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COMDEX Palm OS Guide: Softtrends has announced immediate availability of ExpoAgenda for Palm OS, an independent guide and event planner for Fall COMDEX® trade show starting on November 17th. ExpoAgenda comes fully configured with events and booth information for the trade show and user can add additional events.

8MB Zire: Tokyo La Palm Tech-Lab in Japan posted a report that it has upgraded the RAM to 8MB on the Palm Zire. Tony Rudenko of PalmPilotUpgrade, does the same in the US for $59. Also check out this Clie Game Mod.

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Zire Upgrade

Beavis @ 11/13/2002 10:55:41 AM #
Why spend $100 on a Zire then another $60 for a memory upgrade when you can buy a new Sony Clie PEG-SL10 for $129 and get 4 application buttons, memory expansion and a hi resolution screen?

RE: Zire Upgrade - What?
mikemusick @ 11/13/2002 10:58:25 AM #
I was going to say nearly the same thing... for $149 you get an m125 with 8MB and four buttons.

I meant to say "What's the point?"
mikemusick @ 11/13/2002 11:00:50 AM #

RE: Zire Upgrade
PacManFoo @ 11/13/2002 11:21:19 AM #
Well if you've already bought the Zire or recieved one as a present then this might be something people will want. Why spend another $129, $149 when you can upgrade for half the price?

RE: Zire Upgrade
Haber @ 11/13/2002 12:24:31 PM #
While the ability to upgrade the Zire in itself is neat, I guess it's for people who aren't savvy enough to purchase or acquire a M105 model. I don't see how receiving a Zire as a gift would make any difference, it should be returnable and exchangable. And aren't the more technically adept the ones who purchase memory upgrades? Are these the people who are purchasing or keeping their Zires?

RE: Zire Upgrade
SuccessWizard @ 11/13/2002 3:24:49 PM #
There's more than just price here. The Zire is pretty nice over all. The two buttons aren't really an issue to most $99 buyers. It feels good in your hand form-wise too.

It's nice to know you can upgrade if you decide you like it rather than junking the $99 unit and buying a new one. The upgradeability will help smart retailers sell more as people want to know they have options out there.

Finally, the Zire is easy to display as it recharges and the connectors aren't on the bottom -- making display mounting much easier!

Mike Lohsl
Palm & Pocket PC Advisor

RE: Zire Upgrade
dsaroff @ 11/13/2002 6:33:54 PM #
I should mention we keep calling it a $99 palm, but I was in Circuit City recently and they were selling it for $89!

RE: Zire Upgrade
cbulock @ 11/14/2002 1:21:06 AM #
$99 is the suggested price and the price Palm is selling it for, so it is the generally accepted price. But, it can be found many places for less.

Trasaltion Please!!!

LazyT @ 11/15/2002 2:37:00 AM #
Is there anyway we can get that Mod page trsilated in to english??? id love to have thes coooool buttions & jog dial!!!



Expo Agenda - broken link

donburr @ 11/15/2002 6:51:59 PM #
I'm trying to download the COMDEX Schedule for ExpoAgenda, since I will be leaving for comdex shortly. Unfortunately the link seems to be broken. For one thing, the program's name apparently has changed to "OurAgenda". I was able to download the program successfully; however, I don't see an obvious link to a "Comdex schedule" on the page. What I do see, however, is a link for "Download event lists"... however, when I click it, it returns a page not found error. Does anyone have the Comdex event list and is willing to e-mail it to me? (I will post a copy on my web site and leave the URL here so that others can get at it) Or is it somewhere on the SoftTrends web site, and I'm just not looking hard enough? Help!!

Donald Burr of Borg <>

A better Palm app for Comdex info

donburr @ 11/16/2002 11:49:29 PM #
Still haven't been able to get the ExpoAgenda site to work... it continues to respond with a 404. BUT... I found a much better source for the Comdex info I needed... straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Comdex itself has a PalmOS download on their web site, and here is the direct link:

Lots of good stuff there. I recommend not only downloading the PalmOS program, but also to download and print the PDF maps (Or keep them on your laptop, but printing is suggested unless you like lugging your laptop with you across the show floor) That way you'll be able to find where the booths are that you want to go to. :-)

Donald Burr of Borg <>



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