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MemoWare has been acquired by Handmark, Inc. Terms were not disclosed. Under the arrangement, the provider of online content for handhelds will operate as an autonomous business unit within Handmark. "Not much will change, only over the next few months the user experience will just get better," said Handmark CEO August Grasis III. -Kathleen Gilpatrick

During the holidays, spend $45 at Rhinoskin's webstore and they'll include a free Titanium Money Clip. Spend $65 and they'll throw in free ground shipping, too. -PR

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Maybe They'll ''Fix'' Memoware

wayne @ 12/14/2001 2:16:32 PM #
Hopefully Handmark will invest some cash to "fix" Memoware. Personally, I find it pretty hard to use right now.

- You can't view documents except by date in descending order.
- There's no way to filter out the TomeRaider and iSilo texts (etc), which makes the site painful to use unless you happen to own like five different document readers.
- The search utility also leaves much to be desired.

Memoware has a large collection of texts, but that seems to be all it has going for it. What other sites do you guys visit to get texts?

RE: Text Collections
DAK @ 12/14/2001 2:30:02 PM #
There are hundreds of sites now that many local and college libraries are starting to provide ebooks.

Out of the many here are a couple of sites I frequent with large collections along with Memoware:

Project Gutenberg

Great Books and Classics

RE: Maybe They'll ''Fix'' Memoware
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/14/2001 3:56:24 PM #
Do they make money? :-\ Seems like tech companies buying tech companies that don't make money is out of style :-
I like the search feature.. pretty much all I use there, it's a great site but you're right, it's hard to browse

RE: Maybe They'll ''Fix'' Memoware
glee @ 12/17/2001 12:11:07 PM #

I agree with your comments about Memoware - there's a lot to wade through. Don't forget the website that converts web pages into DOC files:

Grace Lee



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