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In their latest report, Gartnet says poor worldwide economic conditions, low consumer confidence and a severe decline in the Chinese PDA market affected the worldwide PDA market in the second quarter of 2003, as shipments dropped 7.3 percent from the same period last year. Palm OS based products retained their market dominance, accounting for over 51% of worldwide PDA shipments.
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sonylover @ 8/18/2003 2:07:01 PM #
This is off topic, but I just realized- Clie+n(series)t(series) =Client
as in sony clients. Then take the n for n-series and t for t-series and you have sony's product line.

Sony's product cycle is in dog years!
RE: Clie
arielb @ 8/20/2003 5:23:46 AM #
umm so how do you explain the U and S series?

os 6

greentruck15 @ 8/18/2003 2:58:35 PM #
I thought the new T3 would have OS 6 on it, just from the screen shot it looked newer than OS 5.2. It says that it is coming in 2004

RE: os 6
Hazniet @ 8/18/2003 4:40:40 PM #
From the pictures I've seen the T3 has an updated os5 that suppports landscape mode and hi-res+. The leaked screenshots from os6 show a new GUI, among other things.

If you feel like you're under control, you're just not going fast enough.

RE: os 6
T.W.G @ 8/19/2003 11:24:04 AM #

I think the TT3 will have Palm OS 5.3 and come out in October!

In Palm OS 5.3 virtual Graffiti is standard! :-)

Greetings from Germany


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All new

Georg @ 8/19/2003 12:48:14 AM #
New name - new color - same/more problems???????

Sony losing, Palm gaining

jmchamblis @ 8/19/2003 9:29:52 AM #
I find it interesging that with a new device seemingly every other week, Sony's numbers dropped slightly but Palm gained a bit.
RE: Sony losing, Palm gaining
Strider_mt2k @ 8/20/2003 8:48:09 AM #
I left Palm to go to Sony.

I don't think pa1mone is going to have what it takes to win me back.

PalmOS 6 critical?

arielb @ 8/20/2003 5:05:26 AM #
while PalmOS 6 would be nice to have, the worse of Palm's days are over since it can support 400 mhz ARM processors, up to 128 megs ram, 320x320 displays with 12 bit color -nobody can really make fun of Palm hardware anymore.

RE: PalmOS 6 critical?
shdeetz @ 8/23/2003 2:14:51 PM #
True, however Sony already supports 320x480 and 16 bit color. Palm is still lagging behind even with their newest stuff.

RE: PalmOS 6 critical?
The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 8:23:32 PM #
Palm's independent (from Sony) future is getting cloudier every month. They should never have licensed the OS to other manufacturers. It's interesting to see that over the years Sony, HandEra and now even Garmin have produced PDAs that make Palm's offerings look weak by comparison. Unfortunately, the Treo 600 will probably be too little, too expensive, too late.

Was going to comment on Gartner's total lack of objectivity,

orb2069 @ 8/25/2003 7:07:29 PM #
... but it turns out I can just point to everybody's old ones from the archives.



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