Comments on: Rumor: New Memory Sticks on the Way is reporting that Sony is close to unveiling a new, higher-capacity Memory Stick removable flash memory card. Sources say the new sticks may not be compatible with some older devices. The working title for the new capacity cards is Memory Stick Pro. This is not to be confused with the separate, smaller (next generation) memory stick Duo.
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According to Sony's Dedicated Memory Stick Site...

mashoutposse @ 12/12/2002 6:42:40 PM # cards that are capable of transfer speeds up to 20MB/sec are in the works (up from 2.5MB/sec of the current Sticks):

"Because Memory Stick uses flash memory, it offers high-speed data transfer. Currently, the maximum speed is 2.5MB/s. Anticipating wider use of rich content, such as music and video, the technology up to 20MB/s is under development."

RE: According to Sony's Dedicated Memory Stick Site...
blue9 @ 12/12/2002 7:33:14 PM #
Will these new/larger capacity cards worh with the $500 Clie NX I bought recently? :-|

RE: According to Sony's Dedicated Memory Stick Site...
mashoutposse @ 12/12/2002 7:44:12 PM #
It should: According to various sources within Sony, the CNET article is inaccurate... Brighthand and ClieSource spoke to Sony as well and got the same response.

RE: According to Sony's Dedicated Memory Stick Site...
abosco @ 12/12/2002 8:07:45 PM #
"It should: According to various sources within Sony, the CNET article is inaccurate... Brighthand and ClieSource spoke to Sony as well and got the same response."

Oh thank god! It says that it may not work with older Clies, but the NX is hardly old! I wonder what the NX has that the older Clies don't? Possibly something in OS 5?

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How can I use these memory sticks other than expansion
musnat @ 12/16/2002 2:03:46 PM #
Hi, I am wondering whether is it possible to use these memory sticks like removable storage devices. Like you take your Sony Clie and the memory stick to another computer and the other computer without having HotSync installed or any other special software, recognizes the memory stick as a removable hard drive and mount it automatically. Is that possible? Can you post some links regarding this.


RE: According to Sony's Dedicated Memory Stick Site...
robrecht @ 12/16/2002 3:45:02 PM #
Absolutely. You just need a card reader. There are several multi-card readers that seem useful for using SONY Memory Sticks in this way as well as several other memory cards (eg, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, etc). Best Buy sells a USB 2.0 P-N-Y multicard reader for $50. Elsewhere in response to this article someone comments favorably about the USB 2.0 Imation multicard reader over the Dazzle USB 1.0 model. It would be interesting to hear of anyone else's experience with these and other readers on the market.

Thanks, Robrecht
We'll find out on January 9th
Palm_Otaku @ 12/19/2002 2:32:45 PM #
Full details on the new Memory Sticks will probably be available on January 9th - Sony will be holding a MS Press Conference at CES in Las Vegas that day.

My guess is that the larger format MS will use FAT32 instead of the current FAT12, and from checking their "MS Roadmap" it looks like the larger capacities will only be available in the MagicGate (white) format.



this sucks

mj6798 @ 12/12/2002 7:10:53 PM #
I have a Sony digital camera, and the fact that it uses overpriced and limited capacity memory stick is bad enough. Now, Sony comes out with another format that's incompatible.

As far as I'm concerned, the only flash memory formats we need are CompactFlash and SD/MMC. The former is for really large capacities and complex expansion cards, and the latter is for general storage and expansion cards that can be made really small. As a bonus, if handhelds got a USB controller, we could connect external USB drives.

Sony brings nothing to the table with its memory sticks that I would want.

Read First, Post Second.
mashoutposse @ 12/12/2002 7:15:19 PM #
From the above article:

"When asked about the details of the article and on the claim that the "memory stick pro" will not be compatible with older devices, a Sony PR Spokesperson said, 'It (the article) is inaccurate and based on rumor.'"

RE: this sucks
ska @ 12/12/2002 8:17:08 PM #
So it's C|net secret source or Ed's from brighthand mysterious Sony spokesman. Great. Neither have the guts to print real name.

Isn't this big enough problem for Sony that the spokes person can be quoted on the record?

RE: Read First, Post Second.
Admin @ 12/12/2002 8:26:35 PM #
The sony Rep I spoke with name was Rob. He is only allowed to relay to me Sony's postition on the matter. So posting his name with the statement really isnt critical to the story.
RE: this sucks
ska @ 12/12/2002 10:41:39 PM #
So secretive, Why doesn't Sony just come out in the open and say. No it's not true. End of story.

....but than again, maybe drama does sell, some sort of marketing ploy.

RE: this sucks
mashoutposse @ 12/12/2002 11:03:50 PM #
According to Brighthand's Sony source, he said that the true details will make the CNet article look "foolish."

Don't be surprised when Sony announces that they have managed to make these Sticks completely backwards-compatible.

RE: this sucks
hkklife @ 12/13/2002 9:21:40 AM #
What I do not understand (aside from profits, greed, cheapness, lack of foresight and more greed) is WHY the removable media market is so fraught with problems in regards to increasing size?

WIth Smartmedia, where the controller resides in the device instead of on the chip, this problem is somewhat understandable-hence the moniker of "StupidMedia".

However, with the more recent memory formats--MS & MMC/SD, this proves to be distressing--ESPECIALLY with Sony's closed, prporietary Memory Stick format. They really have no reasonable excuse to switch over to a new MS format (assuming the article above is true). I don't actually think the memory stick form factor is going away anytime soon, as I posed a few weeks here in another discussion, I have seen a slew of 32"+ Sony Wega TVs in the shops lately with a built in MS slot. Seeing as how a television is replaced, on average, every 7-10 years at minimum, I'd think Sony is counting on the format being around for a reasonably long time. What I'd like to know is if there has been some upgrade to the innards of recent(ish) Sony devices (in all categories) that permits them to access the faster/larger Memory Sticks.

My father's almost 3 year old Sony F55 2.0 mpixel digicam, I am almost certain, will be shut out from any higher capacities in the future ,despite what Sony has been promising us all this time.

I really wish the industry as a whole would experience a huge shakeout and leave only CF and SD (not MMC) behind to make things simpler. Since we continue to get more and more formats (XD, MS Duo) that offer NOTHING of benefit at the present time except for smaller sizes that are easily lost. Consumers are forced to pay more money for a less practical card with the dreadful 128 mb ceiling and dog-slow throughput speeds. SD has actually surprised me with its rapid ascent to higher capacities, but the cost is still relatlvely prohibitive compared to CF.

RE: this sucks
robman @ 12/13/2002 10:29:59 AM #
Whether or not the controller is inside the device (SmartMedia) or inside the media (Compact Flash, SD) or (as I understand it) a little of both (MemoryStick) it just seems very easy to design memory cards that will be expandable to ridiculous sizes. The dialogue would go something like:

Controller: How big are you?
Memory Card: I'm THIS big!
Controller: Here's the fastest speed at which I can communicate.
Memory Card: Okay. What would you like to do first?

Why is this so hard to do? I don't understand.

Palm Researcher at the University of Texas at Austin

RE: this sucks
mj6798 @ 12/13/2002 3:47:37 PM #
Whether or not they manage to cobble together some sort of backwards compatibility, the fact remains that MemorySticks are overpriced, more cumbersome than MMC/SD, and that they are proprietary. And there are three different versions of it now.

The fact also remains that Sony is really late in coming out with large capacities: SD/MMC is getting up to 1Gbyte, and CF is getting up to 3 Gbyte.

We don't need MemoryStick, and in my book, it remains a strong negative for any Sony device.

RE: this sucks
macshimidh @ 12/13/2002 5:15:24 PM #
That's funny, the reason I like Memory Sticks is their price ($40 for 128M). While Sony does control the format, it has been embraced by enough other manufacturers to keep prices competitive. As for their being "cumbersome," having to deal with a card the size of a stick of gum rather than the size of a postage stamp has never been an inconvenience to me.

Amyway, to each his/her own :-)

128 MB under $30
robrecht @ 12/13/2002 5:39:23 PM #
After a rebate and with the use of a promo code (MAPPCTBANK35), some people have been getting 128 MB SanDisk Memory Sticks for $27.61

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: this sucks
robrecht @ 12/13/2002 5:41:07 PM #
Sorry, at Amazon and with free shipping.

Thanks, Robrecht
RE: this sucks
mj6798 @ 12/14/2002 7:07:29 AM #
When 64Mbyte/128Mbyte was state of the art, MemoryStick was twice as expensive as other comparable flash formats. Now, of course, those capacities are so outdated that the price differential has decreased, but it's still there to some degree.

When the large capacity MemorySticks come out, you can bet that Sony will be charging a large premium over other offerings again.

RE: this sucks
mashoutposse @ 12/14/2002 1:07:32 PM #
"When 64Mbyte/128Mbyte was state of the art, MemoryStick was twice as expensive as other comparable flash formats."

It is also physically three times as small as the other formats. In addition, when SD came out, it commanded even higher premiums than Memory Stick (rightfully so, I guess).

RE: this sucks
Take1 @ 12/14/2002 4:04:51 PM #
10-1 the new sony sticks will be compatible for Palm PDAs, but won't have the fast transfer rate and be stuck at the 2.5 MB/Sec -- a patch will be needed for them to work, but they will work.


The new memsticks will require a convertor which will cause the new mem sticks to stick out of the unit by about 1/2".


They won't be compatible at all and Sony will release a new NX series in 2 months which is exactly the same as the one we have now, but with a mem stick slot designed for the new mem cards.

RE: this sucks
fleegle @ 12/15/2002 1:36:38 AM #
"It [the MemoryStick] is also physically three times as small as the other formats."

Au contraire, two of those "other formats" are SD and MMC. Their size is roughly 1.25 x .94 inches. Compared to the MemoryStick, which is 1.97 x .85 inches, I would say the Memory stick is twice as big as the SD/MC format.

RE: this sucks
mashoutposse @ 12/15/2002 6:51:20 AM #

Here is the quote I replied to:

"When 64Mbyte/128Mbyte was state of the art, MemoryStick was twice as expensive as other comparable flash formats."

Please note that SD was even more expensive than Memory Stick at this time, as well.

RE: this sucks
cbowers @ 12/18/2002 12:04:05 PM #
"a Sony PR Spokesperson said, 'It (the article) is inaccurate and based on rumor.'"

I guess it's *all* rumor until they finally announce. Until there's a product announcement I don't see the point in some anonymous hinters saying that their answer is any less rumor than anothers.

16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?

Gekko @ 12/12/2002 7:12:47 PM #
Does anyone else think there's something wrong with this picture?

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
abosco @ 12/12/2002 8:12:18 PM #
Why do people keep asking for more internal memory? Is VFS support not good enough these days? It's in almost ALL applications these days, and it's fast. Watching movies off the card is incredible, and if it's that fast, what's the problem?

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RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
masitti @ 12/12/2002 10:07:46 PM #
Most PDA users don't need more than 16 MB of RAM... for those who do, they have the option of expansion features. :)

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512MB RAM & 80GB Hard Drives...
mashoutposse @ 12/12/2002 10:17:15 PM # there something wrong with this picture?

Anyway, as stated above, the movement towards software development that relies on external storage is already well underway. In fact, with these faster sticks, we will likely see future devices that use RAM in a much more PC-like manner, with a smaller & smaller percentage of the space dedicated to actual applications/database storage. More like a huge cache, accepting chunks of an application from the slower external cards as needed to keep performance at an acceptable level -- in this way, you could run bigger & better programs, since theoretically, each 'chunk' can be almost as large as the entire RAM itself (this is how regular PC development is in a nutshell). We're already seeing it with the NX... Try running the Clie NX70V's NetFront browser on the Tungsten T, with its relatively small 768k of dynamic heap -- without that huge 4MB 'cache' of the NX, it's practically unusable!

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
GKreamer @ 12/13/2002 10:25:51 AM #
I don't know if I would go as far as to say that users do not need more than 16MB of RAM... The more RAM the better- would program execution always be faster in RAM vs. expansion memory?


RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
robrecht @ 12/13/2002 10:56:39 AM #
But doesn't too much RAM cause more battery drain, which is such a critical issue with SONY?

"too much RAM," can't believe I said that!

Thanks, Robrecht

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
ganoe @ 12/13/2002 11:16:51 AM #
> would program execution always be faster in RAM vs. expansion memory?

Programs don't execute in expansion memory, they get copied to system RAM just like they do on your home PC. Expansion RAM is simply a storage mechanism, just like your hard drive. It is not really possible to use it any other way.

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
Fly-By-Night @ 12/13/2002 11:51:46 AM #
Seems all right to me. My desktop PC only has 768Mb RAM compared to an 80Gb hard drive (not to mention other storage methods). That's a ratio of roughly 1:104. 16Mb RAM to 1Gb MS/SD is a ratio of (roughly) 1:62. Needless to say, my PC copes!


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RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
hotpaw4 @ 12/13/2002 2:08:33 PM #
Note that PalmOS handhelds really only have 32 kB (Pilot 1000) to 2 MB (NX) of fully program usable RAM. The rest is locked up in the storage heap, which acts like more like a pseudo-flash-ROM (fast reads, very slow writes via OS calls) than like the RAM in your PC.

However you look at it, DRAM requires more power. That's the implication of the "D" in "DRAM". To get lower power, one either uses SRAM or flash (or more exotic technologies).

I could easily see a super low-power Palm designed with only 1 MB of SRAM for the OS and apps (same as the TT uses), another 1 MB of SRAM "disk" cache plus 16 MB of fast-flash memory to emulate the old DRAM storage heap, and 1 GB of slow flash, on-board or in a slot.

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
hkklife @ 12/13/2002 2:15:48 PM #
Yes, but unless you are running some sort of ramdisk type setup, your PC's main ram, even after windows loads and hogs a nice chunk of it, still remains to dynamically load and unload applications as needed.

On a 16mb Palm, when you've got a ton of poorly-written apps that don't support VFS/external storage (Avantgo, Acrobat, many games etc), you have to use that ram space for storage--not just for program execution. Furthermore, notice how on some Palms, such as the T|T, the 16mb of ram actually translates into 14.x usable megabytes of free memory. Desktop PCs also have things like swap files etc to help out when on a Palm it's far simpler--you've got your main ram and that's *it*. So, as always, more IS better.

Also, on the issue of OS5 and games, now that actual sounds are being included in the .prc files of many newer games, that Ram is going to be gobbled up even more quickly. As much as I like high-res and whatnot, the creeping bloat of Palm app sizes is beginning to worry me, as long as the prices of large SD cards remains relatively high and internal ram continues to be crippled by the 16 mb ceiling.

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
ganoe @ 12/13/2002 3:32:06 PM #
> So, as always, more IS better.

Well, unless we want to end up with a bigger mess than Pocket PC, getting the Palm application developers to clean up their apps IS better.

there is no RAM expansion for handhelds
mj6798 @ 12/13/2002 4:51:46 PM #
"Most PDA users don't need more than 16 MB of RAM... for those who do, they have the option of expansion features. :)"

I don't know of a single handheld that allows you to expand its RAM. The "memory expansion" you stick into the various slots is not RAM, it's Flash.

Many handhelds, however, use RAM as virtual disks, so expanding RAM and sticking in a Flash card are quite similar.

Do people need more than 16Mbyte of RAM? Depends on the application. There are some applications that absolutely demand it; some applications aren't easily ported to the Palm, for example, because of its limited memory. But if you are only going to use the extra RAM as a virtual disk anyway, you might as well use Flash.

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
hotpaw4 @ 12/13/2002 5:54:19 PM #
>Furthermore, notice how on some Palms, such as the T|T, the 16mb of ram actually translates into 14.x usable megabytes of free memory.

Nope. There is only around 700 kB of free application usable memory on a Tungsten T . The OS uses another 300 kB, for a 1 MB dynamic heap total. This leaves 14+ MB available for database storage; but this isn't free memory, this is simulated flash-ROM (fast reads, slow OS-mediated writes). Since database records are all less than 64k, there's no reason why the database storage can't be cached (as some VFS "hacks" have shown).

Almost no one uses a RAMDisk on their PC anymore. Instead there's usually a disk cache and virtual memory management as part of the OS. All saved data is stored on disk.

RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
timewaster77 @ 12/15/2002 12:19:54 PM #
"On a 16mb Palm, when you've got a ton of poorly-written apps that don't support VFS/external storage (Avantgo, Acrobat, many games etc), you have to use that ram space for storage--not just for program execution." This is completely true. Many games can't be transferred to external storage, but they are generally small. I have Adobe Acrobat for Palm OS on my Clie's Memory Stick and it runs fine. As for Avantago, they should definitely support VFS.

Happy Sony Clie User
RE: 16MB RAM and 1GB MS/SD?
JKingGrim @ 12/16/2002 4:34:49 PM #
>>But doesn't too much RAM cause more battery drain, >>which is such a critical issue with SONY?

Here's my opinion in a nut shell. The whole internal storage method needs to be rethought. Internal RAM requires a constant power feed, but cards do not. Handheld makers need to replace typical RAM storage with a card-like memory structure. This would work wonders for batterry life and would reduce rediculous problems like batteries running out even if you don't touch your Palm.

Storage performance

HiWire @ 12/13/2002 12:15:37 PM #
How about a comparison between the different brands of storage media? Basically I'm too poor to buy multiple cards from different manufacturers, and I've heard bad things about Sandisk's high-capacity SD cards in terms of speed - perhaps there is a large variation in controller latency and transfer rates?

Also, the same article could research transfer speeds for different Palm devices (i.e. are there any differences in transfer speed between say a Tungsten and a m500), and discuss alternate file systems to organize storage on internal and external memory - Palm doesn't really seem to explain these concepts other than how to delete and transfer .pdb and .prc files.

As the storage media size increases (1GB+), there seems to be a greater need to create a simple and effective way to manage the large number of files.

Palm m505 User

RE: Storage performance
ganoe @ 12/13/2002 2:19:37 PM #
> discuss alternate file systems to organize storage on internal and external memory

Pretty much all the flash cards out there use VFAT16 or a compatible predecessor for a filesystem. That does limit volumes to 2GB. There is no filesystem in system RAM, prc's and pdb's are loaded program code and program data respectively.

I'm sure that's not the answer you wanted. There's a 3 part article here that tries (arguably well) to decribe what various VFS program/data loaders and launchers do.

An article that compares various flash cards of different sizes from the major manufacturers would be very, very useful. Is there even a good hi-speed SD reader out there to test something like that?

RE: Storage performance
HiWire @ 12/14/2002 2:31:27 PM #
Thanks for the heads-up. This is an awesome article that is easy to understand and I hope other people are checking it out. Still, the question remains - is there a way to test for performance differences between different formats and devices?

As for the question of organizing files, I guess each software application will probably have its own way of organizing disparate file types.

Palm m505 User

RE: Storage performance
hkklife @ 12/15/2002 5:57:56 PM #
I just picked up the Imaation FlashGO USB 2.0 6 in 1 reader last week at CompUsa. It is USB 2.0 compliant and is VERY fast for SD and MS reading (those are the only formats I've been able to try on it so far).

I tested it on a Sandisk 256, Sandisk 128, and Panasonic 16mb SD cards and Sony 16 and 128 mb Memory Sticks. All reads and writes were substantially faster than on my previous multi-card reader (Dazzle).

I haven't really had the time to really play with and test the unit yet but it's a very nice bundle--comes with a built in retractable USB cable, a USB 2.0 extension cable, and a soft carrying case. It's also much smaller than the Dazzle. Overall I'd say it's a good invetment for $60. The cards don't have to be inserted upside-down like with the other Dazzle readers I've used.

To: everyone complaining about a new format

iebnn @ 12/13/2002 4:14:10 PM #
Stop complaining

1. We don't even know if they will be backwards compatible or not. Don't complain that they're not backwards compatible. They might be, no one really knows yet (except sony, etc)

2. Do you really want Sony to stay with the current memory stick architecture? It's awfully slow.

RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
mj6798 @ 12/13/2002 4:56:31 PM #
"Do you really want Sony to stay with the current memory stick architecture? It's awfully slow."

No, I want them to adopt CF and MMC and abandon MemoryStick altogether.

RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
mashoutposse @ 12/14/2002 1:12:02 PM #
Or why don't companies drop SD/MMC and adopt the far more established Memory Stick?

RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
ska @ 12/14/2002 1:58:07 PM #
Because everybody knows Sony is going to pull dubious trick like this again in the future.
RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
iebnn @ 12/14/2002 3:43:27 PM #
How is this a "dubious trick"?! It might work on current devices.

RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
cbowers @ 12/16/2002 3:41:06 PM #
Agreed, not that Sony's likely to ever drop it...

At least for the brick and mortars in my neck of the woods, MS is still more expensive $/MB than SD by a good margin. SD has almost gotten as cheap as CF here. There's still the issue of what can be had in the various formats though. In terms of Memory, CF goes all the way up to 3GB now (at $1.22/MB it's not even premium priced), SD goes to 512MB currently, and the fully compatible Reduced Size-MMC gives you something more compatible and smaller than DUO.

The non-memory landscape for both SD and MS is still too bleak to embrace it on it's own. Hence half the reason for dual slots on many PPC's and the HandEra 330. You can get pretty much whatever you need in CF form. And they're common enough that you can by them in your choice of brands in your local stores, and at dirt cheap prices. CF WiFi cards for example. A plethora of brands, and cheap prices. Most of which can be used in any PocketPC, and a good number of which can be used in a HE330. How many usable in a Clie? One, Sony's. That's the Sony way...

Heck even if you need to read MS or SD in a CF slot, Pretec has that CF card with slots for both SD and MS.

Why would any one, if they had the choice, want to be forced to keep paying the early adopter tax for a few bleeding edge SD and MS I/O devices.

And I personally prefer I/O devices in CF form rather than SD/MS. The latter are so small that you end up with a larger external boxy card extrension sticking out of the PDA. CF is large enough and wide enough that whatever doesn't fit in the standard CF size, doesn't have to protude too far from the PDA because of the wide (protrusions are wide and short), versus SD/MS narrow and long). And I don't have to pay extra for further miniturization to fit the device into an SD or MS size.

That's (hardware and slot standardization) where we're being clobbered in the PalmOS market to my great embarrassment. With the lack of follow on devices of the ilk of the HE330 (from any licensee) we fall behind PPC again.

Take an accessory in CF form and you can pretty much use it on any PPC (granted some SD only devices require a sleeve to support CF, but at least they're available). And many of them work on a HE330.

What have we got on the Palm side (HandEra excepted)? Gorky sleds, and a mish mash of slot standards. You're virtually guaranteed that you're not going to be able to use your accessories on another PalmOS brand device if you make a switch/upgrade to something else.

And on both PalmOS PDA's and PocketPC's RAM is a precious resource. And it's why we rely so heavily on card slots these days. But the lack of dual slots really becomes a problem when you get around to pulling your memory card to add in a camera, WiFi, BT, barcode scanners, VGA output for presentations or whatever. Where do you have room to put the pictures, or all the Network related apps to use with the WiFi or BlueTooth, or the large database to go with the barcode scanner, or the large presentation to go with the VGA card.

Dual slots, gets very critical here.

So much to our shame, PalmOS licensees here seem to continue to have their heads in the sands, and PPC's even after all this time are still killing us on the Hardware side (and now thanks to Dell, View Sonic, and now HP, even taking us on Price). It's fortunate for us they still don't have an OS to compare with, and there's a little more time.

Sony had me hoping with the NX70, and it's dual slots, but instead that CF slot remains largely unsupported, and there's this new MS format haze to clear away.

It's really time for a PalmOS licensee to pick up where HandEra left off and bring in some sensible OS5 hardware. Because Palm, Handspring, Sony and HandEra just aren't getting it done... Maybe they'll surprise us in the new year but track records aren't encouraging.

RE: To: everyone complaining about a new format
robrecht @ 12/18/2002 6:24:28 PM #
Great post, cbowers. Tungsten is promising with built in bluetooth, but that doesn't help much if you have a big slideshow.

Thanks, Robrecht

Slightly Off-topic

razorpit @ 12/17/2002 11:30:11 AM #
I don't understand why Sony didn't make the memory stick the standard memory format in the Play Station 2's. I mean they are putting this format on TV's why not something that could have actually used it to the fullest?

Think of the millions of PS2's out there they could have flooded the market with.


RE: Slightly Off-topic
mashoutposse @ 12/18/2002 7:33:44 AM #
1) Sony wanted to retain backwards compatibility with PSOne memory cards.

2) Sony doesn't want their memory cards to be able to interface directly with PCs -- the system has recently gone online, and such an opening would make it easy for cheaters to ruin the integrity of the experience. In addition (and most importantly), it would be much easier to devise a workaround to defeat the copy protection.

RE: Slightly Off-topic
razorpit @ 12/18/2002 10:33:39 AM #
Good answer, I always wondered that. Thanks!




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