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Handspring has announced that the Treo 90 is now available in Canadian retail stores. It can be found at Compusmart, Future Shop and Staples Business Depot. -PR

The FCC information on the not-yet-announced Treo 300 has been updated to include external photographs. -Ed

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Treo 300 Color

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 8:17:49 AM #
EEEEK! Please tell me that it will be available in colors other than metalic gold. :-(

Othan that, I believe that this is going to be a great device for a significant number of people.

RE: Treo 300 Color
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 9:25:49 AM #
I saw the 270 yesterday at COMDEX in Toronto.. there's a company.. Zero Gravity Wireless :

They offer it now in Canada, leasing the microcell network and offering push solutions.

GPRS will be added in October

RE: Treo 300 Color
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 9:44:16 AM #
Sorry, I posted before I got to my point.. The colour is not gold. It's sorta shiny bronzeish.. it's acutally very nice. Just wish they didn't have blue buttons.. does not match.

RE: Treo 300 Color
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 8:06:16 PM #
Bronzeish. Interesting. I thought that's how the 90's coloring was described. And the pictures I've seen of the 300 look very silvery. Oh well, whatever...

No pictures

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 9:37:01 AM #
I got a retrieve.cgi file instead. Nice but no pictures. If it's metallic gold, no thanks, we're not in the 80's.

Treo 300?

Boze @ 7/12/2002 9:55:13 AM #
What about the Treo 300, Ed? It's in the headline, but you didn't say anything about it in the story.

RE: Treo 300?
Boze @ 7/12/2002 9:56:53 AM #
Nevermind. Am I going nuts, or did it just appear?!

RE: Treo 300?
Ed @ 7/12/2002 10:08:09 AM #
You are going nuts.

News Editor
RE: Treo 300?
gellmanb @ 7/12/2002 11:46:46 AM #
How about posting the new photos here, as a reader service? ;-)

RE: Treo 300?
sub_tex @ 7/12/2002 2:41:23 PM #
Pictures of it look pretty nice. I'm still no fan of the treo, but the images of it in the belt clip look real smooth.

It's definitely phone looking in that context - somehting that i never really got just looking at the device by itself.

Don't worry about the gold color

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/24/2002 6:28:53 PM #
The FCC filings for the Treo 270 show it in that same weak metallic gold color, but it's actually silver. To summarize, the Treo 300 will be almost exactly like the Treo 270, except it'll work only with the forthcoming Sprint PCS 3G network.



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