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by Mike Cane
Exclusive to Palm Infocenter
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A source close to Palm Infocenter has stated that a possible contender to take over the reigns of Palm Computing could be none other than John Sculley, formerly of Apple Computer.

"Think about it," the source, who requested anonymity, told PIC. "This is the man who coined the term 'Personal Digital Assistant' and who championed the Newton at Apple. He single-handedly created the PDA market. Palm would not have existed if it hadn't been for Newton showing people a real, live PDA. In addition, it's no secret that many of the people who worked on Newton are now at Palm. Plus, Palm needs a dramatic gesture to draw the attention of the press. Sculley has that 'vision thing' too. He could help excite Palm's internal and external developers and bring the hardware and software to the next level."

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I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:34:05 AM #
if this is true all i can say is YAY!

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:50:50 AM #
Under Sculley's watch, didn't Apple make about a hundred different models? This was the time you could get a Performa 6200CD, 6205CD, 62190CD, 6214CD, 5216CD, 6218CD, 6220CD, 6230CD, 6260CD, 6290CD, 6300CD, 6310CD, or 6320CD. These were all almost the same with some small changes. No-one could keep track of what was what.

Hope he learned this lesson. I'd hate for Palm to make a m125, m125SD, m125X, m500, m500SD, m500X, m505, m505SD, m505X, m510, m510SD, m510X, m515, m515SD, m5015X, and so on all at the same time with only some small changes within the whole lot.

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 12:03:21 PM #
Didn't Palm already do that? Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, etc..........

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 12:10:49 PM #
As far as I remember the Performa galore started under Michael H. Spindler who was Sculley's successor....

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 12:20:16 PM #
From what I've read, Scully tried to manage things he couldn't understand. Wasn't he a Pepsi CEO at one time? Palm needs someone who understands hardware and marketing. If they want to hire Scully as Chief Operation Cheerleader, I have no problems with that but not as CEO. We need someone like Apple to buy Palm out and own them as a subsidiary.

RE: if
drw @ 11/10/2001 4:10:16 PM #
>From what I've read, Scully tried to manage things >he couldn't understand. Wasn't he a Pepsi CEO at one >time?

So what, anyone remember what Lou Gerstner did before he joined IBM? huh?

>We need someone like Apple to buy Palm out and own >them as a subsidiary.

What's his name needed US Robotics to buy palm to get a device to market. Handheld and convergence devices are the future. If Palm can't compete with PocketPC's and vapor Stinger phones, then let them go belly up.

David in Pflugerville, TX

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 5:37:25 PM #
Point was Scully did a horrible job at Apple. Palm needs someone who understands technology.

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 7:42:07 PM #
in sculley's defense, the pc world is all like that. i could never figure out the difference between a compaq presario 4770 and 4775, or a dell inspiron 5000 and 8100 (ok maybe i can figure that one out). then there's the flip side, companies like alienware that make an "area 51" pc whose name stays the same but whose specs keep changing.

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:37:39 PM #
regarding a million models...

why doesnt Palm just let the after market have at it... I would love to build my own palm and plug in an mp3 chip and buy a stylee case... at least let me replace the screen on my visor with one from a handera so I can have a virtual pad...

RE: if
popko @ 11/11/2001 4:19:28 AM #
That sounds great!

But when taking into count that you got re-place that ROM chip on your Visor with some flash memory and flash it with the Handera 330's OS, then you're Springboard slot become useless ... nah, too much truble.

RE: CEO = Chief Entertainment Officer
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 10:46:56 AM #
I think that Palm needs are real CEO - to keep the press, analysis and public entertained.

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 2:25:35 PM #
Too late... Linux is coming!

RE: if
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 3:01:42 PM #
I think it's only breathing real hard...


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:48:40 AM #
i love pic. copyrighting rumors now. sigh.

RE: hi
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 12:00:22 PM #
Mike Cane's reports always get copyrighted. I think he's a professional writer or something

RE: hi
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 12:35:38 PM #
they're only desperate to make a living

RE: hi
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 8:34:36 PM #
Mike Cane is a professional idiot

I agree
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 11:19:53 PM #
He is really quite bombastic.

RE: hi
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 7:15:30 AM #
Yeah, I got a kick out of this too!

RE: hi
mikecane @ 11/15/2001 9:32:01 AM #
"Mike Cane is a professional idiot"

-- I'm sure you amateur idiots could teach me a lot.

Why should I think this "source" has any credibility?

Moosecat @ 11/10/2001 1:29:09 PM #
Literally all we are told about this source is that he or she is "close to Palm Infocenter." Nothing in the quoted comments suggests that any knowledge of anything -- it sounds like the musings of a hopeful Apple/Palm enthusiast.

Look, I know everyone's concerned about NDAs and all .. But journalists will at least typically explain some basis for their sources' supposed knowledge. Closeness to the publisher is certainly no basis for credibiliy.

For all I know, the person quoted is Yankowski. But it could also be a homeless guy who lives under the bridge, but who happens to be "close" to PIC.

RE: Why should I think this
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 5:41:03 PM #
And it could be Mike Cane himself... unfortunately rumours don't need anyone other than the person telling them to be considered "true" these days... anyone remember the "Panasonic will be next Palm OS licensee" rumour? That was nothing but a single persons bored mind... and a willingness to show that PIC will print ANYTHING!

RE: Why should I think this
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 9:15:05 PM #
> That was nothing but a single persons bored mind... and a willingness to show
> that PIC will print ANYTHING!

If you really think that, why the hell are you here reading and commenting? Sounds to me like you think this is a good source of info but you are too much a hypocrite to admit it. If I'm wrong, either leave or shut up.

RE: Why should I think this
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 11:24:17 PM #
At least Satan's m505 Memo Pad Contrast Hack was real.

(The guy from Brighthand told me so.)


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 2:57:00 PM #
Yeah, the Newton. Great device. Whatever.

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 1:00:47 AM #
You haven't really seen a 2100 in action, have you?

RE: Newton
popko @ 11/11/2001 4:22:21 AM #
I've seen a Newton alright, only I'm not sure of its model. It was huge! Almost as long as 2 Visors put together from end to end and 1 1/2 Visors wide.

RE: Newton
CKMOOSE @ 11/11/2001 4:44:46 AM #
He's not saying they're building a Newton. It's about hiring the guy who helped bring a revolutionary (for it's time) product to market.
The Newton, no matter how big or awkward, paved the way for the likes of the Palm.
It's also well known fact that many of the original Newton team were/are involved with the developement of the Palm as we know it. So, I say, I hope the rumor is true and that Scully is taking over.

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 9:42:42 AM #
At the risk of being flamed, the Newton was flawed for the same reasons PPC is flawed. Too big and too expensive. The early versions were overpriced and under-delivered. Only the 2100 really worked well and it cost close to what a computer did. All through college I wanted a Newton really bad but couldn't come close to affording it. After graduation and years after the cancellation of the Newton, a 2100 was still about 4 times as expensive as the IIIx I actually bought. If Sculley does take over, I hope the Palm won't balloon in size and cost.

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 6:32:52 PM #
>a 2100 was still about 4 times as expensive as the IIIx I actually bought.

True. On the market for used Newton’s today a used Newton goes for the price of a new piece or even higher – no computer ever-developed gained value over time – think about this, why?

He costed about what a computer did – and he delivered much more than a computer besides he spoiled unmached mobile standalone capabilities. UNMACHED today!

Years after the departure of the Newton programmers writ code and service there programs – you can have a modern email client as well as a browser. Be considerate, by the time the Newton was developed most of the people thought of the internet to be Italian noodles.

At the time the Newton 2100 was delivered (the first true PDA ever) he was state of the art – and still is today by far.
There is no PDA in the world today matching by a very far shot the elegance, completeness, class, style and full, rich-featured Newton intelligence and rockstable OS.
I can run videos with sound without shaking – if I want.
The "assistant” alone built in (a form of artificial intelligence) was never seen again in any PDA. If I look at my 505 – that’s from the point of usability and power, a lame bicycle compared to a brand-new Boeing 747 long tail.
The Newton incorporated by that time not only two slots fully supported by the OS for basically whatever whacko you plugged in, but had already the same ARM processor that the Palm (if we are lucky) gets end 2002 in the next Palm generation.

The former Newton developer now at Palm, writing code there today, in my point of view, are making jokes at there obviously very uninformed superiors, by selling them such a lousy Palm OS as maximum achievable. The go to the restrooms every 10 minutes for a good laugh and smoke.

The Newton thing might be bulky (screens where only beginning later to emerge) - true, the green screen (4 times the screen of a Palm) on the other hand can light a mid sized garage and the Newton runs longer than my 505 on one charge. The attachable keyboard is better than most of the PC keyboards. The screen alone, made of the most expensive high polished ultra hardened optical glass, costs probably more then a m505 as a whole.

To name the highlights setting this Newton 2100 MP masterpiece aside from all the sad crap we are able to buy today I would need to fill 20 A4 pages in small font.
I still use my Newton MP 2100G today– there is no better PDA around – Point.

The Newton does not come cheap or small – true – but extremely priceworthy given his abilities, elegance and unmatched power.

If Newton would have suceeded ther would be no Palm OS around.

And the Newton was killed not on the free market but only for personal and Apple internal reasons and fights.

The drawback and bottom line – the Newton is dead – And only therefore I do a premium German Palm geared magazine for the second place winner. To be intimely honest.

I still consider buying a used Newton – just to be safe...

Boris v Luhovoy
Publishing editor
Palmtop-Pro magazine

Sculley did his level best to ruin Newton.
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 2:01:29 PM #
In particular, he was directly responsible for rushing the first Newtons out the door before the handwriting recognition was ready, a critical mistake the Newton never recovered from.

Sculley was a BAD CEO and I absolutely DO NOT want to see him running Palm!

Jon Acheson

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 7:15:43 PM #
Newton is fantastic! I've put my Palm III on the trash when I bought my used Newton 2100! If you want a smal device buy a Palm (equal to a digital Diary), but if you want a mobile computer, this is the time to look for a used Newton!

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 11:22:37 PM #
>Sculley was a BAD CEO and I absolutely DO NOT >Jon Acheson

There are some shades of grey - indeed Sculley nearly run Apple down (as far as our limited outsider knowledge can tell from known facts - I'm not a deep Apple insider and hesitate to put a sticker on people I do not know personally or on events I was not part of)- but the Newton build under his supervision (more or less) is the only human(istic) mobile computer today.

The first Newtons had indeed more troubles then benefits - that’s true. But the last one, the 2100 MP is unmatched.

Sad to see the Newton handwriting recognition machine has been licensed from Apple now to Microsoft - the wonderful Newton Rosetta handwriting recognition drives all the PPC handwriting today - I wonder why Palm let this chance pass.
In fact - this might have been THE key mistake at palms head office for what Palm will pay dearly in the future.

There was never and will not be in the near future a handwriting machine (in fact seven seperate machines are working simultaneously) on the market being any mach to Rosetta (former Newton) now Microsoft.

If I point a finger to the otherwise nice Palm CEO Yankowsky (I happen to know Carl personally) given with the early introduction of the 505 he nearly broke Palms neck - this was his grave mistake he allowed to happen that Rosetta fell in MS hands.

Many if not all bystanders are overlooking the effect of this clever MS move.

Palm will pay for that very mistake to let MS licence Rosetta more dearly in the future than for other marketing mistakes they may have made in the past– and I see this with anger.

Boris von Luhovoy
publishing editor
Palmtop-Pro Magazine

RE: Newton
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/13/2001 12:27:08 AM #
Regarding: "Sad to see the Newton handwriting recognition machine has been licensed from Apple now to Microsoft - the wonderful Newton Rosetta handwriting recognition drives all the PPC handwriting today - I wonder why Palm let this chance pass. In fact - this might have been THE key mistake at palms head office for what Palm will pay dearly in the future."

Wrong. Apple never licensed Rosetta to Microsoft or anyone else. They still own it.

What you are referring to is the Newton's original CURSIVE recognizer, written by Paragraph, a Russian company. It's now called "Calligrapher", I believe (or perhaps that's the original name, I don't recall exactly) This was the recognizer that was so maligned by the press and Doonsbury cartoon, and THAT is the recognizer that Microsoft has licensed from Vadem and bundled as an add on to the PocketPC. And it's not as good an implementation as the Newton's HWR (either version). Not as integrated, not as automatic, etc.

The 2100 is still the best PDA ever made, over 3 years after it's cancellation. Microsoft's PocketPC 2002 isn't even close. And both Palm and Microsoft are figuring out NOW what Apple knew in 1993: the ARM chip is THE chip to use for a PDA.

Funny how what goes around comes around. Many of Apple's Newton staff work for Palm, and a lot of the rest (Steve Capps, Walter Smith) work for Microsoft.

You blew it $teve Jobs. You could have had an iPad to go with your iPod. still COULD. Apple's Newton is better than the MS Tablet PC that Gates is pushing at Comdex....


Sculley and Yankowski together in Maine

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 3:38:49 PM #
When I was at the Camden Technology Conference in Maine in October (about 1 month ago) Sculley introduced Yankowski at the conference and they spent some time talking to one another at and around the conference. This doesn't exactly confirm the rumor but they clearly know each other and were talking during the time-frame in which a transition might have been discussed.

RE: Sculley and Yankowski together in Maine
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 5:59:22 PM #
how dumb can you be?
Just because the two of them were seen talking doesn't mean anything. I've shaken President Bush's hand, you don't hear me being rumoured as the next prez do you?
Think before you post!!

RE: Sculley and Yankowski together in Maine
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 7:40:46 PM #
How about YOU try to READ and think before YOU post.

RE: Sculley and Yankowski together in Maine
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 3:38:06 PM #

I saw Sculley with some guy called Mulder once.... I wonder if the Feds are trying to pursuade Palm to produce devices that inform the authorities of illegal goings on?...

The truth must be out there

Palm already has faces!

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:41:48 PM #
And their names are Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky. If anything, this shakeup screams
for the original founding knights to take back Avalon. But alas, have pastures more green
than Palm been discovered?

RE: Palm already has faces!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 11:57:48 AM #
good lord... Hawkins is not the second coming. The way you people always invoke him is like some of the more rabid Mac fanatics invoking Jobs

apple needs a pda

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/10/2001 11:46:59 PM #
apple is gonna have a pda sooner or later... quicktime is for watching film shorts while you are waiting for an airplane or the bus or something.. and the walkman really defined personal electronics... and if you check out the apple fan sites its all about the top seceret iwalk.. I wouldnt be suprised if Apple wanted to compete with Compaq.. especially if the HP merger goes through.. and since HP and Compaq have such similiar product lines, well, with regards to pdas and such, anyhow, all computer manufactures are targeting compaq and hp now.. and what better way to compete with Apple then to grab the newton developers' leader.. makes since to me... a bunch of those BE people were under the same guy.. and I bet this would just drive Jobs mad since he has a history with John...

Apple PDA
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 6:42:11 PM #
What apple needs to do is make a contract with Palm (or whoever they want who already makes a PalmOS based device). Then just do what IBM does and change the case and the Logo. That way they can make a super cool looking PDA that works with there computer color scheme. It would be one more reason to by a Apple computer. Think you could get a super cool looking palm, and a awesome looking apple desktop.

Then is they just added FireWire support for Hotsync, and moved Quicktime over to the palm platform (might have to wait for the new ARM processor). Then you have a real reason to by the Apple branded palm


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 1:38:36 AM #
Jeez. If you are going to fight Microsoft, get some people who know how win the game.

Leave the Apple people out of it.

Get a Michael Dell or somebody who knows how to make money off of selling these devices.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 11:22:38 AM #
Please. Like Mr. Dell knows how to fight Microsoft. He uses Microsoft products (namely Windows). Apple is the most innovative computer company in the industry (look at the new design of dells laptops, Dells desktops... their attempt at an iMac clone). It's Dell that needs some originality. Ever heard of IEEE 1394 (Firewire...Apple invented it) or Airport (802.11b)? Apple popularized WiFi and USB. Palm can do well with people like that.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 8:12:14 PM #
Hell, it was ex-Apple people who MADE Palm the number one handheld device. The developers, the original management, most of the current management. God, you might as well say that Microsoft shouldn't have Microsoft people at the helm any more.


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 10:10:10 AM #
From the article:

"Requests for common-sense improvements such as Soft Graffiti, industry-standard 240x320 screens, and a basic complement of fonts for word processing have been ignored."

Common sense improvements? Sounds like someone tossed personal preferences into this article. Who says that 240x320 is "industry standard" when Palm OS systems have 160x160 and 320x320 in Sony's case have over 80% of the PDA market. The only 240x320 PalmOS PDA is Handera's model. Hmmmm.

This article was written by either a HandEra user or a PocketPC user. No doubt.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/11/2001 11:23:37 PM #
And that would be little Mikey Cane...

mikecane @ 11/15/2001 9:34:32 AM #
"This article was written by either a HandEra user or a PocketPC user. No doubt."

-- and your idiotic comments are obviously made by someone who just discovered Palm. There is a *long* history of people wishing for the common-sense improvements I cite. Of course, *you* wouldn't know that. Your idea of history is recalling the last TV commercial you saw. Now go back to sleep.

Sculley is an idiot

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/12/2001 12:07:35 PM #
In that regard Sculley would be a good chocie since Palm is used to being run by idiots. Btw it was John Louis Gasee (sp?) who opened the slots and added color to Macs not Sculley. Name one thing Sculley has been successful at other than selling sugar water at Pepsi.



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