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Research In Motion (RIM) and Palm, Inc's Solutions Group along with Handspring have announced that they have signed an agreement in principle setting out the fundamental terms under which RIM will license certain RIM keyboard patents to them. Specific terms of the royalty-bearing licenses were not disclosed.
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Palm Tungsten T

NikMan @ 11/10/2002 12:23:48 PM #
Can anyone tell me. I am buying tommorow a Palm TT. Is sound ok? Is it worth it. Will I be really able to listen MP3 and so on. Thank you!

RE: Palm Tungsten T
abosco @ 11/10/2002 12:27:17 PM #
As of now, there is no bundled MP3 player with the T|T. The T|T has MP3 playing capability and it has the headphone jack, but it just doesn't have the software yet. It has been stated before that one will be available for download later on, but I haven't heard any confirmation. You could always play MP3's using Kinoma.

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RE: Palm Tungsten T
Fzara2000 @ 11/10/2002 12:46:23 PM #
The T|T is AMAZINGLY small. Its sick. Its like the equivalent of my M500, just feature packed.
The only other thing you should consider with the T|T is the Macromedia Flash capabilities that the NX** series have. Thats minor, but its still making me iffy on buying the T|T or the NX** series.

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RE: Palm Tungsten T
rsc1000 @ 11/10/2002 1:09:50 PM #
MP3 playing capability is apparently coming in the form of a player from Real(makers of the very popular RealPlayer for desktop) and is supposed to be available within a few weeks. I find it very interesting that Palm OS provides the platform that enables Real to carey on their on-going battle against M$ - this time against Windows Media player for PocketPC.

RE: Palm Tungsten T
Admin @ 11/10/2002 2:11:28 PM #
This is way off topic, please continue this thread in the PIC forums.

OK, I guess

abosco @ 11/10/2002 12:22:20 PM #
This is a good thing for wireless devices like future Treos and Tungsten W's, but what about future Palm's that aren't wireless? I really don't want to have a tiny keyboard taking the place of Graffiti on my Palm. Let's just hope Palm and Sony don't abandon Graffiti anytime soon like HandSpring has done.

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RE: OK, I guess
Fzara2000 @ 11/10/2002 12:45:19 PM #
Well, they could always have Virtual graffiti :)
This way, the keyboard exists, and graffiti is left in tact. However, I think only Sony would only be able to use this because of their "special" API.

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RE: OK, I guess
CKMOOSE @ 11/11/2002 3:30:36 AM #
The Tungsten W will come with Jot which will allow for handwriting recognition on that unit.

Why Doesn't RIM become a PalmSource Licensee?

gfunkmagic @ 11/10/2002 7:40:12 PM #
I think it would make sense for RIM to become a licensee of POS. They already have the market share in the enterprise market, and they could only enhance their device capabilites by bundling POS apps with them? They certainly cannot compete in the PIM and applicaitons development using theier proprietary OS, so why shouldn't they just adopt teh POS in order to maintain thier lead. Furthermore, why should RIM license thier QERTY keyboard if it only means that it will allow competting devices into the market place that have similar features to its own devices? Perhaps this may be indication of RIM becoming a POS licensee afterall?

RE: Why Doesn't RIM become a PalmSource Licensee?
Token User @ 11/10/2002 10:33:47 PM #
FWIW - RIM cross licenced a Palm technology long ago. Palm's "Palm Query Application" now known as "Web Clipping Application" technology runs on RIM devices with no translation ... so if you have a Palm PQA file, it will run unaltered on the RIM - it might not look pretty (spacing is an issue), but it works pretty well.

OK, so its not exactly a compiled app, but the ties are there.

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evil but understandable

mj6798 @ 11/11/2002 12:33:16 AM #
Palm and Handspring really aren't in a position to fight this right now. Palm already got burned over the handwriting patent. Paying the protection money was really the only choice they had.

But make no mistake about it: this is evil. Small, thumb operated keyboards have been around for a while. The fact that RIM could prevail with this patent claim means that our choices as consumer will be limited because new devices will have a harder time making it in the market.

RE: evil but understandable
Fly-By-Night @ 11/11/2002 5:53:38 AM #
This seems utterly ridiculous to me. What is so special or revolutionary about Lawsuits in Motion's keyboard that they were granted patents over it? It's small and has oval keys. Wow. The original Psion had small oval keys (admittedly in an ABC format rather than QWERTY; but QWERTY is hardly revolutionary now is it).

I think Palm should counter sue RIM for having an 'M' in their name, and thus infringing trademark.

If this is the kind of tactics RIM have to fall back on, then they can't have much confidence in their own technology.


RE: evil but understandable
Spock9 @ 11/11/2002 8:17:33 AM #
Uh, where is it that Palm got burned on the handwriting recognition. There has been no ruling to that affect. I recall the last ruling put it that Xerox did not have a case.

RE: evil but understandable
bcombee @ 11/11/2002 11:44:48 AM #
RIM's keyboard patent does cover several unique design items. For example, the slant of the keys on each side of the keyboard to better facilitate thumb typing was part of their patent claims, so while the idea of an integrated keyboard may not be a strong claim, elements of the design can be.

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