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With the huge TechXNY show going on now, several companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to show off their new and updated products. Of course, most of the attention goes to the new handhelds, like the Sony T665C or the Kyocera 7135 smartphone announced yesterday, which might explain why there have been only a few software and peripheral announcements. Still, the ones there were deserve some attention.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 1:04:29 PM #
Always nice to see software evolving! Whats the news on Palm and announcing a new product! Are they going to have a virtual grafiti?
RE: Cool
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 7:03:51 PM #
This is the Million Dollar Question. Would'nt that cool, soft graffitti, QVGA in a Palm V form factor!

Surely Palm Inc realises a 320x320 with fixed graffitti area is old hat and would be dissapointing to a lot of us.


RE: Cool
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 7:19:50 PM #
I'll bet their first device will not have it, and then they'll realize that they need it and will add it! Like they always do...


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 1:17:15 PM #
from you can see how AcidImage really takes advantage of the new NR Clie's.
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 6:11:13 PM #
Any comments on this appl? How does it compare to SplashPhoto?
AcidImage Upgrade Policy
Romanov @ 6/26/2002 2:41:56 AM #

There is no information with AcidImage2 about upgrading, in the enclosed documentation or on Red Mercury's site that I could find. I have a register version of AcidImage1, and do not know whether I can just install acidImage2 over the old version and still be registered.

Anyone else have any information.


Nic Hughes

RE: AcidImage Upgrade Policy
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/26/2002 7:37:58 AM #
AcidImage 2.0 is a free upgrade to all AcidImage users. I had 1.2 and simly installed version 2.0 over it and it works great. Best image viewer IMHO.

Presenter-to-Go SD Card

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 2:25:38 PM #
This is way cool, but needs a brick and is $200. Would be good to put one of these in a conference room instead of hauling it around with you.

MARGI Mirror app with Presenter-To-Go

Altema @ 6/25/2002 4:20:20 PM #
Does anyone know if this app for displaying the handheld LCD works with moving images like video?

Bluefish -- a fishy application

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/25/2002 4:42:53 PM #
I wish that the TechXNY folks would "announce" that
they from now on will comply with the license terms
of the applications they choose to distribute...

The Bluefish binary that TechXNY distribute at (and also
from beam stations at the conference) is a modified
version of Plucker (, which is
released under GPL. However, the binary doesn't
include a copy of GPL, neither is the source code
available for download nor is a written offer to
provide the source code upon request included with
the app.

Several messages sent to them asking that they comply
with the license terms has been ignored (except for a
few more threats from Bluefish Wireless that they
will sue if we continue to contact their customers).

RE: Bluefish -- a fishy application
N473 @ 6/25/2002 6:55:03 PM #
After reading the posting in USENET about Blufish using the plkr creator code, and refusing to give it up or even reply, I am convinced they are malicious thieves! It has been said before that the GPL probably can't stand up in court, but even if it can, who represents the distributed programmers around the globe who write the code? I hope that their prospective customers are all scared off by their shadey actions.

For those who don't read NG's...
N473 @ 6/25/2002 7:05:36 PM #
From: David A. Desrosiers (
Subject: WARNING: All Plucker users, please read!
Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot, alt.comp.sys.palmtop.pilot
Date: 2002-06-24 18:39:19 PST

It has come to our attention that a company called MercuryGuide has taken our unique Palm Creator ID for our Plucker application ('Plkr') and is malisciously using it in their application. Numerous attempts to contact them regarding this issue were completely ignored by them. We have no choice at this point but to assume it was done in malice.

Installing an application from their website called MovieMobile (found here: will effectively
"destroy" your Plucker installation on the same Palm device because they both now share the same Creator ID.

Removing MovieMobile from your Palm device will not only delete MovieMobile and it's data, but will _ALSO_ delete the Plucker application and all Plucker data you have on the system (unless it is on external storage).

MercuryGuide's application, MovieMobile (Movies.prc) is a launcher which spawns another application called the Bluefish viewer (based directly on Plucker source code), and views movie content stored in a database called
Movies-Content.pdb within this viewer. Bluefish has their own Creator IDs (unregistered with Palm, unfortunately for them; BfBf (their content), BfAr (their "unpacker"), and BfVr (their viewer)). MercuryGuide is a customer of Bluefish, and is redistributing the "Bluefish viewer" from the MercuryGuide website. Requests for the source of this version of the viewer to MercuryGuide are now being completely ignored.

If you use Plucker, DO NOT INSTALL MovieMobile!

If you would still like to use the Movies-Content.pdb file, you may view this directly within Plucker, since it is a Plucker document and they are using our data format. Simply install Movies-Content.pdb (and not Movies.prc), and you should be able to view it within the Plucker viewer.

Thank you for your time.




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