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In this set of quickies find out how to share internet access over Bluetooth with Mac OS X, and upgrade a sony N series model to 32 MB of internal ram. Also covered are some new games, a rebate on the sony wifi card, a new Palm Business Book and much more.
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???? whatz up

tritan @ 3/11/2003 6:11:49 PM #
Isn't there to many question marks where there should be periods? Is it my computer I see this alot on this site.

RepliGo 1.1 for Palm OS 5
Cerience Corporation has announced RepliGo 1.1 document mobility software. RepliGo converts MS Office documents, Adobe PDF, Web pages and other document types into replicas of their original documents for viewing and printing on Palm OS devices. New features include ARM-native processing on Palm OS 5 devices, high-resolution screen support (as well as 320x480), enhanced support for the Palm? Tungsten?

May the Palm os be with you

RE: ???? whatz up
Pepper @ 3/11/2003 6:15:05 PM #
i'm seeing . instead of ? ...perhaps there is something wrong with your browser?


I love my Palm . . . do you?

RE: ???? whatz up
tritan @ 3/11/2003 6:17:39 PM #

Do you see this a question marks on the end or periods?

"the Palm? Tungsten?"

May the Palm os be with you

RE: ???? whatz up
Admin @ 3/11/2003 6:19:00 PM #
For some strange reason the mac os does not like certain apostrophe's and converts them to question marks. thanks for the heads up, I'll fix them.
RE: ???? whatz up
jaykacik @ 3/11/2003 6:30:13 PM #
I'm on Windows 98 and I see ?s as well.

- J

RE: ???? whatz up
popko @ 3/11/2003 6:49:09 PM #
If you are using IE:
Right click (what whatever that it is you need to do to get that menu on Mac) any empty area of the web page and select Encoding. Then choose Western European (Windows). This should fix your problem if your OS is Westerm European based. Others, like me, who run Asian language version of OS, can select Unicode (UTF-8) instead.

RE: ???? whatz up
jsuplido @ 3/12/2003 1:17:19 AM #
The "?" are actually the "TM" symbols in Cerience's original article. It happened to me too when I first cut and pasted the article for my report at ClieSource.

RE: ???? whatz up
mj6798 @ 3/12/2003 12:44:08 PM #
This is pretty common: some Windows web creation tools and editors like to put Windows-specific character encodings into web pages (and may not even indicate that in the character set encoding). It can also happen when cutting and pasting on Windows. Non-Windows browsers can't make sense of those. Your best bet is to stick to ASCII, ISO, or UTF-8.


jho4thclie @ 3/11/2003 7:26:41 PM #
I'm sure you know this, but there is a LOT of money to be made in loading up Clie NR, NX, and NZ palms w/ 32MB. I know I'd pay big bucks for it... 11MB sucks!

Get workin! ;-)


32 MB upgrades!

gfunkmagic @ 3/11/2003 7:26:48 PM #
I started a thread about this topic in the forums a while go...

In theory this upgrade should be applicable to all DragonBall VZ™-based units. Thus does anyone know if this can be done on a Treo 300, and where one would go to do it?

PalmSource to contribute to open-source community!

gfunkmagic @ 3/11/2003 7:53:44 PM #
The most interesting thing from that interview on IMO is Nagel's discussion about how PalmSource may contribute to open-source community:

Q: Does this mean you are looking to contribute to the open source communities and their standards groups?

"I certainly would consider it and there are some candidates that are being talked about. Some of them we do already. For example, the PIM code is released to developers today and a lot of third party products are based on open source availability of that code. In that sense, I'd say we are already a part of the open source community. Where we have the opportunity to that, we will do more of that. It reduces expense to us and gets more people working on a problem in a shorter period of time."


Of course, he dispels any notion of PalmSource going the way of Redhat in the following question. But I think this is telling b/c he explicitly states that he believes all the phones in the future will have an open operating system, thus implicitly saying the future will NOT by Symbian or M$ smartphone! I guess Nagel sees PalmSource's major competition in the future as Linux and not the aforementioned. (Also, perhaps this is why Motorola chose linux as it major future platform as well.) I think it's extremely telling IMHO that Nagel sees linux or some other kind of open-source code (PalmOS variant) being the future of the massive mobile handset industry! Any thoughts?

RE: PalmSource to contribute to open-source community!
ganoe @ 3/12/2003 8:11:53 AM #
He seemed to be more interested in talking about supporting open standards, not open source. In fact, he specifically said, "I don't want the headline to be 'Palm goes open source,'" so you are reading far, far too much into this. He is simply stating the direction he feels things are going.

Much of the source for the PIM applications has been available to developers for a long time. They aren't anything that fancy anyhow. Also, the source for the OS is available to their licensees, so I think PalmSource correctly sees that as an "open" way to work with them.

Open-source is a somewhat over-rated buzzword anyhow. If PalmSource went completely "open-source" today (if they even could), I think it'd be more of a mess than a positive thing.

The Palm Business Book

SuccessWizard @ 3/11/2003 8:47:44 PM #
I tried to go to the web site both through the link and directly. Neither worked. Is this an advance announcement? (I think I used the question mark right in this case.)

I'd really like to get my hands on this book, but the lack of continuity of the URL is frustrating my efforts.

Mike Lohsl
Palm & Pocket PC Advisor

RE: The Palm Business Book
gfunkmagic @ 3/11/2003 9:20:20 PM #
The link works fine for me...

RE: The Palm Business Book
ElBee @ 3/12/2003 7:35:09 AM #
Another way to a mirrored copy of the site is:

Hope that works better for you.


Excellent PDF Viewer for T|T

ggeoffre @ 7/18/2003 5:32:31 PM #
I wish I was paying better attention to this article back in March '03. I have tried the updated 1.2 version and am rather impressed. Granted it does need convert the PDF and requires a hotsynch (or file transfer) to load the converted file (no native support of PDF on the T|T and therefore you cannot view e-mail attachments), but it is much better than other PDF viewers I have tried. And it is rather quick as well.


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