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Covertex Clie Case ReviewPIC Forum moderator Kerry, aka Kezza, brings us an excellent write up on the Covertec Clie SJ/SL series leather case. See how this case stacks up in this detailed review.
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awdr @ 2/13/2003 6:22:01 PM #
the purpose of a case is all about protecting a pda. How should buy a case that has a loose fit???

Way too nitpicky of a review

RhinoSteve @ 2/13/2003 8:00:01 PM #
And why didn't you also complain that it didn't come in your mom's favorite color?

I'm sorry but a case should never have a reset button hole. It is supposed to protect the device. If the Palm crashes, you can pull it out of the case and reset it. The vast majority of Palm users don't even know there is a reset hole on their devices.

As far as too loose, that is incredibaly subjective -- espically for a stitched case. Since there is pull and wear from the factory floor to your hand, no one can control that material with a tolerance down to the millimeter.

Please chill!

RE: Way too nitpicky of a review
masitti @ 2/13/2003 10:50:23 PM #
"Please chill!"

I love it when people who give advice actually follow it themselves. :)

Mario Masitti
O/T Mod
I Love Tennis :)

RE: Way too nitpicky of a review
Altema @ 2/14/2003 1:38:54 PM #
I thought the review provided some good info, kind of what I'd get if I asked a friend how they liked a product.

In regards to fit, a product like this can be too tight, just right, or too loose. Most manufacturers make something like this a little snug to make up for production variances and stretching, so I would not expect a stitched leather case to be loose on day one either.

RE: Way too nitpicky of a review
prodigy @ 4/26/2003 8:36:40 PM #
Wow............ I had to reset my palm several times within the first month that I used it. I thank my lucky stars that I knew where the reset button was (ahem)


good review

UZI4U182 @ 2/13/2003 8:26:22 PM #
Well, unlike the previous posters, I think you did a great review. I'm shopping around for cases for my SJ30, but unfortunately for me I don't like the design or price of this case. Great review anyhow.

--Devan-- | Email me:
Current PDA: Sony CLIÉ PEG-SJ30
RE: good review
masitti @ 2/13/2003 10:52:33 PM #
I agree. Excellent review kezza!

Mario Masitti
O/T Mod
I Love Tennis :)
RE: good review
pen_n_paper @ 2/14/2003 12:16:52 AM #
yea good review......

45? thats kinda expensive hmmm.....

i wonder will it work with a sj33?

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Excellent Review

avicennia @ 2/13/2003 11:23:51 PM #
I found your review very detailed despite what others say. As a consumer, I'd like to know exactly what I am paying for and then decide whether it is worth it or not...and in your is!!

I will definitely check out covertec. Thank you!

Undocumented feature

Picsparky @ 2/16/2003 3:40:13 PM #
Holds a mobile for wireless e-mail too!

Nice Bloke

Good Review - Nice Case

ptevesjr @ 2/16/2003 5:31:06 PM #
Great review! It's nice to see someone that is detail oriented and honest about their review. I know we can review it, and make our asessment on the case whether we would buy it or not. I say continue to be detail oriented (nit picky), and let the ball roll where it may. Thanks for you input :) and keep up the great work Palminfocenter!



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