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Gambit Studios, the company behind the Liberty Gameboy emulator, have developed PC system emulator for the Palm OS. The amazing program runs most PC applications and is fully windows 98 compatible. It requires a 256MB of free memory and a device with a 320x480 screen resolution.

Palm OS PC Emulator

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April Foo

Foo Fighter @ 4/1/2003 2:48:08 PM #
Emulate Windows? Now that's funny. Scary, but funny.

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RE: April Foo
ocspub @ 4/1/2003 2:49:42 PM #
It's great, I am actually running Redhat 9 on it (why bother with Windows?)

RE: April Foo
Fammy @ 4/1/2003 2:55:43 PM #
I'm running it running POSE. It's not as fast as the hardware, but for Palm emulating Windows emulating Palm, it's acceptable. Emulating Windows within POSE withing Windows within the Palm is really slow.

It's kinda like pointing a web cam at your monitor as it displays the webcam, going into that cool infinity loop.


RE: April Foo
lcohen @ 4/1/2003 11:14:07 PM #
I installed this, but I have problems hotsynching the palm onto itself. I managed to get the palm desktop running allogn with hotsync. but there's only ONE USB PORT so either the palm hotsync uses it or the wine uses it...

Oh yeah.. how do you do the ctrl alt del command stroke in graffiti?


RE: April Foo
invalidalias @ 4/2/2003 12:12:08 AM #
I just loaded this software. Man that is great. I can take my AutoCad with me even surf the web with my sd wi-fi card at 14 gb/sec.

Have a Great Day!
RE: April Foo
danmosk @ 4/2/2003 1:21:57 AM #
where did you get an sd wifi card I thought they were not due out till summer?

wow..OFFICE on palm?

yoyolai @ 4/1/2003 2:49:26 PM #
Does that mean we can run office on a palm?

RE: 256MB memory?
Cheetah @ 4/1/2003 2:55:25 PM #
Guess you need to run it from a big SD card. Hmmmm.

RE: wow..OFFICE on palm?
Altema @ 4/1/2003 4:01:21 PM #
You need to run it from the new external SD cards which clip to the back of the Palm. An option with this new mem/sdio interface is a vga output. Speed appears to be pretty good, and unlike the Presenter To Go module, it can do streaming video. This capability cannot be done on the PTG because it only uses an image buffer, rather than data streaming.

RE: wow..OFFICE on palm?
Palm Cow @ 4/1/2003 10:38:50 PM #
Considering that the only well-known PalmOS handhelds with such high-end processores are the NX and NZ (okay, ht eGarmin, but well...whatever), you would want a really big memory stick. Just a thought.

Sulla has Spoken
RE: wow..OFFICE on palm?
VisorMiser @ 4/2/2003 8:10:02 AM #
Fantastic! Finally I can work in Word & Excel without the Blue Screen of death! And no more 220MB just for the stinkin' program files! I can't wait to register my copy! (where the hell's the site ...? I REFUSE to use Palmgear or Handango!)

The Palm platform already "out-Offices" Pocket Office (see: ) it's only natural for it to out-Office MS Office.

the VisorMiser
Where will ya be when ya get where you're goin'?

Haha very funny

Ghostrider @ 4/1/2003 2:54:14 PM #
Especially that it's is released on _April 1st, 2003_ (dorks :-))

RE: Haha very funny
yoyolai @ 4/1/2003 3:33:41 PM #
oh my god...
I DID believed it...

RE: Haha very funny
ecard @ 4/1/2003 9:56:57 PM #

I would like to see it running oposite!

Georg @ 4/1/2003 3:13:22 PM #
Why PPC emulator on Palm OS????
I need an Palm emulator on PPC!!!!!!

RE: I would like to see it running oposite!
Fammy @ 4/1/2003 3:19:47 PM #
Dude, it's not PPC. It's Windows 98. That's even better!!!!!!!!1111

RE: I would like to see it running oposite!
auttila @ 4/7/2003 4:54:51 AM #

Yeah right

graph @ 4/1/2003 3:15:15 PM #
yeah right like Billgates would allow that.

RE: Yeah right
rsperko @ 4/1/2003 3:41:45 PM #
I think ANY Palm OS device processor would stop it way before Bill got involved.

...ahhh April 1st

DWD @ 4/1/2003 5:21:48 PM #
Good one Ryan!

RE: ...ahhh April 1st
pen_n_paper @ 4/2/2003 3:24:36 AM #
great job!!!!

This makes me glad i'm with PIC :-)

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Those liscence fees...

Pepper @ 4/1/2003 5:20:41 PM #
Wow, great idea, but the liscencing fees to run it legal are CRAZY! ;-) I hope it includes the blue screens of death in all their glory -- i think they'd serve as a WONDERFUL screen saver

Glad to see some 4/1 news! Laste year there weren't any rocking jokes, but i loved the one the year before with the fake handera... classics


I love my Palm . . . do you?

RE: Those liscence fees...
maven @ 4/1/2003 5:30:47 PM #
lol... Blue screen of death! Why didn't I think to put that screenshot up?!?

Ahh well :)

yah, what ever...

palm_pilot_guy @ 4/1/2003 5:54:25 PM #
come on, give us something a bit less predictable than that!

two sl10s in the hand don't make an sj30 in the bush.

Not the only Windows for Palm OS...

bcombee @ 4/1/2003 5:54:32 PM #
Beiks Software released Windows PE ( earlier today with a free downloadable demo. It works just like Windows 95 on my Tungsten T :)

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
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RE: Not the only Windows for Palm OS...
Morph @ 4/1/2003 6:22:11 PM #
this is probably the funniest April 1st one I have seen today. I had to try it out....priceless!

Thanks for the link!!


For what shall it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul.

RE: Not the only Windows for Palm OS...
nakolo @ 4/1/2003 7:46:33 PM #
Rich. I added it to my Main application list to show all the PPC grunions. A story about Sony releasing the NW-78 Playstation emulator would have been cool.

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RE: Not the only Windows for Palm OS...
flevy @ 4/4/2003 4:32:08 PM #
Whatever else, you have to love the Grand Tetons on the wallpaper.

MAC O/S Emulator Announced at PDABUZZ

lcohen @ 4/1/2003 11:21:10 PM #
In a related story... PDABUZZ has announced the MINIMAC

miniMac is a project to build a very small replica of the original 1984 128k Macintosh. This scaled down Mac will be based on components taken from a Palm Platform handheld computer, therefore the original Macintosh Operating System is being 'ported' to the Palm Platform.
The emulated Mac OS will run on any Palm Platform handheld computer running Palm OS 3.0 or higher, including the newest Palm OS 5 handhelds.


RE: MAC O/S Emulator Announced at PDABUZZ
Raptor1313666 @ 4/2/2003 12:34:39 AM #
Oddly enough, this doesn't seem to be an April Fool's joke. While I'm not exactly a Mac fan. I do find this project to be . . . amusing.

-Richard "Raptor" Powell

"Nice guys may finish last, but you know, the company's much better back here."

200MHz 486

MSTCrowT @ 4/5/2003 1:13:12 PM #
I'd just like to point out that there was never any such thing as a 200MHz 486; the architecture wasn't capable of running at that clock speed, unless you super-cool it. The fastest 486 chip was a 133MHz part from AMD, equivalent to a Pentium 75 in performance. A theoretical 200MHz 486 would be similar to a ~112MHz Pentium.

RE: 200MHz 486
JohnKes @ 4/15/2003 4:25:48 PM #
A 486-133 worked great for me. It was like putting a 300 HP engine in a VW bug - so much power that the rest of the system couldn't keep up.



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