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Welcome to the new version of Today we’ve released a long overdue site remodeling. It incorporates a fresh new design and many new features designed to make the leading Palm OS news site even better. We've listened to your suggestions and have made changes to site we hope you’ll enjoy. Please read on for the full update.
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sandbuck @ 10/1/2002 2:56:01 PM #
I like it!! You still have the signature, clean PIC look and feel!

LanMan @ 10/1/2002 2:58:38 PM #
Looks great, Ed!

Full-time computer network engineer
Part-time computer science teacher
Christian till the end-of-time <><
jjsoh @ 10/1/2002 2:59:29 PM #
I agree. The site looks much better.

Great job guys, and farewell Ed.


Massman82 @ 10/1/2002 3:01:46 PM #
Excellent job. It's a little slow on my broadband connection right now. Did you change ISP's or is it just high traffic?

Roman Pedan
Palm V/Vx
Will get a Palm OS 5 handheld
Beavis @ 10/1/2002 3:02:03 PM #
No more Anonymous postings! It's about time.

Beavis @ 10/1/2002 3:07:00 PM #
The font on the main menu on the homepage has to go. It is barely legible on my PC.

Altema @ 10/1/2002 3:14:03 PM #
Good job on the new site, looks kind of WinXP flavor, but XP is the first Windows release that I actually like!

Ed, thanks for all the work you put into PIC on a daily basis to keep it THE prime Palm OS site.

Ryan, loking forward to hearing more from you, and seeing where we go from here. You know that the speed issue is partly due to everyone hitting the site now because they could not get their "PIC fix" this morning!

bcombee @ 10/1/2002 3:15:46 PM #
Very nice layout, and I definitely approve of removing anonymous posters. You can still be pseudoanonymous, as no one but the moderators will be able to see your info, but it may cut down on the flaming.

I'd sad to see Ed go, but I'm glad to see that Ryan will be continuning his major role as site editor. Good luck in your future ventures, Ed the former ed.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
Programming help at

rsig @ 10/1/2002 3:54:24 PM #
>I shot on over to Brighthand to see if Ed's name >happened to show up as the mysterious new E-i-C. Lo >and behold, there he is!

Yeah, well I'm a littled dismayed that they "can't pry his hands off" of the a Toshiba PPC, but all in all, I'll miss Ed.

palmmongrel @ 10/1/2002 3:56:41 PM #
Just one suggestion from a picky graphic desgner guy - the "i" and surrounding circle in the logo looks kinda fuzzy and out of place next top the crisp scheme of everything else. In fact, the optical illusion of the shadow and shape of the "i" makes it seem off-center... anyone else think so?

I say get rid of the "i" shadow and the circle gradation, and give the circle a black line, with the same point size used on the outline of the words. It'd be nice and bold. My opinion only, don't boot me :)

Otherwise, great!

Foo Fighter @ 10/1/2002 4:02:32 PM #
No more anonymous posts!!! THANK YOU JESUS!

Liam @ 10/1/2002 4:19:26 PM #
What's up with Ed's departure? Does not sound good. What is the real story there? I'd like to hear what Ed has to say on leaving...


jjsoh @ 10/1/2002 4:42:28 PM #
: No more "Anon's" I really think this will improve the
: contenet and reduce the Trolls.

Unfortunately, it won't improve the spelling and grammar of posts. ;)

All kidding aside, this is what I hope for, too. Now we can reply to (or flame) others by their registered names instead of referring to "I. M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 2:59:29 PM." Long threads were pretty hard to follow when they were all anonymous. @X(


a @ 10/1/2002 5:10:50 PM #
love the format! good job!

I love my Treo 90
whiterabbit @ 10/1/2002 5:55:01 PM #
No Anon Posts! Yay! The site also looks great, but what happened to being able to select themes? I liked the nice blue theme you used to be able to pick. :(

cbusch @ 10/1/2002 6:54:31 PM #
Awesome new design! Almost fell off my chair when I saw that PIC had changed designs. Looks great!

We'll miss you, Ed. Thanks for all your work over the past years.

Altema @ 10/1/2002 9:06:22 PM #
"the "i" and surrounding circle in the logo looks kinda fuzzy and out of place next top the crisp scheme of everything else."

They were just trying to get more color combinations of grey by dithering... :)

Thanx for all the great articles Ed.
pdangel @ 10/2/2002 3:34:12 AM #
....and good luck to Ryan.

"There are 2 kind of people my friend....those with wires and those without"

Sparkman @ 10/2/2002 4:26:06 PM #

I want Wes back! I'm curse the name of all PIC workers and won't rest until I have justice and the return of Wes...

What's that?

Oh, sorry. Flashback time. :-)

Seriously, new design looks great. Any way to contact Ed now and send best wishes?

krtty @ 10/2/2002 10:59:19 PM #
Thank Ed for all your works and good luck

Welcome Ryan, I like the new look too and even like it with no anon....good job

PDA Guy @ 10/1/2002 3:01:13 PM #
Excellent! Good luck to the new site, I especially look forward to seeing how the no more anon posting thing works out!
LanMan @ 10/1/2002 3:05:25 PM #
Oops, I posted too soon. I see that Ed is no longer w/PIC. :-( We'll miss ya, Ed.

Looks great, Ryan!

Full-time computer network engineer
Part-time computer science teacher
Christian till the end-of-time <><

I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...

Isaiahp @ 10/1/2002 2:58:19 PM #
I like it. Thanks to Ed for all of his hard work, and thank you to you, Ryan, for yours.

Keep up the great work.

RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
Fzara2000 @ 10/1/2002 5:13:21 PM #
I really dont like the new look. it feels like we're in the 1950's with the grayish look.
Also, the new buttons arent what I would have expected.
Now on to Ed Hardy's position with PIC. Maybe Ed left to write for the pocketpc site. I think the PocketPC has gained another win, which proves that the PalmOS is dying again.
Need it be, I have friends who are trolls to this site, including my favorite friends from Need it be, they will continue to flood the site with postings from fake and newly created usernames from every single IP address of each of our campuses and home computers.
Dont worry, you cant evade the power of the annonymous postings forever!!!!

Also: I feel this will decrease the traffic to PIC because of Ed's extensive reviews. It really is a shame Ryan couldnt have Ed stay a while longer.

"Now thats just PRIME!"

RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
Fzara2000 @ 10/1/2002 7:57:27 PM #
Ok, I would like to aplogize for the last post.
Im obviously mad PIC lost ED, but im also mad that the site will go down in 6 months in flames.
Sorry to bother anyone.
and refute any and all information about the trolling. Those days were fun, but we now have anonymoue posting disabled.

"Now thats just PRIME!"
RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
Admin @ 10/1/2002 8:28:32 PM #
Fzara, PIC is not going down. We are picking up where Ed left off and building on our leadership position. I think the quote: "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger" is appropriate here. The site will only get better, I have many exciting things in the pipeline for PIC.
RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
Fzara2000 @ 10/2/2002 3:38:01 AM #
Ryan, I dont understand, how in the world are you going to be able to manage PIC, and the news stories that are coming out every other day, along with reviews and whatnot?
btw, you can call me 'Fzara' for short. ;)

"Now thats just PRIME!"
RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
alexp @ 10/2/2002 11:06:25 AM #
I'd just like to thank Ed and wish him well. I also wish Ryan the best of luck.

Lastly, to those other PIC readers who simply want solid information and informed, rational discussion, please do yourselves a favor and ignore postings from admitted trolls like Fzara2000. They're only here to try to push people's buttons, and when the buttons don't work, they move on.

PDABuzz managed to get Fzara2000 to give up, so perhaps PIC can, too.

RE: I was when PIC didn't come up for my morning Coffee...
omu @ 10/3/2002 8:27:19 AM #
I think it's totally allright for competent and ambitious people (like ed) to move on after some years.

If the well established people would stay on and on,
no "freshman" would have a chance to build up some reputation.

It's sad, though, but i can't imagine that this site's success is only based on one singel guy!

Looks Good

mrfrodo1 @ 10/1/2002 3:01:07 PM #
I like the new look. Very nice job.

RE: Looks Good
I.M Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 9:25:20 PM #
Ehh, it looks too Macintosh for my tastes.

First typo?

Fammy @ 10/1/2002 3:01:09 PM #
The sentence that reads:

"If you have not done so already, please take a moment to create a"

Should probably have account appended to the end. Although I am interested in making websites, I don't feel I can make a anytime soon. =)


No more anonymous posts

robrecht @ 10/1/2002 3:02:44 PM #
Congratulations. I hope this will help to raise the level of discourse.

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: No more anonymous posts
CKMOOSE @ 10/1/2002 3:20:09 PM #
No more "Anon's" I really think this will improve the contenet and reduce the Trolls.

Love the new look.

Ed will be missed :(

Long live Ryan!!

RE: No more anonymous posts
Cheap Guy @ 10/1/2002 8:40:37 PM #
While I agree that registration will lessen some of the less intelligent comments, i.e., "Palm Sux, Sony Rulz!" or vice versa, I hope it won't lessen the amount of humor on this site. Some of the funniest post were from I.M. Anons. The recent "stupid" post by I.M. Anon on 9/25/02 at 6:08:44 had me rollin'.

RE: No more anonymous posts
I.M Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 11:57:40 PM #
Goodbye and good riddance!

Palm Sux, Sony Rulz!

Love the new changes

rldunn @ 10/1/2002 3:01:16 PM #
Ryan, I like the new look and love the fact that you disabled anonymous posting. Hopefully much of the attacks and immature posts that unfortunately PIC became known for will be a thing of the past. Good luck with the site. I hope it will continue to grow and stay the best Palm OS news site out there.

RE: Looks good
Cheetah @ 10/2/2002 12:41:45 AM #
Ryan, thanks for all your hardwork...this site is my home page.

Ed thanks for all your contribution over the years.

New Look

jrkclie @ 10/1/2002 3:04:14 PM #
Looks fantastic!! Keep up the good work.

Let Users Control Font Size
n0where @ 10/3/2002 2:48:10 PM #
>> The font on the main menu on the homepage
>> has to go. It is barely legible on my PC.

> I thought I was the only one with that problem.

Same here. It wouldn't be so bad if you could resize the font (in IE, etc.), but they are locked.

I recommend that the webmaster/editor check out this article by the 'father of usability', Jacob Nielsen. It is very timely.
Let Users Control Font Size

It may not be much of an issue on CRTs depending on the resolution you run it at, but for LCDs it can get pretty bad as you almost never use a resolution lower than the max.

I recently went from a 15" XGA (1,024 x 768) LCD to a 17" SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) and the dot pitch went from 0.297mm to 0.264mm.

I just don't get it...

macfixer @ 10/1/2002 4:18:51 PM #
This rocks the house...loads faster, too!


Zippy @ 10/1/2002 4:44:22 PM #
Nice job, much needed improvement. The site was looking dated.

And thanks for requiring user names and accounts, now we will get a little less crap posted here.

BTW, why is the site so slooooow to load? Am I just having a bad internet day?

I see change at Brighthand
Moosecat @ 10/1/2002 3:12:38 PM #
Acting on suspicion (given the recent article about forthcoming changes in its editorship), I shot on over to Brighthand to see if Ed's name happened to show up as the mysterious new E-i-C. Lo and behold, there he is!

Congratulations to Ryan on the beautiful new site, and to Ed on the new gig.

Matthew @ 10/1/2002 3:14:33 PM #
Font on the main menu looks fine to me, though from a distance of more than about 12 inches from my monitor the shadow effect makes it looks slightly blurry.

Nice job on the redesign. Sorry to see Ed go. Keep up the good work.

rldunn @ 10/1/2002 3:33:10 PM #
It looks fine on mine. Are you using a low-res monitor?

somas1 @ 10/1/2002 3:53:16 PM #
" The font on the main menu on the homepage has to go. It is barely legible on my PC."

I thought I was the only one with that problem. I use Mozilla and the font displays as if it were 2 pt.

Sorry to see you go Ed. Nice to meet you Ryan. I had no idea this was your site.

PS Can we have the option of quoting someone's post?

Great work....

northstar31 @ 10/1/2002 3:09:20 PM #
This is a great site and and thanks for Ed for all hard work, i really like site and i check it every day before any other news site.

RE: Great work....
zigzago @ 10/1/2002 3:24:38 PM #
Thanks, Ed, for a job well done. The new design looks good.


Admin @ 10/1/2002 3:14:31 PM #
Found a bug :)
RE: test
Altema @ 10/1/2002 4:10:14 PM #
Ryan, the replies to post are not attaching to the correct comments. You have probably noticed it already.

RE: test
Admin @ 10/1/2002 6:31:44 PM #
Fixed the thread problems, I just noticed I forgot to code the thread review when you're posting a comment. I've just about got the slowness problem under controll.
RE: test
Altema @ 10/1/2002 9:11:03 PM #
Speed is fine now, the site is faster now using dialup than it was earlier when I was on a T1. Good work!

New registration

HandyMan @ 10/1/2002 3:09:29 PM #
The new look is still nice and clean, but it's a little slow right now -- probably due ot people like me hitting the refresh for our daily dose of PIC.

I finally registered because I had to. Well, I hope I don't lose my password and have to create a new one. I'm extremely paranoid and have a different password for every single site I need to logon to. It doesn't help that I have really bad memory but too paranoid to write it down. This is the reason why I never bothered to register before.

RE: New registration
Palm_Otaku @ 10/1/2002 3:19:18 PM #
I use my "pilot" for tracking password I'm a former big fan of Secret! and am currently evaluating SplashID.

RE: New registration
Beavis @ 10/1/2002 3:19:58 PM #
Remember..Just because you are Paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you.

RE: New registration
abluemer @ 10/1/2002 3:24:38 PM #
Try putting it into your Palm. The Cloak program works great for this if you are a little paranoid about leaving the data there.

RE: New registration
mikeliu @ 10/1/2002 4:05:46 PM #
I second the notion of trying a Palm program for your password storage. I use eWallet, which runs on both your PC and your Palm for optimal ease of access, and it does everything that a password storage program would ever need to in my opinion.

Also, for a non-hi-tech solution, you could give all the random accounts you don't care about the same password. Even if the password gets compromised it doesn't really matter...

RE: New registration
Wollombi @ 10/2/2002 8:57:52 PM #
>"I use my "pilot" for tracking password I'm a former big fan of Secret! and am currently evaluating SplashID."<

I used to be a big fan of Secret, but now I use SecureIT. It's free, and has a bit better encryption.


It is not very comfortable to have the gift of being amused at one's own absurdity.
-Somerset Maugham-

So long "I.M. Anonymous"...

Palm_Otaku @ 10/1/2002 3:11:38 PM #
...we ain't gonna miss you!

Ryan, thank you *SO* much for implementing this - PIC is without a doubt the highest profile Palm OS News resource available on the Internet, and I'm certain that this change will result in a much more civil and informative dialog among the members of the Palm OS Community!

Congratulations! We're looking forward to enjoying the results of this long-overdue change :)



RE: So long
Fammy @ 10/1/2002 3:23:51 PM #
I wonder if that user ever got registered. It'd be a great name to get if it's not.

RE: So long
zigzago @ 10/1/2002 4:04:35 PM #
When I think of all the homeless trolls, out in the cold, their sad, hairy faces pressed against the window, it makes me... laugh.

RE: So long
markgm @ 10/1/2002 4:23:02 PM #
I think someone already took the name!

RE: So long
I_M_Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 6:40:34 PM #
I am back :)

RE: So long
Altema @ 10/1/2002 8:57:23 PM #
You scoundrel! How could you possibly sink so low as to register that name...

*I* was going to do that!

RE: So long
msmasitti @ 10/1/2002 9:07:50 PM #
It was probably already registered. ;)

Anywho, this was a *much* needed feature, which I think we can agree on. Bye bye trolls. :)

O/T Mod

RE: So long
I.M Anonymous @ 10/2/2002 5:42:46 PM #
I thought I was being so original too!


rueyeet @ 10/1/2002 3:17:01 PM #
I'll kinda miss Ed; but I won't miss I.M. Anonymous. The new design looks great!


Boomer @ 10/1/2002 3:18:56 PM #
... and the best keep getting better!

Congratulations and nice work!

It's great to see I.M. Anonymous leave after all these years.

Sweet site

serpico @ 10/1/2002 3:23:31 PM #
I've been coming here since the beginning and like the look of Palminfocenter. Now it is great! Best wishes to Ed and good luck Ryan. I look forward coming here for years to come.

Ed's sources

sandbuck @ 10/1/2002 3:23:08 PM #
Do we still have the benefit of Ed's anonymous sources?

RE: Ed's sources
UZI4U182 @ 10/1/2002 4:13:33 PM #
I sure hope so, but if not, i think PIC would rely on all of the readers out there.

--Devan-- | Email me:

Webmaster of
Palm OS apps, news, reviews and such
Check out the brand new forum!
Proud owner of a Palm m100, Sony CLIÉ PEG-S320, and Sony CLIÉ PEG-SJ30!

RE: Ed's sources
Moosecat @ 10/1/2002 4:29:55 PM #
Unlikely. It seems to me that Ed is now in competition with PIC (since he is at Brighthand), and will publish his exclusives there.

That's not to say that Ryan and others do not also have their own anonymous sources -- I'm sure PIC will still break stories. But if they were Ed's sources, they are probably still Ed's sources, not PIC's.

It seems to be unanimous: it is great

a3 @ 10/1/2002 3:25:23 PM #
What else can I say? everybody has already said it... It just looks great.

I.M. Anonymous must be very disapointed though... but who cares?

Nothing: the worst you can do.

PIC Always getting better

Guinfs @ 10/1/2002 3:26:25 PM #
Well done, looks and usability now match the quality of content. Congratulations.


No more colors!

terrysalmi @ 10/1/2002 3:30:46 PM #
Ryan: I love the new site design! However, you seem to have taken away the ability to change the main forum color - for example, I had it set to blue before, and loved it that way.

Any chance of this returning?

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
-Hubert Humphrey

RE: No more colors!
Fammy @ 10/1/2002 3:51:16 PM #
I want my blue back! That's my biggest complaint. Not too bad. I always hate change on my favorite websites.

RE: No more colors!
c_blue @ 10/1/2002 4:37:32 PM #
I also need myy blue back... not really =)
I was using the blue to verify I was logged in...


RE: No more colors!
pepitoe @ 10/1/2002 4:45:30 PM #
I always used blue as well. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to bring colours back, but making sure the new site works properly was probably a priority.
RE: No more colors!
Admin @ 10/1/2002 6:26:40 PM #
Themes will be back! I always used blue too :) In order to get this out faster I had to forgo themes until phase II.
RE: No more colors!
Token User @ 10/1/2002 6:32:19 PM #
Themes will be back! I always used blue too :) In order to get this out faster I had to forgo themes until phase II.

Hey Ryan, if you like blue, and we like blue, why not default to blue? (It's your website ... you can make the default any colour you want 8^)

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

Doesn't feel right registering

Zuber @ 10/1/2002 3:27:54 PM #
I don't actually own a Palm OS device, so it doen't feel right registering. Still, must have done a fair number of posts complaining about how the new OS 5 devices all seam to have one thing wrong with them to put you off.

Just to warn you all, I intend to continue moaning (in a constructive manner) until I actually get a Palm (then I'll moan about something else) or I buy another PDA (then I'll moan somewhere else) :)


RE: Doesn't feel right registering
alexp @ 10/2/2002 11:33:04 AM #

Moaning is OK, as long as it's constructive. What annoys us all about anonymous postings is that they're unspecific, often unfounded, blanket statements that are based on no logic whatsoever.

You want to moan? Feel free. As long as it's specific and rational and you're willing to accept different opinions on it, I doubt anyone will mind.

Congratulations on a job well done!

jgb9348 @ 10/1/2002 3:33:46 PM #

Thanks for all of your hard work putting in news stories into PIC....everyone was grateful for your time, and enjoyed each and every story! Welcome back to the public eye Ryan, congratulations on the new site-look, it's great and simple!



helf @ 10/1/2002 3:48:45 PM #
The new look is great :D And no more anonymous posting will hopefulyl cut back the on amount of flames.

Ed will be sorely missed tho :(

Ryan. Make Ed come back :)

RE: Awesome!
PenreeSoft @ 10/1/2002 6:52:25 PM #
helf!!! Whats up man!!! You prolly don't even know/remember me!

Sorry to hear Ed go, maybe this opens up room for me :)

Nice update Ryan, contact me @ and I'd be glad to help out.

Nicholas J. Penree

RE: Awesome!
helf @ 10/1/2002 9:55:35 PM # your real name is nick huh ? lol...

Have to add to the deafening roar of approval and thanks...

PalmAddict @ 10/1/2002 3:46:26 PM #
Ed, Thank you for all you have done to keep us informed through this site on our addicition. I wish you the best of luck and success with Brighthand. It is a comfort to know that you will still be contributing to getting the word out and still making a difference about our toys.

Ryan, Thank you for all you have done with the site over the years and what it will become now with the reins fully and completely in your capable hands.


"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight." - George Gobol.

Site Slowness

Admin @ 10/1/2002 2:58:54 PM #
Please bear with us while I investigate the site slowdown. We are getting hit hard with allot of traffic right now and I'm working to get things back up to proper speed!

RE: Site Slowness
MaryJoS @ 10/1/2002 4:09:07 PM #
Glad to hear you are looking for the speed problem, it's very noticeable over my broadband connection. Otherwise, the site does look great. I do also appreciate not having to go through an extra click to read the article comments. That always seemed unnecessary to me. I will miss I.M.Anonymous though. It was nice to be able to just read and comment from anywhere, without having to remember (or look up) a login password. But I understand the decision.

RE: Site Slowness
ardee @ 10/2/2002 2:03:23 PM #
New look is fine. Still a bit slow.

BTW, where you said "allot" you mean "a lot" -- two separate words (and not "alot" which isn't even a word, nor "allot" which has an unrelated meaning).

Slow to innovate

Bakedon21 @ 10/1/2002 4:01:15 PM #
The Sony palm site has been hi-res for over a year and it has virtual input.

The PPC sites can stream MP3s and have a voice recorder.

At this rate PIC will be dead in 6 months.


Had to get the troll stuff in. Great new site and I love the new fonts. So much more efficient!

RE: Slow to innovate
Fzara2000 @ 10/1/2002 5:28:53 PM #
Im actually glad that there is a website that is devoted to Palm OS articles, and PPC articles!
Its good Ed moved away from PIC, as this website is almost like a website for democrats or republics, trying to make their side sweeter and the other bitter.
Ed, I am glad you have moved to a better, and yet more wide website.

"Now thats just PRIME!"

RE: Slow to innovate
M3wThr33 @ 10/1/2002 8:30:23 PM #
S0ny suX0rZ mY nU70r2!
Well, at least we can pin down trolls and informed lunatics.

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

News Center

kevdo @ 10/1/2002 4:12:49 PM #
The News Center is a cool feature. Definitely could be a home page for some, though I like the layout of the home page with some of the story text, images, etc.

Performance today seems pretty slow, hopefully that'll improve. I like the new look but I too would like to see some different color "skins" available as well.

I will remain loyal to PalmInfoCenter as long as the content is here. Ed did a great job but we must give props to PIC for remaining a **Palm** news site!

-Kevin Crossman


amflores @ 10/1/2002 4:12:36 PM #
Now that the forums will appear in flat mode, what about Avantgo? Will it include the comments or will keep just showing the main article?

By the way, bye Ed, good luck... welcome Ryan, good luck too

RE: Avango?
twizza @ 10/1/2002 6:30:24 PM #
I too would like the comments to return to the mobile version [i use Plucker not Avantgo]. And will the mobile version reflect some of the design elments from this fresher version of PIC. I would hope so because I am really liking this change. Its great.

PS> Ed...thanks for a great job over here. I will be visiting you over at BH soon enough.

Peace and blessings to all.

RE: Avantgo?
Admin @ 10/1/2002 6:58:38 PM #
We may bring the comments back to avantgo in some form. If I do it will probably involve listing the top 10 (rated) comments into the palm edition.
RE: Avango?
drw @ 10/1/2002 7:51:09 PM #
I agree. Comments are a usefull addition to the articles. They used to be in the avantgo channel, but were removed, probably so the haters could be filtered out. Now that the anons are gone, would be nice to see the comments back in my avantgo reading.

RE: Avango?
PalmAddict @ 10/1/2002 9:16:14 PM #
I think everyone has missed the key word so far in your comment, Ryan. "RATED"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were getting ratings!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for Phase II, I need my karma!!!!!!!!

Awesome work Ryan! Can't wait!


"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight." - George Gobol.

Miss you Ed

markgm @ 10/1/2002 4:19:46 PM #
I like the new layout, seems more modern, but I liked the old layout too! Good luck Ed on your 'real life' now that you won't have to devote so much time to PIC! Everyone feels like family :-).


wwiiolds @ 10/1/2002 4:21:41 PM #
I like it, evolutionary is far better then revolutionary in this case.

No more flames... I got so tired of reading them it drove me nuts, thank goodness for user names... Only question I have is why is there a delay when you drag the mouse over the links under the Main Menu tab? Other then my nitpicking, great work!

Thanks, Ed

scouter075 @ 10/1/2002 4:33:24 PM #
Thanks to Ed Hardy and all he's done for the Palm community. He will be missed greatly.

Dennis G. Esler
RE: Thanks, Ed
Token User @ 10/1/2002 5:33:44 PM #
If you miss Ed, you might want to check out his change of address. Take a look at, and their announcement about a new Editor in Chief 8^).

Will this mean that Brighthand and PIC start crossposting in much the same way as PIC and Geek?

The community isn't that big ... is there enough content to go around? Or will it become a battle of the "insider information"? Whatever the case, as a consumer, the competition can only be good.

Best of luck to Ed ... and welcome back to non-Anonymous content from Ryan.

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

RE: Thanks, Ed
Fzara2000 @ 10/2/2002 3:40:18 AM #
I think the new PIC layout was made to help attract people to PIC when Ed left.
Think about it: SO many improvements, the day Ed leaves? its kind of trying to mantain the numbers of users on PIC, from going to brighthand.
Honestly, Ive never even heard of brighthand before ;)

"Now thats just PRIME!"
RE: Thanks, Ed
godschoice @ 10/4/2002 2:47:26 AM #
I personally have recently hear of Brighthand myself. I wish Ed the best of luck and Ryan with handling it all here. I personally know how that is.

I did talk with Steve and Ed about the change. Here's what they had to say:

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,


I.M. No More

HandAble @ 10/1/2002 4:36:47 PM #
I'd like to add my voice to the "thank yous" for doing away with Mr. I.M. Anonymous. It had gotten to the point where I hardly wanted to read the articles anymore because of all the negativity that followed... made you wonder why some of those people were there if they hated Palm that much and thought they couldn't do anything right...

Wonderful Change

kevinbgood @ 10/1/2002 4:37:11 PM #
I too woke up this morning, started my computer and found that my daily dose of PIC was missing from my cup of coffee. The best part of the day was to find that NOW you are back up and looking wonderful. Thanks for the changes and keep up the good work.

I appreciate the information I find here each day. It keeps me on the front edge of info with my perspective clients and fellow Palm users. Most interesting thing is, I am not in the business of selling Palms. My field is completely unrelated, however it is being customized to fit the PDA realm. In turn, I find myself spending a great deal of time helping people understand the potential of our devices and helping them with the purchase of the right PDA.

Ryan, my hats off to you. We will miss Ed, but have no doubt you will find the right people to assist in keeping things going.


Kevin Bingham

Addicted to Palm

Nice Redesign!

cypher76 @ 10/1/2002 4:50:21 PM #
I've been a long-time reader of PIC, but never bothered getting involved in article discussions because of the immaturity of the anonymous posters. This is a major change for the better, and I look forward to contributing to the new PIC! Also, I'll second (or third or fourth) the comments on lack of color, the site doesnt feel the same without blue!

Ed, you forgot something!

QDeath @ 10/1/2002 5:08:47 PM #
In the last version of the webpage, your main page had the ability to view all the comments on the page and post comments from the MAIN page. You don't have the three little icons to the right of the read button. Can you please bring these back.

I like the new look, subtle yet powerful!

RE: RYAN!!!, you forgot something!
QDeath @ 10/2/2002 5:36:05 PM #
Oops, Ryan can you please make this addition??

RE: Ed, you forgot something!
Admin @ 10/2/2002 5:40:59 PM #
Yes, I will shortly!

Ahh.. it's good to be back

I.M. Anonymous. @ 10/1/2002 5:22:51 PM #
Thought you could stop me, ehh? ;)

Good luck on with the site Ryan, and keep up the good work!

RE: Ahh.. it's good to be back
I.M Anonymous @ 10/2/2002 5:43:42 PM #
Yes, anonymous posters are alive and well!


jcmorganstein @ 10/1/2002 5:25:22 PM #
I like it... a lot! Thanks, Ryan! Thanks, Ed... sorry to see you go and best of luck!

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten.

Great Job!

RSC @ 10/1/2002 5:26:50 PM #
Great Job on the new look and especially on the new no anon posts policy!

Ed, thanks for all your hard work and we'll miss you! (actually, Ed's hiring might even make me dig up my old Brighthand bookmark, which I discarded after the ugliness on the forums with Steve Bush)

Ryan, keep up the good work!

Good luck!

Scott R @ 10/1/2002 5:27:10 PM #
Good job, Ryan. The site looks like a 3D-version of the old site.

Glad to see that anonymous posters will be gone.

My only other suggestion (which I've made a few times in the past) is that I don't like the "branching"-style commenting on news posts. I'd much prefer it if the news stories linked to the standard forums. Part of this is so that I can be updated via email of any responses to stories that I've commented on. Of course, I think you had trouble supporting that in your forums anyway (must be an ASP vs PHP thing).

As the title of my post says, good luck. With Ed at Brighthand now it will be interesting to see if the community can support a fair number of Palm-related web sites.


RE: Good luck!
cp31 @ 10/1/2002 6:37:50 PM #
yeah. i hate it that u can never find a enw post in news stories. in forums, u can tell, because it shows it

Mozilla Issues

EdwardGreen @ 10/1/2002 5:31:58 PM #
Using Mozilla 1.1 (I assume NS 7 and other Mozilla 1 based browsers would have the same issue) I need approx 25% more window width to view a thread without horizontal scrolls, than in IE 6. If I ran below 1280 my screen would not be wide enough!

Apart from that really nice makeover.

Kudos due.


Font, bandwidth

hydrogen @ 10/1/2002 5:43:09 PM #
Like the new format but I preferred the old font.
I'm getting much reduced bandwidth on the site also

RE: Font, bandwidth
Hotoru @ 10/1/2002 8:25:59 PM #
Hmm... maybe I am just getting old.. but the font size is pretty tiny. I tried to resize in IE6 but only slightly changes size of fonts on side bars.

I. M. Anonymous & Anoraks

Taqi @ 10/1/2002 5:59:44 PM #
Most Geeks in the Uk are meant to wear raincoats, the old design had the dull blue look which mathced the traditional Geek stereotype, I much missed thing!

I. M. Anonymous has not gone, s/he simply registers as I M Anonymous or other variations Sam, Lawrence, Guess Whom I Am, Tree......

RE: I. M. Anonymous & Anoraks
djpedro @ 10/1/2002 6:53:51 PM #
Yes, but now they can be blocked by various means, making quick and easy posting of junk much harder to do. Every step that it is made harder is a massive decrease in the noise.
I applaud this move :-)
Best of luck PIC.

miss u ed

cp31 @ 10/1/2002 6:02:03 PM #
thanks ed. hope u have fun at brighthand. i hope this site remians strong, and we still get all the juicy rumors, and reviews, and news. i hope thiis isnt the start to the end of palminfocenter

cchan @ 10/1/2002 7:05:29 PM #
First off, I want to congratulate all the staff at PIC for a job well done. Also, I hope Ed does well at his new position with Brighthand.

PIC's new design is really clean, so clean in fact that one might conceivably claim to be doing "research" while surfing the forums at work! Fun, clean, and informative!

Great job, Ryan!

-- True Believer = 1/4 Research, 1/2 needs assessment + 1/4 Informed decision.

Ed's the man!

mdquerng @ 10/1/2002 7:46:50 PM #
Sorry to hear you will be leaving PIC. Your great inside sources and articles made this site my main Palm site for many years. Sad to see you go. Drop by sometime and say hello.


New site

pocketscience @ 10/1/2002 7:51:59 PM #
FWIW, I preferred the old site design. The new design looks dated already and the fonts are awful.


RE: New site
Liam @ 10/4/2002 1:48:34 PM #
Most people seem to rave about this all being "new." Where is the new content? Where is the news? And what is the difference between making up a silly user name and posting anonymously? I could use five different names...

Fonts and Browser Rendering ...

Token User @ 10/1/2002 7:54:57 PM #
FWIW - The site looks great in IE6, but the fonts within comments are all over the place in terms of size if you use Opera (6.05).

More accurate description. Within a reply, the opening paragraph is fine, but subsequent paragraphs appear at type proportions (hmm, will that appear rendered as HTML or not ... "font size=+1")

Just thought Ryan might like to know.

BTW - Opera is the most standards compliant browser on the net. If your page renders well in it, it will look good on everything else.

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

RE: Fonts and Browser Rendering ...
babynino @ 10/1/2002 9:48:49 PM #
Yeah I thought for a moment there that i am the only one that has the same problem. Ryan can you check it out. I believe that only Opera users has this font issue now.
RE: Fonts and Browser Rendering ...
Admin @ 10/1/2002 10:21:03 PM #
I did use Opera to test & develop the site, must have missed something. There is also a font bug with NS 4.7 (of course) amd Mozilla on linux, I am looking into it and should have fixes soon.
RE: Fonts and Browser Rendering ...
Token User @ 10/1/2002 10:53:41 PM #
To quote AOL - "You've Got Mail". Screen shot and ini file sent to the webmaster account. Hope it helps.


RE: Fonts and Browser Rendering ...
Admin @ 10/4/2002 11:20:33 AM #
I think I straitened the Opera issue out, let me know if it's still a prob.
RE: Fonts and Browser Rendering ...
Token User @ 10/4/2002 12:20:13 PM #
Looks good on both machines I run Opera on.


~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

are these editors paid pro's or unpaid hobbyists?

drw @ 10/1/2002 8:13:05 PM #
Please forgive my ignorance, but I was wondering if the editors on sites such as this get paid or do they do it for free in their spare time. I'm not interested in being an editor, just curious as the advertising revenue can't be very much given the state of the industry.

RE: are these editors paid pro's or unpaid hobbyists?
godschoice @ 10/1/2002 8:23:16 PM #
It all depends. Wes was paid. I believe Ed is being paid at Brighthand. I don't think he was paid here (I could be wrong). Most of us don't get salaries, only the joy of starting something and growing it.

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,


First was Wes and now is Ed

I. M. Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 8:16:42 PM #
What's going on with the PDA community? Editors are leaving...

RE: First was Wes and now is Ed
Roberto_tores @ 10/1/2002 8:20:29 PM #
Also Brighthand editor.

Thanks for all those news and articles Ed.

Roberto_tores @ 10/1/2002 8:17:36 PM #
Thanks Ed we are going to miss you a lot.
Congratulations for all that great work.

Remember Way Back When...

godschoice @ 10/1/2002 8:06:33 PM #
Many people are talking about the good old day of PIC. About how things were. Some of the newbie don't know about the good old days.

I stumbled arcoss this site called the Interactive Archive - Way back Machine

"The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public "

You look at how the site looked Nearly each month from Aug 15, 2000 - Jan 25, 2002*/

This site is pretty cool. Take a look how looked like back in 1997" rel=nofollow target="_new">

Try your favorite site
It does work for every site; even though they attempted to archive them all.

Have fun. PIC live on! Thank Ed for the Ride.
Without you, I would have never been inspired to start

Carl Brooks

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,


RE: Remember Way Back When...
Admin @ 10/1/2002 8:38:37 PM #
Wow, great find Carl. Thanks for sharing. Sorry the auto-linker doesn't like stars and commas in URLs. You'll have to copy and paste thoose links. Another bug I'll have to get.
RE: Remember Way Back When...
chrisdavies @ 10/1/2002 11:58:58 PM #
This site is just WAY too good. I could spend hours looking at the way things were.

Some Things Never Change
godschoice @ 10/3/2002 7:02:15 AM #

When are you going to expand your Links section? You've had basically the same handful of site listed since you started this site. Any plans to have a links page? Your top links on the front page the rest of us on the links page? Just curious.

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,


RE: Remember Way Back When...
godschoice @ 10/3/2002 7:45:25 AM #
While looking through the way back archives, I came across this old (1996) interview with Jeff Hanwkins

Back to the Future - Hawkins Interview

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got!

Type to you later,



jho4thclie @ 10/1/2002 8:41:30 PM #
Hooray no anonymous posting, hooray new site design, and most of all... Hooray Ryan!

Way to go claiming your much deserved credit!

** I Love Clie!!!!! **

Design of Discussion Forums

clieuser @ 10/1/2002 8:45:09 PM #
It would be great if the desing of the forums could be updated too .... towards a more professional looking place. Perhaps same colors and fonts as the new PIC design... btw, the new desing is great!!! Congratulations!!

RE: Design of Discussion Forums
Admin @ 10/1/2002 9:03:09 PM #
It's on my to-do list!


I.M Anonymous @ 10/1/2002 9:22:39 PM #
Hopfully, banning anonymous posting will but down on the level of trolling here. Still, just for the record:

Sony releases too many products -- they suck!
Palm never innovates -- they suck!
Handspring sucks -- they suck!
All the other licencees -- they suck too!

A Suggestion for the Main Page

mikemusick @ 10/1/2002 10:13:04 PM #
Article headlines need to at least be in bold, if not slightly larger and/or in a highlight color.


RE: A Suggestion for the Main Page
Admin @ 10/2/2002 5:51:42 PM #
They are Bold & Larger. Netscape 4.x has problems with that right now, is that what you're using? I'm looking into it.

Separation of news articles....

speed-angel @ 10/1/2002 10:19:22 PM #
One thing I like about the old palminfocenter is that the article are separated nicely....right now it looks more like a long long paragraph.

Hope you can separate the articles again since most magazines do. Thanks

Thumbs up!

Hed @ 10/1/2002 11:23:35 PM #
Awesome job Ryan, I really like the clean new look.

iSilo Downloads

chrisdavies @ 10/2/2002 12:00:16 AM #
I love the new deisgn, nice and clean.

One small observation - I use iSilo to download the site for reading on the way to work - and the new-style buttons linking to the forums don't seem to work.

I have to check some of my iSilo preferences to see why - or maybe iSilo just can't get the links from the buttons.

Other than that, the site looks fantastic viewed on a Mac. No trouble with fonts under Netscape 7.

Happily trying to sync an iPod, Palm m505, T68i and PowerBook G4. Life is so simple!


Vexel9 @ 10/2/2002 4:34:16 AM #
As much as Ryan has been a part of PIC as Ed has it makes me wonder why on earth would he resign in the eve of what "may" be the biggest event (OS5) in PDA history since... well since the PALM PILOT.

One day before the first ever OS5 PDA is launched...


RE: hmm...
Gekko @ 10/2/2002 4:55:27 PM #
Maybe he is being named President of Palm-Hardware?

Nice, but slow

pietersj @ 10/3/2002 3:00:15 AM #
Nice job, nice restyling !!
But the most important thing for me ( I'm online with an ordinary 56k modem )... I dislike the new speed. The new site is much slower than the previous.
Can you do something about that ? Thanks !

New format

rmrdvm @ 10/5/2002 7:53:27 AM #
Although I appreciate Ryan's committment and efforts to improve this site, I MUCH prefer the old format to this new one. I hope Ryan might reconsider and revert back to the old one.

Attn Admin/Ryan

thermite @ 10/7/2002 5:47:59 PM #
Ryan I have sent you two emails in the last week about writing articles and reviews. Just letting you know.


RE: Attn Admin/Ryan
Admin @ 10/7/2002 6:05:34 PM #
Hi Glen, Just replied to you. I am Just starting to get caught up with all the email I got last week. If you did send me one and heaven't heard back, you will today or tomorrow.



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