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Free Veo Camera with T|T: Palm is running a new promotion, if you purchase a Tungsten T before May 17th, you can receive a free Veo Camera with a mail-in rebate. -Brian Mathis
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"Panther" a replacement for M series?

gfunkmagic @ 3/4/2003 1:05:01 AM #
I hope this comes true. PalmSG needs to come out with a sub $300 non-sliding tablet pda running OS 5 w/VG. Hopefully then can come out with a new slim form factor to compete with the h1910 etc...

pen_n_paper @ 3/4/2003 5:14:03 AM #
Exactly...i mean my m130 is just sitting there and sighing....i could just hear it....don't drop to M series Palm....go go go!

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hkklife @ 3/4/2003 8:57:15 AM #
I hope that the "Panther" treats Palm better than the last device I can recall with that codename: Atari's never-launched 32-bit game machine. Bck in the early 90s, they spent a heap of R&D money on it, only to be eclipsed by the PSX and Saturn. Atari managed to cobble together the Jaguar from the ashes of the Panther and tried to call it "64-bit" but by then the company was making more out of lawsuits and royalties than from console sales and software and the end was in sight.

I hope that Palm SG is not toast after the T|W's dismal launch. I've looked all around town and still not seen one in any store yet. Assuming they can weed out the rest of the older models, they might have a reasonable chance of survival. I am thinking that the m1xx series and the m500 will be killed off in one fell swoop with a $150 Zire that has the m130's screen and a (hopefully) $300 non-wireless OS5 unit based on the Palm V formfactor.

Another interesting possibility that almost certainly won't happen is a refreshed OS 4.x upper-low end model running a 66 mhz Dragonball...though Sony has shown that they can utilize that processor and will milk quite a bit more life out of the "old" Palm architecture. I played with an SJ33 last night and aside from the usually atrocious buttons, I was *very* impressed with the unit!

The panther

hgoldner @ 3/4/2003 9:56:35 AM #
In the inimitable words of Ogden Nash, just remember:

The panther is like a leopard
Except he hasn't been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch
Prepare to say "Ouch!"
Better yet, when called upon by a panther,
Don't anther.

My guess is a Panther is a color Zire with 16 megs and THREE buttons (why not? Did you honestly expect Palm to release a 2 button unit?), but heck, what do I know?


Panther? That's one stupid name...

Fat_Man @ 3/4/2003 12:13:34 PM #
ok naming after an element(Tungsten) or "zire" whatever that is... is acceptable. But Panther?!?

"Hey is that a neew Palm?"

"yeah, it's the uh...panther."

or... "let me look up that number on my panther."

The only way I see it as being cool if the casing is pink... get it? Pink! ;)


RE: Panther? That's one stupid name...
I.M Anonymous @ 3/5/2003 12:57:22 AM #
It's no worse than Jaguar

RE: Panther? That's one stupid name...
swinginjonny @ 3/5/2003 11:00:18 AM #
Every company has code names that they use for devices while they're in the works. Remember the "Oslo"? On release it became the Tungsten T. I doubt that "Panther" will be the final name.

(Self-confessed Palm Geek)
RE: Panther? That's one stupid name...
Fat_Man @ 3/5/2003 2:56:31 PM #
I don't remember "oslo" being listed in BestBuy inventory. The Panther (ha ha still funny) is listed, according to rumors, in the inventory of a major electronics chain. I think it's more than a code-name.

"Have anyone seen my panther?"

"Stop playing with your panther!"


T|T Is Finally a Good Deal.

rsc1000 @ 3/4/2003 1:00:56 PM #
With the T|T being available now for as low as $310 AND with the free camera ($99 value) - the T|T has gone from completely over-priced to being a great deal. Hmmmmm - is the camera deal only valid if you buy direct from Palm (hope not)?

RE: T|T Is Finally a Good Deal.
Scott R @ 3/4/2003 2:23:25 PM #
"Hmmmmm - is the camera deal only valid if you buy direct from Palm (hope not)?"

I'm pretty sure it is. So you can either have a TT for $400 w/free camera or just the TT for the cheapest price you can find it, but not both.


RE: T|T Is Finally a Good Deal.
pocketpal @ 3/4/2003 2:37:52 PM #
It does not have to be purchased from Palm.

From the promotion details:
"...Buy a Palm Tungsten T handheld and submit the redemption form, the original UPC barcode from the Palm handheld box and a copy of your sales receipt dated between March 1, 2003 and May 17, 2003 with the handheld purchase circled...."

although it does go on to say:
"...Offer not valid on refurbished or reconditioned Palm Tungsten T handhelds or on units purchased from 3rd party online auction sites...."

RE: T|T Is Finally a Good Deal.
rsc1000 @ 3/4/2003 3:15:23 PM #
Yep - just checked the promo info. This is great - OS 5 device with camera for $310 - now if they can just overcome the stigma of this being too expensive based on their initial price. Now how about that mp3 software (yeah i know - Aeroplayer & PocketTunes - but you need to pay $$ to reg and get mp3 capability).

RE: T|T Is Finally a Good Deal.
Scott R @ 3/4/2003 5:15:57 PM #
"Yep - just checked the promo info. This is great - OS 5 device with camera for $310"

Yeah, sorry for my bit of misinformation. That is a good deal. It's still not quite my ideal device, but a good deal nonetheless.




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