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AvantGo for OS 5
AvantGo is currently working on a version of their software that is compatible with Palm OS 5. Current OS 5 users were surprised to find that avantgo has turned off "unsupported devices." AvantGo will send you an email when the new version is released, you must first send an email to with "Palm5 support request" in the subject.
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Massman82 @ 11/11/2002 3:01:56 PM #
Doom looks great!

Roman Pedan
Palm V/Vx
Will get a Palm OS 5 handheld
RE: Wow
M3wThr33 @ 11/11/2002 4:47:06 PM #
Part of Doom is open source. Will users be able to use their own WAD files, like if they own the real game?

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.
RE: Wow
masitti @ 11/11/2002 5:09:31 PM #
Most likely - Quake for the PPC allowed you to use your own map files, so I imagine it's the same for Doom on the Palm.

Mario Masitti
O/T Mod
I Love Tennis :)
RE: Wow
ivo_jager @ 11/11/2002 5:13:15 PM #
Ok, we gotta set something straight here:
This is not REAL DooM (although it comes close)
It's our Deity3D engine reskinned to look like DooM for our own (twisted) pleasure. :P
We have no intentions to do anything with this commercially (we would need a license from iD for that)

The things that set it aside from the real DooM are:
- NO WAD import
- NO "real" ground/floor textures
- NO multi-angled sprites
- NO non-orthogonal walls
- BETTER Scripting
- BETTER FX (blood, explosions, smoke etc.)
and most importantly

Ivo Jager
D3D/MT3D lead developer

RE: Wow
Massman82 @ 11/11/2002 5:22:25 PM #
Go to the forum and ask!

Roman Pedan
Palm V/Vx
Will get a Palm OS 5 handheld
RE: Wow
sr @ 11/11/2002 5:52:54 PM #
Ivo, is there a chance you'll be releasing it as freeware then? I know, fat chance, but might as well ask! :)
RE: Wow
ivo_jager @ 11/11/2002 6:00:24 PM #
Well... Converting the WAD's is an arduous task... Got so many other "fun" things to do *g*
But hey, who knows...

Ivo Jager
D3D/MT3D lead developer

RE: Wow
IanJD @ 11/11/2002 6:01:14 PM #

Without having a dig, does this mean there'll be a version of MT3D compatible with the TT appearing soon? Pretty please?

RE: Wow
ivo_jager @ 11/11/2002 6:05:34 PM #
Yes. 320x320 runs @ 30-40 FPS on live T|T. Coming soon...

Ivo Jager
D3D/MT3D lead developer

RE: Wow
masitti @ 11/11/2002 6:27:43 PM #
Oh man... :( I thought this was a Doom emulator - if it was, then you would be able to use WAD files.

Sorry for the confusion. :(

Mario Masitti
O/T Mod
I Love Tennis :)

RE: Wow
hkklife @ 11/11/2002 7:32:48 PM #
Wow, Ivo, you guys have got the best demos of the power of the T|T out there right now (or soon to be released, that is), bar none. Keep up the good work! I'd hate to see what you guys could do if you had a little more time on your hands.... ;-)

Personally, I didn't really care for the GBA port of Doom all that much, due to the nasty dim GBA screen, so here's hoping that the Palm-ized port wil be far better. I'd count on it !

Doom or something close preferred
speed-angel @ 11/12/2002 3:55:36 AM #
I personally would buy a copy of it since it gave me so much fun back then. Maybe an updated version or DOOM IV for Palm would be a great sale.

Talk to would help sell their flagship software too.

RE: Wow
hkklife @ 11/12/2002 2:10:09 PM #
Yup, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I am still miffed that Palm didn't work a deal with Ardiri/Mobile Wizardry to bundle one of their kick ass games in the T|T box, instead of crippled lame-o versions of Handmark board games. Shoot, a full copy of hi-res Bejeweled or OS 5-compliant high-res SimCity would have made for a better pack-in than Monopoly and Scrabble.

The whole market potential for a retail MMC pre-loaded (ie chock full) with high quality Palm games is still ripe for the taking. I'd personally rather pay $50 for a nice bundle of games than $30 for a card with a few kb taken up by Scrabble and the rest sitting there as unused and unusable free space.

Imagine, Wolfenstein 3d (the 1992 version, it's perfectly suited to the T|T's d-pad), Doom I, Doom II, and Rayman on the same card. Yum!


ganoe @ 11/11/2002 8:13:30 PM #
Anybody want to guess ho long this will take? I really expected them to have this ready to go when the OS 5 devices came out.
RE: AvantGo
rw747 @ 11/11/2002 9:16:10 PM #
I had the email from them which said one or two weeks. It is really bad that OS5 is not supported from launch.

Mind you the T is pretty shakey on BT and GPRS. Crashes of the T, BT and GPRS are common. Nokia say they have an update for some of the probs but Palm have yet to reply. So much for 24hours email support here in the UK.

If it works it will be a killer. I eventually made an Amazon purchase on Saturday and the goods here Monday. This is what mobile stuff is all about!

RE: AvantGo
asiayeah @ 11/11/2002 9:41:05 PM #
Will the new AvantGo support 320x320 and SD card?



With great power comes great responsiblity.

HandStory support 320x320, Card, Offline Clip
bum @ 11/13/2002 4:23:16 PM #
However, It is not full compatible with Palm OS 5. I heard that HandStory will release Palm OS 5 version in this month.

RE: AvantGo
rw747 @ 11/15/2002 12:19:35 AM #
No idea about Avantgo but an observation about SD.
Having luxuriated in lots of nice things about the model T (geddit!) there are some bummers.

I bought a 64M SD card and formatted on the Palm as suggested. Thinks 'I have an additional 64M RAM'. Although progs run in the SD they need a prog like Launcher III to provide an alias. Otherwise you have to drop into the card each time.
Not only that but anything on the SD does NOT show up in the list of buttons. So forget putting Datebk5 and PEdit into the SD, 'cos you can't see the apps on the button assign.

If I am wrong please let me know. I will be delighted!

It IS a nice machine but really Palm should get these things right to begin with. Powerful tools are built for power users and they expect features to work reliably.




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