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updated palmOne has lowered the price of the original Zire 71 and the original Zire handhelds. There are also a number of specials going on, including free shipping and a $100 rebate on the Tungsten C.
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Time to move some Z71s!

beboscott @ 12/5/2003 3:19:30 PM #
Interesting timing on this. I'd think they'd wait until after Christmas to drop the price but maybe inventory is running a bit high. I'll bet they move quite a few of these in the next three weeks!
RE: Time to move some Z71s!
pen_n_paper @ 12/5/2003 5:28:04 PM #
I really like the Zire|71 at the $200 dollar mark. Its nice indeed! That just might convince me to upgrade once again ;-)

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RE: Time to move some Z71s!
jadam @ 12/5/2003 6:25:38 PM #
Thank god I sold my zire71 3 weeks ago at $200...

$69 Seems About Right

rickyspears @ 12/5/2003 8:54:21 PM #
When the original Zire was first released I thought that $69 seemd about right. I even said so right here. I think that they will sell a ton this holiday season.

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RE: $69 Seems About Right
linust44 @ 12/7/2003 12:27:24 AM #
They can afford it now that they've moved their entire IT operations to India.

FuzzySasquatch @ 12/5/2003 9:46:36 PM #
That's actually quite a deal when you look at Palm's Palm Pays Back site.. they've doubled the ammount of Palm Bucks for Zire 71's too! You can get a nice Gift Certificate to an online store after you get your Zire 71 and free MP3 kit =)


i say a new zire is near

iNOMAD @ 12/6/2003 12:17:13 PM #
Palm releases new handhelds every spring and fall. Last fall the zire was released, then the zire 71 in spring, then the zire21 this fall. If the pattern sticks then a new zire will be released along with a new tungsten in spring, hopefully with os6. The price reductions of the T|c, T|t2 and zire71 should mean that stock is high and they want to reduce the stock ahead of time for the new zire and tungsten models. Hopefully for all of you zire and tungsten users, an os6 upgrade will be available. Keep that in mind before you spend.

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RE: i say a new zire is near
dhchung @ 12/6/2003 7:10:19 PM #
I would say that was just a coincident. Palm will release new handheld when it is necessary. Profit is the #1 issue. Timing is not.
However, I have to agree with you about the next Zire release date. This is because Palm will have their PalmOS 6 ready in december, a new line of Palm will be ready in late spring.

Where is the new price?

conradsmith @ 12/6/2003 9:59:47 PM #
I went to the PalmOne store, and it is still listing the $299 price. I was able to use the 10% PMAG1 discount, but up to the final checkout I still wasn't down to $225. I also notice that none of the stores are reflecting this 'price change'. The main stores are holding $299, while the online discounters are at about $250. (There are several around $225, but those are the 'International version' (i.e. Chinese).) I just bought one (from NewEgg) for my wife, so I was really bummed to see the 'price reduction'. If it is real, I will be punished for shopping early.
- Conrad

RE: Where is the new price?
visorprismman @ 12/8/2003 9:18:23 AM #

I saw the new price but was unable to enter the promotion code. Do you have a link to the code?


Gift for Dad

Gar @ 12/8/2003 9:06:52 AM #
We were thinking about buying a 71 for my dad for Christmas. His eyes are not what they used to be and his 505 is no where near the color/brightness of the 71. The issue is a hard screen cover. The 505 he has lives in a nice smooth edge metal case in case it happens to be in his back pocket. Is there a good cover for the 71? No sharp edges of the bulky metal cases, or the added thickness from a leather case. Thanks in advance to anyone's input.

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RE: Gift for Dad
conradsmith @ 12/10/2003 9:05:28 AM #
I use the Innopocket metal case for my Zire 71. It protects the handheld very well and is easy to use and hold. However, it is a little thicker than the sleek case for the M505 that my wife uses. There is one raw edge, but I don't consider it sharp. There is a cutout for the connector that works with cables but you have to remove the Zire to put it in a cradle. Fortunately it is much easier to remove than taking the M505 out of its case. I'm getting my wife a Zire 71 and Innopocket case for Christmas, so I hope she likes it. (The case is available from most online retailers. I got mine from and ordered my wife's from Brando.)

- Conrad


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