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UPDATED Tapwave ZodiacFirm details and a new video on the upcoming Tapwave Zodiac are now out. The Palm OS handheld gaming device is set to be launched at the DEMO mobile conference on September 17th.
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wireless gaming

Gar @ 9/5/2003 1:20:57 PM #
It looks like a lot of the game hardware folks are banking on the player to player gaming. This unit is not built around the idea like the Nokia and Sony devices are... but it's there.
How popular do you think this will become? Could you save your settings from one game played to another to pick up where you left off with the other head to head you did? Never knowing who you are playing against on the bus. :-)

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RE: wireless gaming
killah fury @ 9/5/2003 1:51:05 PM #
Wow. It looks like a neat little machine...

It's a bit expensive when compared to the GameBoy SP though... and the GameBoy Advance 2 is not far away... so it's going to be tough for Tapwave, but the very best of luck to them.

No more UX
izadwen @ 9/5/2003 1:52:03 PM #
Well I know that I am a finicky buyer, but the Zodiac has definitly caught my attention. To think I was going to spend $600 for a ux40! Now I can have this for gaming and a TE for work at the same price.

RE: wireless gaming
TTrules @ 9/5/2003 1:58:14 PM #
This thing looks really cool. And it's one good deal, too. I have yet to see a hendheld with bluetooth, 128 mbs of memory and inhanced audio and video capabilities for only $400.

One Palm to rule them all!


RE: wireless gaming
hoodoo @ 9/5/2003 3:11:56 PM #
Izadwen said: "Now I can have this for gaming and a TE for work at the same price."

Why would you need a T|E? This Zodiac thingie wouldn't look that ridiculous in the office. (at least I think)

At any rate, the Z71 is toast.

More pics here

Scott R @ 9/5/2003 2:03:02 PM #
In case anyone's interested, I also wrote up an "article" about the Tapwave and have included a few more photos, including some screenshots of games and the UI. Nothing new to anyone who has been following the Tapwave developments closely, but may be beneficial to others. You can find it here:
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Phantom Strike pics
arielb @ 9/5/2003 5:11:00 PM #
RE: More pics here
Spell @ 9/5/2003 8:17:22 PM #
Up close and personal pic in the 10/2003 issue of WIRED, page 83. Scant details on the specs, but a good looking photograph of the hardware head-on and 3/4 view.

Why get the 128MB model?

Scott R @ 9/5/2003 2:05:22 PM #
One thing I'm curious about...why would you get the 128MB model? Sure, a device with the Zodiac's specs and 128MB of memory at $400 is a decent deal, but what does it really buy you over just getting the 32MB model for $300 and a 256MB SD card, and still having $20 or more left?

I could see the argument if the Zodiac only had one SDIO slot, since you might want to keep it free for Wi-Fi or something else, but since it has two SDIO slots, I'd imagine that most would be using one of them for memory anyway.

The only other thought would be if the 128MB model actually runs apps directly within that memory, but I don't think that's the case.
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RE: Why get the 128MB model?
markgm @ 9/5/2003 2:14:38 PM #
I kinda think it would use the 128 as palms use the 8/16 they have nowadays. If not, I agree with you, I don't see why one would want to get the 128 model. But I have to say, they are doing what other companies aren't, and that's giving consumers options. If they had a 32MB model people would complain that they don't have one with more RAM. To me, this device reminds me of the one that got me started on the Palm OS, the Handspring Visor. It's revolutionary, offers the features I want, and is a good price. I was glad to see in the cnet video that the device makes use of SDIO devices which are already on the market. I guess I'm still a little bitter about the stripped down CF slot on the Clie's. If this thing is as small as it seems to be, it might be a replacement to my NX80.

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
kevdo @ 9/5/2003 2:18:33 PM #
Well, my Zire 71's RAM (16 MB) is 100% full and I can imagine any Tapwave games would be even bigger than traditional Palm apps (given the higher res, etc.). So, I'd imagine burning through 32 MB real easily

Tapwave indicated downloadable games in addition to SD games would be available. Even if not, 128 mb would allow more room for other Palm programs I don't have space for now.

-Kevin Crossman

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
Scott R @ 9/5/2003 2:47:27 PM #
"Tapwave indicated downloadable games in addition to SD games would be available. Even if not, 128 mb would allow more room for other Palm programs I don't have space for now."

Yes, but as I said, for that $100 price difference you could have a 32MB device + 256MB storage card and still have money left over.

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RE: Why get the 128MB model?
arielb @ 9/5/2003 3:01:23 PM #
PalmOS does support 128 megs so I assume you can have games that require a lot of heap space. And of course you'd have the dual expansion and bluetooth built in. It has a lot of potential thats for sure

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
hoodoo @ 9/5/2003 3:15:26 PM #
The SDIO is still storage, if I recall correctly, so you still would need room to load the games into RAM. Probably at least 16mb as a guess? Plus all youse guys would have MP3s loaded up as well.

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
tim_s @ 9/5/2003 8:19:06 PM #
If it's conventional Palm RAM, that 128MB will be useless for MP3s - they'll still need to live in VFS storage.

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
Wollombi @ 9/5/2003 8:24:04 PM #
Four points:

1.) There is no such thing as too much RAM.

2.) While it does have dual SDIO slots, it sounds like most games will be on SD cards, and if you want to play on a network, you may want a 802.11 card in the other slot. In this scenario, both slots would be used up already.

3.) It is faster to access applications in internal memory than on the card, and apps accessed from the card still need to be loaded into RAM. In any of these scenarios, more RAM is a good idea, especially with apps and games growing in size lately.

4.) Did I mention that there's no such thing as too much RAM?


"They're smoking crack."
-Linus Torvalds on SCO group's copyright claims against Linux-

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
margerum @ 9/5/2003 9:02:43 PM #
storage memory and heap are the same memory physically. The heap is just a fixed amount and the rest will be devoted to storage. Thats why the 16mb sony only have 11 mb available. They reserver 5 mb of it for heap.

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
Edward Green @ 9/6/2003 9:18:34 AM #
Wish list for PalmOS 6:

Dynamic Heap Allocation.

I assume OS 6 has a 'real' file system, although I think the Run in Place OS5 model works well - when apps support SD cards .... and many still fail to check the SD card for Data files meaning PowerRun is required. If OS 6 needs it then dynamic Ramdisk (like the UX but userdefinable) would be neat.

Something like the Zodiac 128 I would like to Have 16Mb heap for Netfront, 32Mb for Apps / runspace and the rest for MP3's and MPEG 4 video.

I wonder if one of our resident developers can tell us if the OS could be hacked in 5 to do this sort of thing? One of the reasons I havent grabbed a TT2 is that I would like to run a Netfront browser which requires at least 5Mb, ideally more, or Heap Ram.

Edward Green

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
arielb @ 9/7/2003 3:03:11 AM #
RE: Why get the 128MB model?
somas1 @ 9/7/2003 1:56:56 PM #
There may be advantages to 128 MB of ram in the future but in the short term it serves to attract spec geeks. A spec geek looks at a 64 MB ipaq and will see only the tungsten C as a real Palm OS competitor. You can never convince these people that a 32 MB Palm will be the equal of a 128 MB PPC. Tapwave can't be critized for not providing enough ram with their 128 MB model.

RE: Why get the 128MB model?
xelnaga8080 @ 9/8/2003 8:58:39 AM #
I think the 128 is definately a good idea. I'll bet those games either play in internal ram or on the special sd card, but probably not from generic SD storage. This would meen copying it back and forth between the card and the handheld. If those games are at least 4-5mb (and I'm guessing thats minimal) a peice, then that is a slow, slow process. Besides, I don't think I would have a problem burning through 128mb, even with an SD card. I like lots of programs.

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Palm Universal Connector?

palmhiker @ 9/5/2003 3:36:56 PM #
Does anyone know for sure yet if this device has a Palm Universal Connector?

This seems like a great replacement for just the PDA, games aside, but only if it allowed me to leverage the UC accessories I already own.

RE: Palm Universal Connector?
helf @ 9/5/2003 3:43:57 PM #
it doesnt.. was confirmed on brighthand. And I don't know why everyone wants the UC so badly. The way this unit is shaped any accessories would be awkward..

RE: Palm Universal Connector?
arielb @ 9/5/2003 5:09:13 PM #
ooo good point there

RE: Palm Universal Connector?
Scott R @ 9/5/2003 7:28:07 PM #
"And I don't know why everyone wants the UC so badly. The way this unit is shaped any accessories would be awkward."

The big one for me would be support for the XT keyboard. Using this device in landscape mode with a full-size keyboard would be great for taking notes, word processing, etc.

Beyond that, even just support for existing sync cables, etc. would have made it worthwhile.

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RE: Palm Universal Connector?
somas1 @ 9/7/2003 2:02:44 PM #
Why is it that folding bluetooth keyboards are not being made? I thought for sure that the integrated bluetooth on the tungsten models would result in 3rd party bluetooth keyboards.

RE: Palm Universal Connector?
Timothy Rapson @ 9/7/2003 2:15:22 PM #
Stowaways latest is an IR folding keyboard. It offers 90% of the functionality of a Blue Tooth and can be used with the 99% of PDAs out there that don't have blue tooth.

But, I wonder too. Where are the blue tooth ANYTHINGS? I would not pay 10 cents extra for a blue tooth PDA right now.

Now that was just plain mean - apologize to Bluetoothless.
The Ugly Truth @ 9/7/2003 3:36:38 PM #
But, I wonder too. Where are the blue tooth ANYTHINGS? I would not pay 10 cents extra for a blue tooth PDA right now.

You hurt Bluetoothless' feelings.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

RE: Palm Universal Connector?
hkklife @ 9/8/2003 2:40:27 PM #
I personally think BT will end up on the technology scrap-heap in the not-too distant future, right next to the Virtual Boy, the Newton, and Microsoft's Bob-heralded "technologies" that failed to deliver on at least a handful of essential features.

I've experienced nothing but headaches and hollow promises at trying to ever do anything with BT aside from a simple T|T and T68 pairing.

Bluetoothless Vs. Bob
The Ugly Truth @ 9/11/2003 11:59:43 PM #
"I knew Bob and Bluetoothless is no Bob."
- The President

Bluetooth is very good for making copies of my 8-tracks onto my Digital Compact Cassettes. Studies by Dr. Rube Goldberg of MIT in the mid-1990s also showed Bluetooth has enormous potential as a method of controlling home entertainment devices like televisions. Unfoutunately, until the price of Bluetooth PDA + Bluetooth card + Bluetooth receiver = the $10 price of a universal remote it was concluded that the devices would never achieve market acceptance.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™


arielb @ 9/5/2003 3:25:26 PM #
there are a lot of people who want what nobody delivered: 320x480 with landscape, virtual grafitti, no slider and no bulky extra keyboard. I bet a lot of people were interested in the Garmin ique but then realized the GPS came at a cost
People wanted dual slots but while Sony offers compact flash in some models, it's in a half hearted way. And we all know what happened to Handera. And 128 megs? wow. I don't know why Sony still is so stingy with the memory.
Bluetooth is standard the way it should be.
and last but not least: real games! no more puzzle games originally designed for Palm V's!
And amazingly it looks very Palm-like so yes, you can take it to a business meeting to check out your spreadsheets. I bet a lot of people will buy it just for that

RE: nice
volcanopele @ 9/5/2003 4:14:41 PM #
I am considering getting the Zodiac not because of the great games that will come out for it, but because it has the best specs of any device out there (though it lacks wifi, this can be rectificed with the forthcoming Sandisk Wifi SDIO card). Not only that, but the price is reasonable. I would never buy a gaming device at that price but when thought of as a great PDA with great games, the price is easily justifiable.

RE: But When Its Released....
Tungstenman @ 9/5/2003 5:24:06 PM #
But when its released, the specs will be a thing of the past, like the zire 71. The Zire 71 had all of the specs of the T|T, and a camera. But it was a low end model. I bele that the specs will only be average on the release date, like the zire 71 specs were averge, but USED to be good in the past, like as good as the T|T

A Palm in one hand is worth 2 PocketPCs
: )
-Steve B.
RE: nice
RSC @ 9/5/2003 6:52:51 PM #
I will by one the moment it has built in WiFi (bluetooth is fine, but I would prefer a small BT card in a SD slot rather than a gargantuan WiFi one...)

I suspect they already have plans for a future device with built-in WiFi, though...everyone knows it will be everywhere in the future (not just Starbucks, Airports, and McD's)

RE: nice
Scott R @ 9/5/2003 7:31:28 PM #
"I am considering getting the Zodiac not because of the great games that will come out for it, but because it has the best specs of any device out there (though it lacks wifi, this can be rectificed with the forthcoming Sandisk Wifi SDIO card)."

In case you weren't aware, the SDIO Wi-Fi card is out now. See:

However, Palm OS5 support is still "forthcoming."

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RE: nice
Scott R @ 9/5/2003 7:33:21 PM #
"But when its released, the specs will be a thing of the past, like the zire 71."

You do realize that this is coming out within about a month, right? The only other Palm OS devices that are out (or coming soon) that have similar specs are the much higher priced Sony UX40/UX50 and the palmOne TT3. The Sonys have some nice advantages such as a camera (though not great quality), the thumbboard, and built-in Wi-Fi (on the UX50) but, as I said, is a lot more expensive and doesn't support portrait mode. The TT3 is very nice as well, but looks like it will probably offer a bit less than the Zodiac at a somewhat higher price. Its main advantage is the more compact size.

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RE: nice
Timothy Rapson @ 9/5/2003 8:33:00 PM #

That was the best recap of the situation of the Zodiac and it's competition I have read anywhere in hundreds of post on all sorts of sites. Well said.

RE: nice
MJGunn @ 9/5/2003 10:43:10 PM #
Don't forget extremely good battery life to go with all those features......just have to see how big it ends up being.

RE: nice
arielb @ 9/6/2003 9:03:46 PM #
specs thing of the past? yes I wish! I wish they'd be standard features! but people have been screaming for a a tablet pda with virtual grafiti since handera! And don't forget the dual slots

Where is the video

digilaw @ 9/5/2003 5:46:02 PM #
Has it moved? I can't seem to find it.

RE: Where is the video
pen_n_paper @ 9/11/2003 11:21:47 AM #
The Video has been uh...disconnected. Go to the Tapwave forums...there is a link to another one over there.

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Wollombi @ 9/5/2003 8:19:32 PM #
I think you mean the Zodiac will be "unveiled", not "unviled". =)


"They're smoking crack."
-Linus Torvalds on SCO group's copyright claims against Linux-

Support for Portrait Mode?

skennedy1217 @ 9/5/2003 11:12:35 PM #
Does anyone know if the Zodiac will support portrait mode, or is it just going to be landscape? I'm thrilled that I will be able to use Quickword in landscape and see more than just two columns. I just think that for some things the portrait mode would make it easier to use and hold--especially when inputting data with a stylus.


RE: Support for Portrait Mode?
Galley_SimRacer @ 9/5/2003 11:47:20 PM #
The GoodThatWay article says that it does support all portrait-mode apps. There is also a photo of the memo pad running in portrait mode.

"Life is what you experience between racing games"
RE: Support for Portrait Mode?
Verteron @ 9/6/2003 11:56:56 AM #
Looks like there is a portrait/landscape button at the bottom (or right!) of the screen.

RE: Support for Portrait Mode?
cyruski @ 9/7/2003 12:29:53 PM #
it does have a button for that in the silkscreen bar.

$399 for 128 MB RAM? Sony and Palm should be embarassed...

The Ugly Truth @ 9/6/2003 3:07:57 AM #
The new CLIE UX series is especially pathetic in terms of RAM, boasting little more useful memory than that powerhouse of yore, the Pilot 5000.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

RE: $399 for 128 MB RAM? Sony and Palm should be embarassed...
astroboy @ 9/9/2003 5:30:09 PM #
Yeah, the specs at that price is fantastic. However, before you shake your finger at Palm or Sony, you gotta remember that Tapwave needs to sell the hardware as a loss-leader to get a critical mass of users. Then they make $$$ off of the games...


Verteron @ 9/6/2003 11:55:23 AM #
So let me get this straight...

128MB, VG 480x320, nifty landscape mode, 3D acceleration, POS 5.2, DUAL SDIO for $399?

Where do I send the cheque?

Sounds good, but I'll believe it when I see it...
The Ugly Truth @ 9/6/2003 5:29:15 PM #
I'd suggest waiting until you see how well it's actually constructed. Good specs (finally reasonable value from a Palm OS device?) are meaningless if they cut corners on quality. (Remember the lessons from the HandEra 330, Palm m505, Treos, etc.)

But if they spent the $$$ needed to build it well, Tapwave will probably end up selling a lot of these PDAs to power users that are tired of waiting for a dual slot, 320 x 480 device with reasonable memory from

No Palm should be selling with less than 32 MB RAM these days. Pocket PC is just going to keep chipping away at Palm's lead and failing to keep up with the PPC hardware specs doesn't help Palm's cause.

It's unfortunate that HandEra couldn't have contracted out to Sony to build a high quality, compact, 320 x 480, CF/SD PDA with 64 - 128 MB RAM in an IBM black metal case for business and power users. It's hard to imagine a simple configuration like that not doing well. But then again, Palm spent several years engineering their brilliant Claudia Schiffer Palms and those tanked, so maybe consumers are just not very intelligent.

Sometimes the truth just isn't pretty™

RE: Woah
dona83 @ 10/29/2003 4:41:42 AM #
POS looks like Piece of ****, which PalmOS isn't.

Please call it PalmOS =)

Where is Sony?!

mikecane @ 9/6/2003 2:38:54 PM #
Having had the marvelous pleasure of 320x480 via Garmin (a store's demo unit), I'm now apprehensive about that TT3's slider...

... so where is Sony with a "T770"?!!? (Dammit, I am addicted to the JogDial!)

The Zod looks wicked -- but with that button layout, I think trying to use it in portrait mode will be awkward -- like the CLUX would be.

RE: Where is Sony?!
Foo Fighter @ 9/6/2003 3:50:01 PM #
Quote: "I'm now apprehensive about that TT3's slider..."

HA HA! Now you know why I don't want the T3 either. The slider sucsk, IMO. And it lacks a flip cover.

I agree with you on the Zodiac's akward button layout. I plan on holding out a bit longer until we know more about the Zodiac, and I'd like to see what PalmOne and Sony have up their sleeves.

By the way, you can see a nice close up pic of the Zodiac in the latest issue of Wired (page 83). Ignore the Corel Porn ad on the preceding page. Jesus, who is their ad firm?

My blog:

My thoughts

vesther @ 9/6/2003 7:00:05 PM #
If the Tapwave Zodiac came with Built-In Wi-Fi, Built In Digital Camera, or even both, then it would be a better buy. If it came with what I said above, PLUS an upgradeable FLASH ROM, then gamers can cut overall HHCO (Handheld Cost of Ownership). Eitherway, Tapwave needs to make sure that this is the Handheld Gamers want, and that it would lower the gamer's TCHHO (Total Cost of Handheld Ownership) for the Handheld to survive in a market dominated by Palmone, Handspring, Sony, and even Kyocera.

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RE: My thoughts
cyruski @ 9/7/2003 12:30:47 PM #
i guess these were the most unrealistic comments ever i have seen about this topic. get real! the device already offers much more than the price.

btw i really wonder where the terms HHCO and TCHHO do come from. did you make them up yourself?

RE: My thoughts
arielb @ 9/8/2003 3:34:30 AM #
maybe he got it from a dilbert cartoon?

RE: My thoughts
madmaxmedia @ 9/9/2003 4:38:21 PM #
Can someone also scan the Corel porn ad? ha ha

RE: My thoughts
cyruski @ 9/11/2003 9:57:01 AM #
i sometimes am amazed by the implications people get while i'm trying to be amusing :)

Size? Specs?

MediaBaron @ 9/7/2003 5:54:30 AM #
Anyone know the dimensions of the Zodiac?
Universal Connector would be nice so I can connect a Zodiac to cellphone cable.
Will the 128MB act as normal RAM memory or like storage memory?
I assume this uses Graffitti 2?
Is the Palm OS upgradeable?
Is the firmware upgradeable?
Will this sync with a Macintosh? (hey, the Sonys don't out of the box)
Where the heck does the sylus go?

RE: Size? Specs?
MediaBaron @ 9/7/2003 6:02:33 AM #
Also, does this thing have a microphone built-in?
I assume it has a vibrate alarm since it has force-feedback type effects. A light indicator?

RE: Size? Specs?
Timothy Rapson @ 9/7/2003 2:22:19 PM #
It is approximately 3.3 by 5.8 by .6 inches.

Not your father's PalmPilot

RhinoSteve @ 9/7/2003 5:53:13 PM #
I'm very curious to see how the user demographics for this one comes about. One, it is a "gaming" Palm but on the other hand, it runs standard Palm apps. It is curvy a la m100 style so it doesn't have a hard tech look to it. Also "Zodiac" is a killer name impinging on the neo-pagan / New Age crowd.

I swear this is going to hit a bipolar distrubition with boho artist types one one end and hugely creative, professional individuals on the other side. What I don't see is this hitting the straight laced and pinstriped corporate enviroment. That has been the bread and butter of the Palm OS market so far.

In a way, it is an "Apple-ized" Palm OS device. All that is missing is a matte white finish and the Apple logo if you ask me. Who knows, this design may have been passed over by Steve and company and ended up purchased by Tapwave.

In my opinion, it is a winner but the demographics are going to be untraditional to say the least.
RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
dustbunny44 @ 9/7/2003 7:00:08 PM #
"Zodiac is a killer name...."
Very funny - SF Bay Area residents probably won't soon forget the serial killer who called himself the Zodiac. But that Zodiac wasn't trademarked. Zodiac is also the brand of a rubber inflatable boat (OK, Hypalon...). How'd Tapwave get it?

The PDA one looks great and if it's as rumored will only add positively to the the PalmOS hardware range of gadgets.

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
TechnoPops @ 9/7/2003 8:31:34 PM #
"Zodiac is also the brand of a rubber inflatable boat (OK, Hypalon...). How'd Tapwave get it?"

They can use it because both products are in two very different markets, so confusion would be very unlikely. This is the same reason that Life cereal and Life magazine can co-exist, along with the GMC Sonoma and Sonoma jeans.

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
kevdo @ 9/8/2003 12:42:59 AM #
>so confusion would be very unlikely

Like the Palm Pilot and the Pilot Pen... yeah, right.

-Kevin Crossman

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
arielb @ 9/8/2003 3:36:52 AM #
heheh maybe sue Cross Pen for stealing your name

"if you can't beat 'em join 'em!"

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
Edward Green @ 9/8/2003 8:46:05 AM #
As i have said before Zodiac is going to appeal to the same people who have gaming PC's.

I use my PC for Online Games, Internet and Web Publishing.

I ude my Zodiac for MP Games, Internet, Mp3's, and time Management.

Sounds good to me.

Edward Green

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
cyruski @ 9/8/2003 11:52:42 AM #
>it runs standard Palm apps

what was it supposed to run? pleae don't tell me you are not aware of the fact that zodiac will have 25+ titles specifically designed for it when it's launched(like tony hawk's pro skater, neverwinter nights etc., by activision, midway and infogrames, games that use the graphics processor and sound chip to the fullest extent).

RE: Not your father's PalmPilot
TechnoPops @ 9/8/2003 1:11:21 PM #
"Like the Palm Pilot and the Pilot Pen... yeah, right."

Well, there are exceptions to every rule, naturally. A company can also register a brand or trademark across different industries if they feel so inclined, and this is exactly what Pilot Pen had done. They had previously developed styli for the Newton, and so, this was their basis for suing 3Com.

"heheh maybe sue Cross Pen for stealing your name"

Hey, don't laugh, arielb. It's stuff like this that causes business headaches. For example, Sony, corporate giant that they are, has registered themselves all over the place. And so, when one man opened a self-named restaurant, he received a cease-and-desist order because his last name was... you guessed it, "Sony."


datrus @ 9/8/2003 11:38:51 AM #
can't wait to try MMPlayer on this...


international OS version

PUGC @ 9/9/2003 7:22:55 AM #
What is you're guess since they use a modified OS?
A german version will help a lot to push sales over here.

-Dirk Duester

Nokia N-Gauge?

orb2069 @ 9/10/2003 5:11:59 PM #
This seems to be aiming for the same market as the N-gauge, except that Nokia includes a celphone... And already has Eidos, SEGA, Taito and Activision offering games on day of ship... Oh, and includes an FM receiver and GPRS capability, with games doing GPRS multiplayer...

Oh, and has an international, multibillion dollar company pushing it with stand-up displays in gaming stores already (Electronics Boutique is where I saw my last one IIRC.) Not that it matters, really, but massive cash outlays for advertising and cross-merchandising have managed to keep Microsoft's second-rate (xbox/WinCE) products out of the gutter so far...

Oh, and no, there's no PDA software for it, but the OS is Symbian based - I imagine there might be a solution ready to port lying around somewhere.

Pardon me...
orb2069 @ 9/10/2003 5:42:48 PM #
The name is 'N-Gage'. Apparently I'm either a better or worse speller than I thought.

RE: Nokia N-Gauge?
helf @ 9/11/2003 12:08:59 PM #
Yes.. I has all that going for it and these few points against it.

1. It's FUGLY! IMHO atleast ;)

2. The screen res is pathetic, The zodiacs is what, over double the screen res? And tapwave has several major game companies ready too.

3. It's ugly

4. You have to take the batt out ot put a card in :)

5. It's really ugly

6. For a phone, its horribly laid out.

7. Tons of people here,in the USA, won't switch from their current cdma carriers to ones that use gsm/gprs

And last, but not least;

8. It's Ugly :)

RE: Nokia N-Gauge?
somas1 @ 9/11/2003 6:12:58 PM #
And just to highlight what the above person said, You have to turn the phone off, take the battery out, take an mmc card out, put a new card in, put the battery back in the phone and replace its cover and then have to wait for the phone to boot to switch games. Great device

Here's a review

RE: Nokia N-Gauge?
helf @ 9/11/2003 6:19:13 PM #
wow.. The thing sounds even worse after reading that review :D It's gonna flop. thats for sure.

Zodiac on display in Boston...

boogie_doggie @ 9/16/2003 4:35:30 PM #
There's a Motorola exhibition at the Westin Conference Center starting today in Boston. The Tapwave Zodiac is on display (according to Yahoo news) as part of the MULTIMOTO family...
Motorola has also developed a 2nd generation of the iMX processor that the Zodiac uses, Tapwave is said to be evaluating it, so very possible that a new improved Zodiac will be out next year.

RE: Zodiac on display in Boston...
boogie_doggie @ 9/16/2003 4:41:56 PM #
So, if anyone can get there could they take some pictures?

Zodiac Processor
notdeafyet @ 10/30/2003 4:40:14 PM #
My only hesitation on the Zodiac is the processor -- and this because I am processor/OS-overhead ignorant. Everything else seems to be "more than enough", but what processor speed is required to make Palm 5.2 "haul ass"? Is 200mHz overkill (i'm dying to hear a "yes")? Is 200mHz more than enough for handheld games under this operating system to prevent "chunktifying" when lots of action hits the screen?

It also pains me to hear about Motorola's "next generation" of this processor already...

Part of me wants to wait for a refined i.MX 400mHz processor, but something tells me that I should SUPPORT Tapwave for making such an awesome device and buy now... lest they won't make the money necessary to create the "next Zodiac".

Anyone: please advise on the capability of the Zodiac's processor... is it "just enough" or a "frigging rocket" for Palm 5.x apps and foreseeable 480x320 res gaming?

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