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PalmSource has named two new senior officers to join the PalmSource executive management team. The new officers include a chief products officer and a VP of corporate and business development.
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Palm4u @ 9/18/2003 12:12:53 PM #
So maybe this is way the stock is up 8% today

PDAs rule the world !
RE: Stock
TTrules @ 9/18/2003 1:20:41 PM #
More executives, better handhelds. (I hope)

One Palm to rule them all!


RE: Stock
Palm4u @ 9/18/2003 2:04:17 PM #
Hopefully. Their new Palms in Oct/Nov doesn't seem too radical. So hopefully some new designs are on the drawing board.

My guess is, nothing too different than the UX-50 (802.11, bluetooth, MP3, camera, keyboard), what else is there nowadays?

PDAs rule the world !

RE: Stock
kevdo @ 9/18/2003 4:17:56 PM #
>what else is there nowadays?
The Tapwave Zodiac is pretty radical...

-Kevin Crossman
RE: Stock
ronpro @ 9/18/2003 5:14:47 PM #
Wait a sec, this is PalmSource. Isn't this on its way to becomming the OS company? They won't have much to do with what new palm devices will be comming out. That'll be the business of PalmOne, Sony, et. al.


RE: Stock
TTrules @ 9/18/2003 7:36:58 PM #
I am still waiting for something with a 320x480 screen with wifi and blutooth from palm.

One Palm to rule them all!


Memo to Larry Slotnick

mikecane @ 9/19/2003 5:33:41 PM #
>>>"As chief product officer, Larry Slotnick is responsible for setting company-wide software technology direction and leading all product marketing, research and development, product development, customer support and developer relations. He will drive execution efforts around the PalmSource mobile information device platform vision and product roadmap. He brings more than 20 years of technology industry, product development and startup management experience to PalmSource."

Yo, Larry:

MORE vice presidents????!!!!!!!!

Gekko @ 9/19/2003 5:39:29 PM #
Palm has 33 different vice presidents, EACH earning over 200 thousand dollars a year. Now, I have spent the last two months analyzing what all these guys do and I still can't figure it out! One thing I do know is that Palm lost 22 million dollars last quarter and I'll bet that half of that was spent in all the paperwork going back and forth between all these vice presidents!!!

RE: MORE vice presidents????!!!!!!!!
mikecane @ 9/20/2003 11:45:45 AM #
Can you tell me if there is a VP of VPs?



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