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The just released HandStory Suite 2.1 includes a Clip Editor which lets users create custom scripts to extract content from any Web site for viewing on their handhelds. Users can choose just the content they want from any ordinary, non-handheld-optimized Web site, download it on demand or on a regular basis, and view it with optimal formatting on their handheld device.
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User comments?

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2002 11:18:38 AM #
I began using Plucker several months ago, and I like it a lot, but it really only works *well* with text-only pages. This sounds like a good solution, but before I shell out my $20: Has anyone used this, and, if so, how well do the scripts work?


D of M

RE: User comments?
ardee @ 5/23/2002 12:08:37 PM #
I am also very interesting in hearing lists of specific pros & cons (likes & dislikes) from people who've used HandStory extensively. Sound like it could be the next killer app.

RE: User comments?
popko @ 5/23/2002 12:34:24 PM #
Yeah, how does it comapre to iSilo in the offline aspect.

RE: User comments?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2002 2:14:47 PM #
I tried Handstory version 2.0 and ultimately deleted it, as it would steal documents it couldn't read from other programs, putting them in the Handstory folder, and making them unavailable to the original program. Except for that problem, it was a nice program which I would consider trying again if they stop stealing files.

Handstory said that some upcoming version would have an option to leave files where they are and not move them all, but I don't see that listed in their problem fixes for 2.1

RE: User comments?
CharFeld @ 5/23/2002 3:25:30 PM #
I have played with Handstory pretty thoroughly, and overall I was very pleased with it. Here is what I liked:

Very nice having multiple viewers in one program.
It definitely saves memory over installing, eg, Avantgo, Tealdoc, and Fireviewer.

UI is very good - can switch between docs, images, etc. with one button and between different categories with another.

Desktop UI is also great - very easy to send text, web pages (either as doc or "clip"), or images to your Palm. Image conversion is especially easy.

Web Clips work great. Works fine on web pages with images.

Many good Web Clips provided on their site.

And here's what still could be improved:

Converted images take up significantly more space than Fireviewer images and much bigger than original JPEG! Eg: jpeg=17k, fireviewer=34k, and handstory=61k! Oops, there goes all the space you saved by combining programs!

You can copy text from Docs, but not from Web Clips.

Would really like a button that lets you close a document, instead of having to press a small x on the screen.

New "Clip Editor" is not for your ordinary Palm user. You really need to know how to program to use it. (But you dont need clip editor if you just want to clip the entire page as is, similar to using AvantGo's custom channels.)

Selection of clips on HandStory's site is not as diverse or as sizable as AvantGo's channels. Noticeably missing (for me) is New York Times and Handheld Computing Weekly. Also, no good site for local weather.

Handstory does not update their clips page very often, either. The poor selection would at least be more tolerable if they were aggressively adding new ones.

Overall, as I said, it's a great program. You really have to try it to see how easy it is to convert docs and images.

Hope this has been helpful,

RE: User comments?
ardee @ 5/23/2002 5:54:58 PM #
Thank you to I.M. Anonymous and CharFeld for the commentaries!

RE: User comments?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2002 9:26:37 PM #
The only thing that prevents me from using the desktop program to put documents on my palm is the fact that the Handstory creates palm document files that can ONLY be read by Handstory. And I use other e-book readers, so that's no good for me.
RE: User comments?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/24/2002 12:13:34 AM #

Thanx to all who posted their experiences with HandStory! That's the kind of information I need to make an informed decision.

D of M

RE: User comments?
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/24/2002 5:08:00 AM #
Use Sitescooper ( to create PDA-friendly versions of websites in Plucker/iSilo format. Saves your $20.


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