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Vaja Cases is offering to everyone who orders one of its custom cases a free matching leather mobile phone pouch. -PR

SonyStyle USA is throwing in a free leather case with every purchase of a T665C. The customer can choose brown or blue. -Ed

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..a free leather case with every purchase of a T665C

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2002 11:02:11 AM #
....and the discounts/free gifts begin to make way for new products.


sandbuck @ 9/18/2002 11:04:51 AM #
The choices are actually brown and blue.

RE: SonyStyle
Ed @ 9/18/2002 11:06:33 AM #
You are quite correct. Thanks.

News Editor

T665C discontinued?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2002 11:51:01 AM #
Yes, I think so.
RE: T665C discontinued?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2002 3:51:03 PM #
It is still for sale at SonyStyle:

What makes you say it is discontinued?


PIC mobile user @ 9/18/2002 12:34:12 PM #
When is PalmSource going to become a separate company from Palm?
RE: PalmSource
PDA Master @ 9/18/2002 3:33:30 PM #
It is a seperate company.


PDA Master

RE: PalmSource
Ed @ 9/18/2002 3:52:50 PM #
PalmSource is not actually a separate company yet; The spin off is expected to happen within the next six months. Currently is still a subsidiary of Palm, though it has its own board of directors and in separate offices.

Palm still hasn't announced details of how PalmSource will be split off. I expect these will be revealed at the company's October 1 shareholders' meeting.

News Editor

That cool refreshing drink

quacksalve @ 9/18/2002 2:06:09 PM #
Has anyone played the Lemonade game (on the Pocket PC)? Looks sort of clever.

RE: That cool refreshing drink
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/18/2002 2:46:09 PM #
It's a port from the computer so you can try it!


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