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PalmGear has announced the release of StreamLync, a auto-install utility that greatly simplifies the Palm OS software download and install process. StreamLync is free software that works with the PalmGear website and enables "one touch" software installation.
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No thanks!!

gfunkmagic @ 2/18/2003 1:13:31 PM #
I don't like to give any program more control then it needs over my device.

RE: No thanks!!
bigfoot @ 2/18/2003 1:27:12 PM #

Self-empowered software is not needed. You should be able to download and install software on your own.

RE: No thanks!!
TedTschopp @ 2/18/2003 1:47:29 PM #
You may not like it, but I have had a hard time trying to explain to my sister and my parents on how the whole install process works when they download software.

Features like this are great becuase they make computers and software available to more people. Which increases market share. Personally I don't think I need the software, but I might install it anyway.

Also another thing to consider is software like this could be licensed to corporate users.

RE: No thanks!!
kevdo @ 2/18/2003 1:57:38 PM #
>I have had a hard time trying to explain to my sister
>and my parents on how the whole install process works
>when they download software.

1) Download a prc file.
2) Double Click on it
3) Click Done on the Install tool.
4) Hotsync

Add one extra step to unzip the file in some cases. Is that really too hard to explain?

-Kevin Crossman

RE: No thanks!!
jamesgood72 @ 2/18/2003 2:01:17 PM #
I don't think it's quite as simple as that Kevin. Some people don't know where they save the downloads too (I've seen my parents lose them in some folder they'd never find). Zipping adds another layer of complexity, depending on what app handles the ZIP's. But, it is a double edged sword - make it too easy and loads of (possibly dangerous) junk gets automatically installed. Personally - I'd blame the OS for these complexities. But, one OS cannot be all things to all people, and that's what we expect them to be these days....


RE: No thanks!!
timewaster77 @ 2/18/2003 2:37:46 PM #
Many times a zip file contains four or more PRCs: one for monochrome devices, one for color devices, one for hi-res devices, and one for hi-res+ devices. How would it know which one to install, or would it install all of them? I'd rather just do it myself.
RE: No thanks!!
TedTschopp @ 2/18/2003 3:56:37 PM #

I understand what you are saying, but consider this.

1) Download the PRC. - Is it a PRC, EXE, ZIP. And where do you download it. The Desktop, My Documents, The C Drive. Wait, its a zip file, perhaps I put it on my Zip drive.

2) Double clikc on the file. - Well, that's true if it's a PRC or an EXE, but not if it's a Zip. And if it's a EXE, where do they install it? What directory do they use. IF it is a Zip, Do they have Windows XP native Zip capabilities, or do they have to use Winzip?

3) See above.

4) Well, why should I hotsync when I've already installed the software in step 2. Shouldn't it be on my palm.

I of course am exaggerating, but you get the idea of what happens when I try to get non-technical people to understand this process.

RE: No thanks!!
xolstis @ 2/18/2003 4:15:22 PM #
Both sides have points here I think some family members who know nuts about PCs would probly love this software. But yea what happens when there are PRCs for monochrome, color, hires and low res?

-the harbinger-
RE: No thanks!!
onestar @ 2/18/2003 4:29:37 PM #
As long as I still have the option to download a .ZIP file and install it whenever I choose, I don't care.

If they remove that option from me, well then, we have a problem. :)

One by one, the penguins are stealing my sanity.

RE: No thanks!!
cbulock @ 2/18/2003 4:57:00 PM #
For files that have different versions, there is some extra step required to make it work with this setup. I tried understanding it from the PalmGear website, but it was kinda confussing to me. But basicly, if there is differnet .PRC files for different handhelds, there is no way to install them using the StreamLink software unless you follow the instructions on the PalmGear website for setting up the .ZIP file.

RE: No thanks!!
jlapp @ 2/18/2003 8:10:03 PM #
I've been working on a bash script to do this in linux for the longest time :(

( except mine always prompts for which prc and pdb files you want to install :) )

RE: No thanks!!
Altema @ 2/18/2003 11:14:19 PM #
"Also, what is so difficult about making a "Palm Apps" folder and always downloading into that?"

Works for me... C:\palm\Add-on\New.

I guess we could expect some resistance here: a product to simplify things announced to bleeding-edge users who sometimes write their own code. But, I do know several people who would welcome this development. New users would be more likely to try apps if they knew the install was automatic.

RE: No thanks!!
GKreamer @ 2/19/2003 12:12:17 AM #
If you don't like/trust/want this app, simply do not download and install it!

RE: No thanks!!
hotpaw4 @ 2/19/2003 3:16:50 PM #
It's not for you. It's for users who don't know what a zip file is, nor how to navigate directories, etc. There are a lot of users who barely know how to turn their PC on, and click on the MSIE and Palm Desktop icons.

Wait till you see some of the support email that many developers get.

I wonder why there's no Mac version yet?

RE: No thanks!!
jcmorganstein @ 2/19/2003 4:40:09 PM #
I think it's funny that someone's parents are savvy enough to figure out how to use a Palm Pilot, but not to install files on it ;-) Actually, my mom loves her PDA, but has a tough time with the whole download and install process. I could see this being beneficial for some. But, as previously stated, the more control it has over you PDA and the closer software gets to your handheld, the weirder things can get and the more the possibility that info is being misused or extracted... sorry to get too "1984" on everyone, but I think it's a legitimate concern ;-)

It's also nice to see that PGHQ still seems to be offering the same zip and sit file install options even for apps that have the install utility feature. That way, it's just another option and not mandatory. Make me see it as more benign... or is it??? ;-)

The reason I probably won't use it is because most stuff I install by using a card reader. I find this generally a faster option for me.



RhinoSteve @ 2/18/2003 1:46:50 PM #
While this automated connection is to one's Palm device is cool, what is the privacy? The extension knows you are connecting to Is any data being sent up to the server from your PC a la CueCat?
RE: Privacy?
CKMOOSE @ 2/18/2003 2:56:40 PM #
That was my first thought. What kind of spyware is hidden in this application?

Also, what is so difficult about making a "Palm Apps" folder and always downloading into that? C'mon the more things work automatically, the less you have to think about what you are doing, the less freedom you have to make your own decisions.

Next, the software companies will be able to tell us what we download and when and then they can automatically bill us for it...What next?

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RE: Privacy?
DWD @ 2/18/2003 2:57:55 PM #
You hit on my pet issue exactly. I have no doubt the opportunity is being take to gather info on the end user. As it is now, you often have to give your sync ID, but that is no big deal since it is to different vendors and such information is not centrally located.

Call me paranoid, but I'm still going to manually install all my Palm programs. I like to have control and know exactly what my computer is doing. For instance, I don't automatically update any programs. I do however, religiously, manually update them.

RE: Privacy?
emmert @ 2/18/2003 4:57:04 PM #
I didn't understand it as being a direct connection to your device. I understood that it just unzipped the files and put them in the install app. The user still has to hotsync to install the file.

RE: Privacy? @ 2/18/2003 5:47:22 PM #
Privacy is not an issue as we are not gathering any data whatsoever.

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Fine as long as it's not required

rluxemburg @ 2/18/2003 2:48:34 PM #
Obviously power users aren't going to see a need for this. For entry level users it may be useful.

If they think it will get them more customers, fine by me. As long as this app is not required to use PalmGear I really don't care. However, if they were to start requiring this as their download conduit I'd be pissed off.

RE: Fine as long as it's not required
Altema @ 2/18/2003 11:27:46 PM #
They still give you a choice, so you can AutoInstall or download the zip file as usual. But I know what you mean; I would hesitate to completely take away control for the more seasoned users.

RE: Fine as long as it's not required
robman @ 2/20/2003 2:51:12 PM #
I'm a poweruser, and I LOVE StreamLync. Now I can visit PalmGear, download a dozen apps with just a dozen clicks. No managing the files on my end, figuring out which files to unzip, which to install, etc.

Furthermore in my work (training high school teachers to use Palms) this tool is going to make software installation SO MUCH EASIER! The only problem with StreamLync is that the rest of the sites don't have it. This is especially an issue for sites that don't compete with PalmGear, like MemoWare and Palm Digital Media.

Palm Researcher at the University of Texas at Austin

What about different version?

bigRoN @ 2/18/2003 3:08:10 PM #
I've downloaded several programs for my Palm that have different versions, depending on what type of device I have. It will for example have 3 different PRC files, one may be program_mono.prc, program_8bit.prc and program_OS5.prc. Since I have a Tungsten, I'd want to install "program_OS5.prc", but not the other two. Does this AutoInstall program figure that out for me? Does the person making the software have to setup their install program to be compatible with this AutoInstall program?

RE: What about different version?
louisw @ 2/18/2003 3:30:38 PM #
Quick check of

Leads to:

" For each file in the archive ending with extension .prc, .pdb, .scp, .pqa, or .pnc, StreamLync attempts to install the file to Palm Desktop.

The only exceptions to this procedure are files which contain a specific directory name in their path. By default, this name is “DeviceSpecific”. If any of the files in the archive being processed reside in a subdirectory called DeviceSpecific, these files will not be installed to Palm Desktop. The DeviceSpecific exception is included to assist software developers’ including multiple versions of a Palm application, where each version is intended for a different type of Palm device. If device-specific files are found, StreamLync alerts you with the message box shown above.

• If a file of the same name exists in the Palm Install directory, StreamLync will not install the second file and will notify you with the warning shown here. Refer to the developer's documentation for more information on the correct file to install.

RE: What about different version?
kezza @ 2/18/2003 3:40:43 PM #
I've played around with this program a bit, and i think people are thinking it's more advanced than it actually is.
this doesn't automatically install anything to your palm -- it simply unzips an archive downloaded from palmgear, then sticks the contents in an archive folder and in your install folder, then when you hotsync it goes over. you just have to set your browser to use streamlync to open those files. it doesn't automatically send anything to your palm without a hotsync, and it has no direct connection to the handheld. as for software with multiple versions, i think it would probably put them all in the install folder, then you'd have to go and remove them manually. sounds like fun! :/

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Inventing the weel... again?

Gazpacho @ 2/18/2003 6:11:42 PM #
Since my first day as a Clie owner, I have this program installed on my laptop:

Pilot Install takes over the 'normal' Palm Desktop Install utility, including the file link. So if you double click a .prc file, it will go to Pilot Install. It is MUCH easier and faster, as it will only install the required .prc file instead of a hotsync. I can download install any .prc file I like on my handheld within 5 seconds.

Pilot install:

1) Double click on .prc file on PC
2) Press hotsync on handheld
3) File will be installed, done, automatic shutdown Pilot Install.


1) Double click on .prc file
2) Press done on PC
3) Press hotsync on handheld
4) Wait for tedious hotsync, and the .prc file itself.

RE: Inventing the weel... again?
bringer @ 2/19/2003 12:26:44 PM #
I agree.
I download the zip file, click on Open when it's done downloading, open any readme file directly from Winzip and then double click any files within the Winzip dialog that need to be installed. This brings up pinstall and pressing the hotsync button only installs the file(s) I have selected in about 5-10 seconds.

It couldn't be easier. Who needs a program to do this?

Macs have done this all along

Calroth @ 2/18/2003 11:59:43 PM #
If I recall right, the Mac version of Stuffit Expander has an option to automatically put all .pdb, .prc files (and so on) into the Files To Install folder, when decompressing archives.

It's probably not as smart as StreamLync. But this functionality has been there all along. (Whether anybody cares is another matter.)


Ben S @ 2/19/2003 10:55:38 AM #
Does anyone remember InstallBuddy ( -- it has basically the same feature, called "Software Valet". Regretably, it seems as though Blue Nomad as all but killed the product... it *still* hasn't be updated to support VFS. It's a shame, this was always one of the first programs I told new users to buy -- it made installing Palm software, converting docs, etc., a breeze.

Rather have Wireless Downloads

kpr @ 2/20/2003 1:37:01 PM #
When I first saw that new StreamLync icon on PalmGear, I thought it was for downloading software directly to my Palm when my Palm is connected to the internet. The icon even looks like it is for something wireless since it has curved lines coming out of the bottom of it like wireless signals.

I'd much rather be able to download software directly to my Palm when it is connected to the internet than what StreamLync currently provides. I hope PalmGear will add this much needed feature in the future.

RE: Rather have Wireless Downloads @ 2/21/2003 3:59:03 PM #
Stay tuned!



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