outright stupid - this cannot be argued - the damage cannot be undone by slapping the Palm friends here again.
I would recommend you concentrate more on better products and making your grumbling investors smile - not on hitting here your most devoted followers - how about that?

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 4:57:51 PM #
It was just a joke.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 5:01:48 PM #
Redmond must roll over in laughting how clumsy Palm acts - they only have to wait and see how Palm is ruining itself and then the programmer & finally userbase.
Its a shame! Do someting! Send the CO on a long long trip. Sign him on as cosmonaut - whatever. Do it now! Please!!!

Microsoft lauging itself silly over Palm faux pas...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:31:24 PM #
Not that they AREN'T a bunch of hypocrites, but Microsoft pulls their share of hare-brained blunders, usually showing the nastier side of their agenda while doing so. For example:

MS modifies the FrontPage licencing agreement to prohibit use in making anti-Microsoft websites:

MS fakes 'citizen letters of support' to Utah's Attorney General.

You can find the origional news sources from /.'s links.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 3:42:54 AM #
Don't forget the OS2 Win3.1 wars. Remember the revelation that the Microsoft PR department was flooding OS2 bulletin boards with posts from imaginary, disgruntled users.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 9:12:25 AM #
This may still be happening. I wonder how much the trolls who post all the pro-PPC, anti-Palm comments on this and other Palm fan sites get paid?

Watch the FALLING Palm OS market share. It does not lie.
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 10:10:19 AM #

Compaq is Doomed!!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 10:23:00 AM #
If that's your way of deciding what handheld to buy, better return that iPaq quick! Compaq's stock is trading at a third of its 52 week high and has lost half its value in the past month. They also announced a huge quarterly loss.

You Pocket PC trolls have been predicting Palm would get bought out for months. Never thought Compaq would go first, did you?

HP has shown time and again that they have no idea how to make a good handheld. When the HP buyout is complete, those are the people who will be making the next iPaq.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 11:27:20 AM #
ah, who care about Compaq man...

in PPC land, one company can die and nobody care, it's what hottest netxt item that count. And what hot next are Genio and NEC.

what you see below it the death of Palm device. I don't think Palm Inc can out innovate NEC or Toshiba in term of hardware manufacturing, they may not be as good at consumer electronic as Sony, but they are better in computer manufacturing. Enjoy.

RE: The catch
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 11:37:55 AM #
This is a misnomer rethoric, since the lifeline of Palm product is highly depended on single company, Palm Inc, hence the analysis that if Palm is doomed than the entrie Palm OS is in trouble might very well be true. The product development players are different in structure and diversity.

Compaq, for eg., is a hardware maker, tho' iPAQ represent the first successful PPC, PPC lifeline does not depend solely on Compaq. In fact it is predictable that the Japanese brand will dominate in the near future simply because they have more expertise at design and manufacturing of handheld.

I think as of now Palm Inc is still somewhat ambivalent about their stand. They are not the best hardware maker, but at the same time their lifeline is depended heavily on it and cannot rely solely on OS licensing. Their other venture are even weaker. (wireless/corporate service) And frankly HP and Nokia will have them for lunch in these department.

RE: The catch
tychay @ 9/25/2001 6:16:16 PM #
Compaq a third of it's 52-week high?

I'm sure there a lot of Palm sharholders who wish things were as bad for Palm stock.

Besides it's still up in air as to which division HP will keep in the PocketPC market. Tales of iPaq's death are premature.

Having said that, I hope that PalmOS can make inroads into the corporate market. The market seems clutterred with two things. 1) People using overpowered PocketPCs in vertical apps where a Palm would do the job more efficiently and cheaper and 2) A lot of Palms given to marketting and PR types where it just is a glorified address book.

Both are bad.

Companies should be using PocketPCs in high mobility applications as a replacement to their notebook computers, and those custom vertical apps should be written for PalmOS.

If you want to see how rampant this is, ask any of your friends who work for large companies how many PDA's they have in the stockroom after they laid off all the marketting types.

terry chay Righteous Travel Deals in Record Time

san jose, ca, usa

At least give the winning developers some STOCK OPTIONS!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:33:47 PM #
And price them at no more than 90% of the current market value and vest them 1/3 per year. This way, Palm Developers can SHARE in the ownership and success of the company!

Anybody remember...

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:47:31 PM #
When palm did everything possible to avoid mentioning that you could do something with your P1000 besides Notepad and Datebook?

Wow, times have changed.

So much for "ZEN" and "SIMPLICITY!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/24/2001 6:56:08 PM #

RE: Anybody remember...
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/25/2001 3:40:40 AM #
No, I don't. Anyone remember when Microsoft didn't steal the ideas of other companies and then leverage their monopoly to put those companies out of business?



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