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Galen Design Worldwide is pleased to annouce: Color Translucent Replacement Cases for Palm Pilot III Connected Organizers. Available in six color: Blueberry, Tangerine, Lime, Grape, Clear and Aqua (IMac Blue). They are available for $29.95 each ($10 off retail price). All colors in stock for immediate shipment. Interested parties should contact: for more information. Go Clear!
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Color Replacement Cases

Gadgetgirl @ 2/25/2000 3:07:51 PM #
I orderd mine from Galen Design and received it in two days. I purchased 3 kits (blueberry, grape and clear). I like the option of being able to mix and match the components for a totally original look. Now I get WOW's whenever I take it out. Clear is the way to go! The best effect is when I turn on the back light at night and the light shows throught the translucent flip lid--very cool!

The best part is that Galen Design sells them for $10 less than I'm thinking about ordering the other colors as well... Looking forward to sending the gray factory case to the Palm Graveyard!

Color Translucent Cases

Don G. @ 2/26/2000 4:04:57 AM #
I've just received a clear replacement case and flip lid I had order from Galen Worldwide. They actually had all the colors in stock. They pay for shipping!

It took less than a minute for me to install it and now my Palm III looks just like the limited edition IIIe.

I gave up waiting for the one I ordered from PalmColors and the ones at PalmGear sells for $10.00 more.

My recommendation--for service and price, I'd order from people at Galen Worldwide.

RE: Color Translucent Cases
Galen Yuen @ 2/26/2000 2:40:59 PM #
As president of Galen Worldwide, I certainly appreciate the positive comments about my company. We don't boast a fancy web site, nor do we sell at the high prices associated with it.

We are a small company commited to searching the planet for the most innovative products and services. We also believe in value to the customer. That's why the color replacement cases we sell are $10.00 less than the "other" online store. We are very pleased with the response to our product so far, and I must say thanks to all the great Palm users associated with this wonderful Palm forum: Palm Infocenter!

RE: Color Translucent Cases
tom alphin @ 2/26/2000 3:25:03 PM #
any chance we will see replacement palm V cases; i know it' hard to do the swap but it'd be so cool; see" CLASS=NEWS> for how cool it'd look.
RE: Color Translucent Cases for Palm V
Galen Yuen @ 2/26/2000 3:37:52 PM #
We don't have any plans to create replacement cases for the Palm V right now. We decided on Palm III because there are more Palm III in the market.

If the interest is great enough, we may consider producing it. But the volume will have to be great since R&D and molding cost in extremely expensive!

On a related note, we are developing a digital voice recorder for the Palm V which will be available in about a month... Please keep posted!

Clear Cases

Tom Harrison @ 2/26/2000 4:17:46 AM #
What are these? Do they fit over the existing case or do they replace the factory gray one? I would love to go translucent to match my iMac gear.
RE: Clear Cases
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2000 4:38:21 AM #
These are color cases that "completely" replaces your existing gray case. It's quite simple to do. Remove the four small Phillip screws, carefully replacement the shell, then put the screws back on. That's it! Note: You should keep the gray shell just in case you need to return it to 3com for warranty repairs. Since there aren't any labels or seals to break, they'll never know you've opened the case. I would recommend the Blueberry or Aqua color!
RE: Clear Cases
Galen Yuen @ 2/26/2000 2:49:39 PM #
Dear Mr. Tom Harrison,

Thanks for your interest in our color replacement cases. These cases "replace" your existing factory shell. It is precision made to fit your Palm III exactly. Since they're translucent, you will then be able to see into the unit and appreciate the high tech electronics of the Palm. They are available in six translucent colors.


kosh @ 2/27/2000 8:12:38 AM #
Why do palm have to imitate an imac. :-(


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