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The July 2002 issue of the PalmTipsheet is now online. -Mike Rohde

Launcher X has missed the late June release date previously announced, however the developers have added new screen shots of Launcher X on their website. -Many

The Visor Prism is now listed as "No Longer Available" on Handspring's Web Site. -Doug

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Thank you Sony...

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 11:23:30 AM #
Last week i ranted about Sony 'using Canda as a dumping ground' for discontinued products (the 415 and 615 had become available in Canada only after they were dropped elsewhere). Though i highly doubt that they read my post - thanks for 'listening' just the same.
Don't worry!
orb2069 @ 7/2/2002 11:17:04 PM #
Sony will be more than happy to orphan these devices too!

I /am/ the eggman.

Launcher X

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 11:40:57 AM #
Anyone have an email address for the creators? I'd like to request they add a symlink gadget like Launch 'Em has. It's invaluable.
RE: Launcher X
scouter075 @ 7/2/2002 11:51:51 AM #
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 12:09:04 PM #
The make over looks alot like MegaLauncher HiRes.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 1:49:44 PM #
Why do we need Launcher X? The Palm UI is so intuitive and Zen. Who needs all those flyout menus, tabs and buttons?
RE: Launcher X
PR @ 7/2/2002 2:08:18 PM #
i do

RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 4:41:24 PM #
Variety is definitely a good thing here. Some of us are definitely waiting for Launcher X.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 5:02:48 PM #
At this pace we will have OS 5 handhelds beafore launcher X launches.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 7:42:17 PM #
Agree with the last comment. This is like waiting for the 505.
RE: Launcher X
TDS Computer @ 7/3/2002 1:17:03 AM #
At this rate, he had better be making it OS5 compliant! It would stink to spend the money on this launcher, only to have it not work on the Handhelds that will be out in 6 Months.

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RE: Launcher X
PR @ 7/3/2002 1:22:12 AM #
as stated on their website, it is os5 ready.

RE: Launcher X
Lock @ 7/3/2002 5:53:10 AM #
So tiring... :[

I can understand that the programmer had family problems and, naturally, life is much more important than a stupid program.

But this is the x time they promise "it will be out on..." "it will be out on..." and not keep the word.

The site is death since months, just few pics without any comment.

Is this the respect for the future customer? :
I think that a good company would give more info, maybe just a small messageboard with comments or problems that may encounter... Just to show ppl that they "care" about them...

Just my opinion...

RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 7:56:36 AM #
They should release a beta copy to the public to wet our appetites.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 9:30:46 AM #

"...on schedule for a late June release" tells me that it will be available for the masses in late June. I heard from another discussion that the program is only in the alpha stage now with beta soon to follow.

I understand the complications and personal issues but enough is enough already.

RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 9:43:54 AM #
In the meantime, I'm staying happy with CRS-Launcher. Not perfect, but very useable just the same. I can add the other functionality through hacks.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 11:17:43 AM #
The Launcher X site has been updated with screenshots labled as "beta". There is no mention now at all of any release date.
This has been a long time to wait for a beta release.
RE: Launcher X
Ronin @ 7/3/2002 12:34:44 PM #
I use Launcher III and here is my 2 cents on this whole LauncherX issue. Simply stated, lighten up. I am as anxious as the next guy to see this upgrade in the light of day but, you know what, the fact that it has not been released is no big deal. It is not a personal affront to me, it is not an abuse of the seller/consumer relationship and it is not some expression of disrespect. I am sure that Mr. Benc and company would love to sell you this software as soon as possible and are making every effort to do so. I think that the only real mistake made by this new company that Mr. Benc is associated with is the pre-announcement of the software, absent this we would all be contentedly using Launcher III.

I note that Launcher III is a remarkably stable and reliable piece of programming and has been that way since the date of its release. If you take a look at PalmGear you will notice that all of Mr. Benc's software goes thru very limited revision and most of the time these are not bug fixes but the addition of new/refinement of existing features. I will take software that is done right over software that is released 'on time' any day. I would rather not pay to be a beta tester, as some companies only address obvious bugs after they have released software and have sufficient customers on the hook.

Even in these modern times, patience is still a virtue. I am confident that when LauncherX is released it will be high quality and ready for prime time. I, for one, can wait for that.

BTW, ultimately the power is yours. You as the consumer can always speak with your dollars and buy a competing product. So quit your bellyaching and suck it up. :)

RE: Launcher X
CarlJ @ 7/3/2002 3:35:50 PM #
I'd just like to throw my support behind everything Ronin said. There are too many people in the world who are just dying to find something to be offended by, so they can enjoy the thrill of getting all righteously indignant. We REALLY don't need that here. Software development is still a fairly young art. Most Palm software companies are surprisingly small operations. Given the circumstances, it's fairly easy for Major Events happening in one developer's life to **** up a release schedule. Get over it.

Should the developer have used language like, "we predict..." and "expected to be released..."? In hindsight, yes. But it was a statement of the developer's intentions, not a sacred covenant between him and you.

Launcher X appears to be, basically, a much prettier version of Launcher III (which works great, and is available now). So, you don't NEED Launcher X, you WANT Launcher X. I understand. I want it too. We all want the latest toys. But stop complaining as though the developer was depriving you of oxygen, or purposely delaying the release as a personal insult to you. If your emotional well-being depends that heavily on being able to use Launcher X right now, I strongly suggest you either find a more productive use for your time, or seek professional help.

rant mode off

RE: Launcher X
gonnabe @ 7/3/2002 10:46:34 PM #
'Nuff said.

RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/7/2002 2:02:34 PM #
I too am waiting, but for now I am hanging with Silverscreen, it works. But most interesting is that they have you sign up for updates. Why exactly did we do this if they can't even keep the users up to date. Not a problem that it has been delayed, maybe they are making the tweaks to be OS5 compliant (maybe they aren't). The least they could do is have a tag on the web site telling you the last time it has been updated, then at least people would know they were alive.
RE: Launcher X
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/7/2002 2:52:31 PM #
Every one here is missing the point. The reason why it is called launcher X is because the palm os will be on version 10 by the time it's out.
RE: Launcher X
danger @ 7/8/2002 7:07:35 AM #
Everyone knows it's called X after the X-Files. It's a mystery and it's dubious if it really exists.

Prism is Dead!

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 1:20:49 PM #
Finally this beast is dead. What an old brick that was. Good to have the Treo90 now, but Handspring still needs a bigger screen PDA with color. Hope a new OS5 unit comes out soon.
RE: Prism is Dead!
Fzara2000 @ 7/2/2002 2:31:27 PM #
with an ungly, dirty looking keyboard, it definitely will.

is dead too?
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 2:48:34 PM #
anyone knows what is going on with this site? the updates seem very slow and not much going on there. Looks like they are going the same path as
RE: Prism is Dead!
Kaitou @ 7/2/2002 2:59:02 PM #
Not quite sure what you are babbling about, there seems to be an update for each day so far. And there are things like slow news days, you know.

RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 3:10:15 PM #
Maybe Wes is on vacation, I hear that's the thing to do around the holidays.
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 3:16:05 PM #
uh, Wes is from PDABuzz. This is Palm Infocenter (no kidding...). That site has been slow as well.
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 3:27:02 PM #
PalmInfoCenter? Not really. I love this site, it has lots of updates and lots of information. Keep up the great work, Ed!
P.S.: I agree that pdabuzz stinks.
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 3:48:53 PM #
sorry, disregard my post 2 posts above. Ididn't see the titles and I thought that the earlier poster was referring to PIC being slow (which, it isn't, it's just a slow news day).
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 4:02:31 PM #
anything thats NOT palminfocenter is crap. CRAP I TELL YA! CRAP!
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 4:07:49 PM #
All your mistakenly identified infrequently updated PDA information sites are mine!

Seriously, if the Prism is gone, that means that there are no color PDA's that support Springboard, right? I don't see how any Springboard modules coming out have a chance if they only run on outdated hardware.

RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 4:27:59 PM #
Apology accepted!
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/2/2002 9:19:49 PM #
>>anyone knows what is going on with this site? the updates seem very slow and not much going on there. Looks like they are going the same path as

We were all just spoiled by last weeks insanely busy newsweek.

RE: Prism is Dead! But it sure was a great PDA!
TDS Computer @ 7/3/2002 1:11:41 AM #
The first poster mentioned that the Prism was un ugly, unwieldy beast. I have been using mine for 18 months, and I love it as much now as I did the day I bought it! It can do things that no other PalmOS handheld can touch with the modules I have, and it has a beautiful screen.
I have sold many Prism's to my clients. As a matter of fact, it has been my best selling PDA. I agree that today the handhelds are more powerful and much smaller, but let's give a little credit to a mighty fine handheld that is still serving hundreds of thousands of people quite well.
I will be investing in a PalmOS 5 device (Probably not a Handspring) But I plan on keeping my Prism and my Platinum in use for many years to come. It is just so darn versatile!

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RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 6:20:55 AM #
I'm with TDS computer. I love my Visor. Enough to convince my friends to get a Platinum and Prism. Do they regret it? No. They could have easily gotten a Clie, but would rather have something that wouldn't be discontinued every 3 months. The prism lasted incredibly long and has countless keyboards and mempacks, adding to it's life.
I salute a long-lived hero. Shame on you for picking sides.
*silently longs for NR70v, but knows he lacks the $$$*
RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 7:59:06 AM #
"They could have easily gotten a Clie, but would rather have something that wouldn't be discontinued every 3 months."

I think you're confusing obsolete with discontinued. Discontinued is not the same as obsolete..except when it is a Handera (Are they still around?), Palm, or Handspring product

"The prism lasted incredibly long and has countless keyboards and mempacks, adding to it's life."

How many different keyboards, and memory formats do you need? One of each. One Keyboard, and One memplug with the memory card type of your choice.

RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 9:31:05 AM #
Well, from my encounters, a lot of business people and middle-aged folks loved that "brick" (the same way they still love the IIIc). They loved the big bright sreen, the decent buttons and the "solid" feel. Disregarding the early models' case issues, it was a pretty solid unit towards the end. For the record, I've never seen a Treo or Visor Edge in use out in public. They've all been early Visors or Prisms. There's something to be said about a comfortably large formfactor, because there are a lot of older PDA users out there that lament the passing of palm III and Visor-size formfactors and screens.

My main point, however, is that I think that in those dark days (not like things are really improving for them, though) between the release of the last batch of the Visors (Neo, Pro) Handspring could have sent the Visor line out with a bang instead of a whimper with a "refreshed" Prism. All they would have had to do was put in 16 megs of ram and an improved battery,since there seems to be room to spare in that unit. Possibly OS 4, but we all know HS is attached to 3.5x. Heck, they even could have had a model that was overclocked slightly from the factory (38 mhz or so) if it didn't impact battery life too much. Just _something_ to give the HS loyalists something to be (momentaryily) proud of and it would have filled the coffers nicely until the Treos became more widespread. Alas, it looks like HS will just continue to faaaaade away...

RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 9:36:01 AM #
I purchased a N710C when first released (now with Os4.1) and have been nothing but thrilled with the performance. I could care less about Sony discontinuing the models.

I stll believe that, other than the NR70V and maybe the new T655, the N7**C is the best unit that sony made. MP3, High res, great form factor and its just very well made. It was a breakthrough in Palm OS computing and I will have mine for quite some time.

RE: Prism is Dead!
Rolando @ 7/3/2002 10:24:12 AM #
Personally, I was glad when Sony discontinued the N610C. It allowed me to get mine for $200 at the same time that T615s were just coming out.

Discontinued is not obsolete. 16MB of RAM, wav sounds, and an IR remote control are not really necessary in a PDA.

It's like complaining that this year's Ford Mustang has more power than last year's. Sure, you might be envious of the new model, but last year's is not obsolete.

RE: Prism is Dead!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 4:52:32 PM #
I like my brick! It does what I want I need it to do and it cost me less than $200. For all of my media applications I have a P.C.

Launcher Nags

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 12:12:49 PM #
I use Launcher and love it, but now want to go BACK to a version that does NOT nag for registration. Anyone remember what the latest version is that does NOT nag users? Where can I download it from? Thanks!
RE: Launcher Nags
Ronin @ 7/3/2002 1:02:02 PM #
If you follow this link,, you will be brought to the last version of Launcher III that was freeware.

RE: Launcher Nags
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/4/2002 11:12:26 AM #
Pay the money to register Launcher III, it's worth it, plus you'll get a discount to buy Launcher X whenever it's finally released.
RE: Launcher Nags
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/8/2002 8:39:13 AM #
If you have been using it for so long, then register the darn thing! Shees!

T665C Availability In The UK ?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 7:17:48 PM #
Does anyone know when this will become available? I want one!

Clie n760c at Future Shop - Cheap!

big_raji @ 7/4/2002 12:02:24 AM #
I went to the local Future Shop in Canada to see if they had the T665c in yet.

They don't.

They DID have the n760c still sitting there, at a "Clearance Price" of CDN$599.99 - which is about US$379.99

What was even better was that the salesperson immediately offered it to me for CDN$549 without any bargaining or haggling. Looks like these puppies are clearing out fast.

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