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Check out our latest review of the Palm Weatherguide module from Precision Navigation systems. The Weatherguide is a clip on module for your Palm III and VII series device. It gives you real-time weather data and forecasts. Read the full review here.
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RE: Leave it outside?
@tomic212 @ 11/11/1999 3:51:29 PM #
I usually just left it on my drafty windowsill. It gave me better readings of the conditions outside rather than leaving it at room temperature. You could leave it outside if you wanted to monitor the weather out there or in your greenhouse.

links are screwed up

Chris Baltimore MD @ 11/12/1999 9:27:23 AM #
the palm edition seems to have alot of links screwed up or unavailable is this an oversite or just the limit of the channel?
baltimore palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/4/2001 10:08:56 AM #
dear chris,
i am in baltimore and would like to connect
with a palm user to exchange some tips
and tricks. please call 443-739-5023 or

Why use Palm Weatherguide?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/1999 9:04:55 AM #
Why would one use "Palm Weatherguide"? I bought a dedicated weather station which costs less (including sales tax) and does more. It also shows humidity (corrected for temperature), which is why I bought it.

WeatherGuide review has moved

@tomic212 @ 3/6/2000 5:37:31 PM #
Due to our new format for reviews, the Palm Weatherguide review was moved. You can now access it here:" CLASS=NEWS>


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