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After some technical problems, CliéSource is now back online. -Reggie

DDH Software is holding a HanDBase Summit on June 11 and 12. It aimed at educating and training HanDBase users on getting the most from the software. There will be sessions on new features of V3.0, development strategies, enterprise connectivity solutions, and wireless syncing. The advanced price is $100. Each attendee will get a copy of the HanDBase v3.0 Enterprise Edition, which includes HanDBase v3.0, the conduit, and the HanDBase ODBC Driver. -PR

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HanDBase v3.0

Ronin @ 4/30/2002 10:55:17 AM #
Does this mean that the release of v3.0 is imminent for the general use public?

Anyone know the new feature list?

Will the upgrade be free for registered user or will there be a charge, if so how much?

I use HanDBase extensively and have been anticipating the improvements that v3.0 might bring since DDH Software's user survey late last year.

RE: HanDBase v3.0
dhaupert @ 4/30/2002 11:37:12 AM #
Thanks for your interest in v3.0! We are planning on releasing v3.0 of HanDBase within the weeks following the HanDBase Summit, meaning it should be available to the general public by late June.

We have decided to have a gathering to announce and demonstrate all of the new features rather than try to list them all as vaporware before their release! Please see our web site for more details on the summit:

Dave Haupert

RE: HanDBase v3.0
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/30/2002 12:26:53 PM #
From casual chat with a beta tester, the first impression of HandBase 3.0 is "it is definitely worth the wait".

Now the interesting part is would current users need to pay for the upgrade ?

RE: HanDBase v3.0
Ronin @ 4/30/2002 1:17:49 PM #
Oh the humanity!

Talk about building up anticipation.:)

A month and a half to wait.



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