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overclock palm pre webos A couple of webOS hackers have released some preliminary details about a new processor overclocking method for the Palm Pre. The modification boosts the Palm Pre's processor up to 800 Mhz (from the default 600 Mhz), which results in a dramatic difference in overall performance. The developers have posted a video demo showing the over-clocked device in action. (Embeed after the break.)

This method utilizes a customized kernel and various patches to max out the megahertz. Currently the method works with webOS, but work on a more stable 1.4 release is promised. The video demonstrates a preview the utility and its impact on system performance on a GSM Palm Pre running webOS 1.4

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wow looks awesome.

Gekko @ 3/15/2010 2:35:18 PM # Q

reminds me of that iPhone commercial where they misleadingly sped up the tape to make the App switching seem faster.

i'm surprised that overclocking from 600mhz to 800mhz made such a drastic difference. (i had to Google around for the default Pre processor speed since it wasn't in the article!)

i wonder how hot that genuine authentic plastic gets and how long before it starts melting, catches fire, and burns to has right in your hand?

this is Mcnamee's wet dream.

oh what SHOULD have been!

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 2:36:32 PM # Q

p.s. perhaps i should now try to overclock my Centro and wreak all kinds of havoc and mayhem upon the world!


RE: wow looks awesome.
Ryan @ 3/15/2010 2:39:13 PM # Q
Thanks G, forgot to add the default clock speed.
RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 2:44:40 PM # Q

this looks like it makes the Pre ALMOST usable!

RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/15/2010 3:25:45 PM # Q
This is not that hard of an issue to remedy, Gek. I remember waaay back when overclocking my Palm Vx, IIIc, Visor Prism and several others to speed up a few sluggish games and apps. Jumping from 20Mhz to 28Mhz was a huge improvement! Then I also remember downclocking my various T|T models (especially the T3) to save battery life.

They've already doubled the RAM on the Pre Plus, so that helps out with multitasking. Palm could easily spec out a Pre-derived unit with a higher-capacity stock battery. The Treo Pro's battery would be quite nice and Seidio already makes an OEM-sized replacement with 1650mAh. Anyway, a Pre with a beefier battery that's clocked at 800mHz or so would do quite nicely. Or they could even have a 1Ghz Snapdragon underclocked to 768Mhz to save battery. Perhaps Palm should start working more closely with HTC and set themselves up for an eventual "strategic alliance" (ie acquisition).

See below:
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RE: wow looks awesome.
Ryan @ 3/15/2010 3:36:58 PM # M Q
FWIW, the latest 1.4 update has made a big difference in overall performance and stability, however battery life is still quite sub par.
RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 3:41:30 PM # Q

R - and that's why your daily driver is an iPhone?
RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 3:44:13 PM # Q

i think Palm has lost me. Sprint Supersonic or Sprint iPhone. whichever comes first.

RE: wow looks awesome.
Ryan @ 3/15/2010 3:50:43 PM # M Q
I've been using the Pre as my daily driver since launch. However, If the Pre didn't exist, I'd probably use the gPhone.
RE: wow looks awesome
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 4:04:54 PM # Q

hkk - here's your 1GHZ Snapdragon and 3.7" 800480 AMOLED display on VZW. what's not to like?

HTC shipping CDMA-version Nexus One to Verizon, says paper
EDN, March 15; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES [Monday 15 March 2010]

HTC (High Tech Computer) has started shipping CDMA-version of the Nexus One Google phones to Verizon Wireless, which will begin to market the smartphones this month or in April at the earliest, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report. HTC will also ship the Nexus One to Vodafone soon, the paper added.

In other news, HTC will unveil its Windows Mobile-based HD mini smartphone in the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets on March 15 and 17, respectively, the paper said.

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 4:32:57 PM # Q

Ryan - i always thought you were a closet Apple fanboy in addition to being a closet liberal???

you own a Mac and you voted for Obama, no???

RE: wow looks awesome.
LiveFaith @ 3/15/2010 5:25:45 PM # Q

I have to disagree with the suggestion that Palm needs to get "close enough" to HTC for a buyout. I really don't think Palm has the cash to buy them up right now. :-D
Pat Horne

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/15/2010 5:34:26 PM # Q
>>>you own a Mac and you voted for Obama, no???

I have crap Win XP and I voted for *NADER* -- THREE TIMES.

Gekko's head explodes in 5... 4... 3...

RE: wow looks awesome.
abosco @ 3/15/2010 6:39:23 PM # M Q
What if the Sprint Bankruptcy comes first?
RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/15/2010 6:49:57 PM # Q

Close but not quite. I DEMAND a physical keyboard. Besides, I like the extra pixels on the Droid's screen. Also, I'd really, really like a 4"+ screen on my next Android phone.

Basically, I'd be fine with a Moto Droid 2 with an improved keyboard, bigger battery, Snapdragon and AMOLED screen.

Re: Intel;
Remember, they USED to be a big player in the PDA/handheld market up until about 2006 or so with their Xscale/PXA ARM processors. Then they sold 'em off to Marvell (a very unwise & premature move, IMHO). And all of the various smartphone firms appear to have no interest in Intel's system on a chip Atoms and/or Moblin.
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RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 6:56:05 PM # Q

doubtful that will happen but even if it does it shouldn't affect customers - the company could continue operating business as usual. is GM still selling cars? shareholders get blown out but i'm not a direct shareholder so it's inconsequential to me. they could also get acquired by another company - maybe even a CDMA competitor that they already share roaming towers with - lots of great infrastructure at Sprint - that they spent a lot of money on. but the more players and competition - the better.

i don't go with the cheapest - i go with the best value. but chances are i'll be using my new phone on a 4G network soon and you'll be on a throttled, choking 3G network and forced into 2G at various locations.

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 7:00:53 PM # Q

response above was to bosco.

hkk -

1. i'm, taking a leap of faith that i will get used to a virtual keyboard. it seems multitouch is critical for virtual keyboards to be usable.
2. it would make sense that INTC could use their considerable fab plants, R&D, and other resources and create a killer Atom for cell phones but it hasn't happened yet.

RE: wow looks awesome.
abosco @ 3/15/2010 7:15:51 PM # M Q
You're telling me about 4G and network coverage in the same breath? It's one or the other, dude.
RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/16/2010 3:06:58 PM # Q

Well, my initial 4 weeks or so of enthusiasm for WinMob/WinPhone 7 has diminished entirely. NO cut & paste, NO support for removable storage, NO sideloading of apps, NO multitasking. At this rate, WinMob7 is destined to make Windows Millennium look like a smash success. WTF is going on with M$??? At least Win 7 for PCs is solid.

I guess I'm on the Android bandwagon going forward, simply by default. That said, witn M$ dumping cusomizations and overlay UIs like Sense on WM7, it only makes more and more sense for HTC to buy Palm (or at least become a WebOS licensee). They could have all of their keyboard + touchscreen devices running WebOS and their virtual keyboard models run Android. Or offer each of their keyboard + touchscreen devices in the customer's choice of WebOS or Android. It might be a bit costly to support two OSes but HTC is an old hand at supporting Android & WinMob. With WebOS at least they wouldn't have to spend $ fixing the UI & aesthetics. They could ust throw cutting-edge hardware at WebOS and not have to worry about "fixing" the OS.

As evidenced by the recent Pre overclocking deo, WebOS is not a horrible OS, just one that is bloated, inefficient, and hobbled by underwhelming hardware. An HTC Touch Pro 3 (with HD2 specs) would run WebOS like no one's business!
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RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 4:03:51 PM # Q

hkk - i was not a fan of what i've seen of the WM7 interface. the cartoonish Windows Live XBOX 360 animations looked like garbage. and i don't like all of that social networking fade in fade out big lettering nonsense. this makes iPhone looks like the serious business phone and WM7 look like the opposite. i'm a fan of Windows 7 on PC but not a big fan of what they did with the graphics/ribbon in Office 2007. i'm glad i sold my MSFT stock - they've lost a step or two.

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/16/2010 4:59:31 PM # Q
Nexus One coming to AT&T. There is Gekko's next phone.

And now this ...

Greed Never Left

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 5:12:44 PM # Q

thanks - pretty good article. too bad the movie release got pushed from April to September.

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 5:16:33 PM # Q

4G/WiMAX, 4.3" display, 1GHZ Snapdragon, 1GB RAM. what's not to like???????????????????????????

Sprint's HTC Supersonic shows up on video

We still don't know when Sprint is going to launch (or at least announce) the HTC Supersonic (which could be the carrier's first 4G / WiMAX smartphone), but the handset has recently appeared on video

Unfortunately, the video is short and blurry but at least we can see that the HTC Supersonic has a camera with dual LED flash, and also a white back cover (although this might be just a pre-production unit).

The Supersonic should also feature a 4.3 inch WVGA touchscreen display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and 1GB of internal memory. The smartphone probably runs Android 2.1.

RE: wow looks awesome.
SeldomVisitor @ 3/16/2010 5:18:08 PM # Q
> ...Nexus One coming to AT&T...

But maybe not Pre until July:

== "...Misek writes that in addition to "generally lackluster handset sales" in
== the current quarter, the lower forecast reflects that he "recently learned"
== that AT&T has delayed the planned launch of the Pre and Pixi from April
== to June or July. He also contends that "this is more than just an ordinary
== delay, as AT&T has cited a long list of technical issues" with the phones.
== What's more, Misek reports that AT&T has decreased its initial order size
== and "decided to sharply reduce its marketing budget for the launch.".."

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 5:26:39 PM # Q


RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/16/2010 5:57:32 PM # Q
Well, the Nexus One has been a relative sales flop by all counts. I wouldn't count on it doing much better with AT&T. On the other hand, I see being offered on AT&T more of a feather in Palm's cap than AT&T's. I honestly wasn't expecting this delay. I think it's more of a sign of cold feet on AT&T's part than actual "technical issues". If AT&T has managed to secure an extension of the iPhone exclusivity, part of it could've hinged on AT&T not making a major push with any other multitasking OSes (Android, WebOS) competing with iPhone OS 4.0. Thus the lame Android commitment and thus-far zero WebOS commitment on AT&T's part.

Back to the N1: I have actually seen 1 or 2 in the wild already (all carried by techno-hipster 20-somethings) which is almost as many as the number of WebOS devices I've seen in the wild since last June (3 or 4). At any rate, I still maintain that the current crop of smartphones are all relatively shitty for various reasons. I recommend anyone with a functioning Centro (especiallly a CDMA one) to sit tight for another 6 months or so and see what this fall brings.

P.S. That damn HTC Supersonic cannot get here fast enough, huh, Gekko?
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RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 6:02:27 PM # Q

1. nobody is going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for Palm. if they do, they'd be stupid. why buy Palm/webOS when Android is free and has all the momentum???????????

2. my Sprint upgrade is in June 2010 and i may be able to schmooze them into letting me upgrade in May. SO - we shall see.

RE: wow looks awesome.
ChiA @ 3/16/2010 8:58:37 PM # Q
Gekko, may I be radical and suggest Google may purchase Palm in order to incorporate WebOS into the next major revision of Android?

After all, they are both Linux mobile operating systems and the Synergy concept of WebOS neatly ties in with Google's web business.

RE: wow looks awesome.
rpa @ 3/16/2010 11:41:55 PM # Q
If Palm files chapter 11, may not need to spend millions for the OS.

Anyway, I see Access now has NetFront PIM for Android on their webpage. I asked if this was as good as Garnet and they replied yes. I asked for a PDF about the app to see what it is like. If it is equal to Garnet, I would be tempted to shift to Android as the HTC Desire will be released in Hong Kong in a month or so.

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 3:50:29 AM # Q

chia pet - the reality is that Google doesn't need to blow ~$1B to buy Palm. Android already has its own version of synergy anyway (different feeds). besides - the whole point of the Google phone is to tie you into Google Services and see their advertising and not be steered to Facebook etc. at best, Google can cherry pick and hire the few rats worth saving (a few engineers?) from the sinking ship for much cheaper. if there's any worthwhile feature i'm missing that webOS has that Android doesn't, let me know. regardless, Google could just copy it. but i don't think there is any - certainly not worth ~$1B. it could happen as anything is possible and business do dumb acquisitions all the time - sometimes even fatal - but i don't think Google is dumb. in short, they don't need Palm.
RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 3:57:33 AM # Q

rpa - that is an interesting development. if it is even real. funny that they are trying tio jump on the Android bandwagon. what's that tell you?

but the screen shots look awful -

not sure i want to mess with some buggy incompatible 3rd party code for PIM and sync from the brilliant minds at Access.

when i cut the cord i will cut the cord clean.

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/17/2010 6:33:44 AM # Q
>>>what's not to like?

No multitouch, if Apple has its way. Some other UI elements could go too, depending on how far-reaching Apple's patents are.

If Palm has found a way to do multitouch without violating Apple's patent, that'd be worth money to Google to have, even as a license.

Hmmm... combining Android and webOS staff would be like an Apple Veteran's Reunion at this point!

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/17/2010 8:18:58 AM # Q
Here ya go Gekko. I accept PayPal, you rich pig.

You Don't Know About These 10 Awesome Google Apps, But You Should

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 9:23:12 AM # Q

it's all relative.

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/17/2010 10:14:12 AM # Q
>>>it's all relative

PayPal will not accept your damned toothless senile aunt as payment!

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/17/2010 12:02:01 PM # Q
Hey Gekko!

Nexus One from Google Coming to Sprint; Availability Date Announced Soon

RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/17/2010 12:10:07 PM # Q
Mike, all of these virtual keyboard Android phones are a huge FAIL b/c of the horrid on screen keyboard implementation. As bad as the Droid's physical keyboard is, at least i STILL offers physical buttons. Now, give me a Touch Pro 3-esque device w/ 1Ghz Snapdragon, 4" AMOLED screen, Android 2.1 (or newer) on Verizon and I'll be reasonably happy. And if we can convince Lefty to get Access to release a Garnet PIM suite for Android and I'll be really thrilled!

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RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 12:23:15 PM # Q

Con - thanks for the info. this is good news! i'm started to get excited! a few things stop me cold from getting the Nexus One. i will wait for Supersonic because it has -

1. 4.3" display
2. 1GHZ Snapdragon

BUT - we are getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 12:27:32 PM # Q

p.s. is anyone drinking yet? i learned my lesson long ago - i don't go out on St. Patrick's Day. it's amateur night. the last thing i need to be in the middle of is a crowd of 21 year old drunken obnoxious Irish guys all dressed in green and yelling and spilling beer everywhere.

Sprint expected to unveil HTC Supersonic on Tuesday
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 12:39:31 PM # Q

Sprint expected to unveil HTC Supersonic on Tuesday
WiMax phone to have 4.3-inch display, Android 2.1 with Sense UI (see video, below)
By Matt Hamblen
March 17, 2010 03:00 PM ET

Computerworld - Sprint Nextel is expected to unveil the Supersonic by HTC, the first phone for Sprint's WiMax network, at the CTIA wireless conference next week.

Sprint has been expected to launch its first WiMax device for a while, and many analysts feel it has a limited window to do so, with Verizon Wireless planning to launch LTE high-speed wireless service in 25 or more cities late this year, with an LTE phone available in 2011.

Photos of the Supersonic, based Google's Android mobile operating
system with HTC's Sense UI and sporting a 4.3-inch display, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, have been leaked on various Web sites.

AndroidMobileOS has a posted a course-quality video of the Supersonic, with somebody wearing black gloves showing off the nameplate for the device and its camera and speaker, but little else (see below).

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is expected to launch the new Supersonic device in his keynote address at the CTIA Wireless show on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported, quoting unnamed sources. (Paid subscription required.)

Phil Cusick, an analyst at Macquarie Securities, also said today in a report that he expects the Sprint launch next week. He said that Sprint will be paying Clearwire a fee for every WiMax customer.

Clearwire runs the WiMax services on the Clear network, but Sprint is a major investor in the network.

Sprint and Clearwire could not be reached for comment immediately.

RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/17/2010 1:36:45 PM # Q

It could be worse. In fact it could be much, much worse than a crowd of drunken 21-year olds. You could be drunk, hogtied, and in the midst of these guys:

P.S. Please, please try to give a Nexus One or a Droid a thorough fondling before you commit to the Supersonic. I'm not knocking it---I just know you are a particular guy & like to keep stuff simple. So just make sure you can live with the UI quirks, wacky virtual keyboard and weak PIMs of Android as you transition from the Centro.
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RE: wow looks awesome.
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 2:04:38 PM # Q

hkk - duly noted. you can be the first one to tell me a big fat - "I told you so!" if/when i start bitching about Android! i played with the Hero and the Droid already and while they were not as beautifully simple as the Centro PIM/GUI, they seemed usable and had other features that offset any negatives. also - remember - i am very Googlefied right now. my main personal email is Gmail, i'm ok with all of my Contacts and Calendar on Gmail, and i'm all about the OTA sync. i don't care about Palm Desktop, Memos, or USB Sync anymore. i swallowed that bitter pill months ago and am now better off for it. at the end of the day though, i think no matter how long you play with a phone in a store, you really need to use it on a day to day basis with your own data for a few days to be 100% sure of your feelings for it.

but seriously, the plan right now is to order the Supersonic (SS) and try it out for a few days. i'll keep the Centro with time machine backup data just in case i have to revert back to it if i send the SS back. the Centro will make a good back up regardless - if i lose or break the SS.

4.3" display! 1GHZ Processor! 4G WIMAX! this should be pretty cool.

RE: wow looks awesome.
mikecane @ 3/17/2010 4:40:11 PM # Q
Android's soft KB may be all effed, but I can use the iPhone's just fine. And aren't there other KBs you can download for Android? Probably doesn't give the accuracy of Apple's algorithms, tho. Your back luck! Ha!

Gekko with Supersonic Android next week. Palm should wear black armbands on that day.

RE: wow looks awesome.
hkklife @ 3/17/2010 6:09:53 PM # Q

Yes, Swype is in beta currently and is available to DL.

It's pretty nifty but still needs some tweaking. It's like a cross between Graffiti and an onscreen keyboard. I'd prefer just a conventional iPhone-style virtual keyboard. And let it be known for that record that despite my dislike of virtual keyboards, that IS the gold standard as far as those things are concerned.

Here's another:

BTW, Google's Gesture Search utility/app for Android is VERY reminiscent of Graffiti 1/2/Jot. In fact, I can get it to recognize the vast majority of the original G1 strokes (done with my fat fingertip, no less!).
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RE: wow looks awesome.
rpa @ 3/18/2010 12:00:20 AM # Q
need to re-name this site to
RE: wow looks awesome.
rpa @ 3/18/2010 12:05:18 AM # Q
Gekko: I suggested to Access that they find some beta testers on this site....I assume you would volunteer!
RE: wow looks awesome.
SeldomVisitor @ 3/18/2010 3:33:13 AM # Q
rpa wrote:
need to re-name this site to

Strangely, I was thinking "Whither Palminfocenter when Palm goes poof?" yesterday while playing Animal crossing on the Wii last night!

I think somewhere over there on the right are a whole bunch of sites that can substitute.

RE: wow looks awesome.
SeldomVisitor @ 3/18/2010 3:34:26 AM # Q
Nope - not on the right of an article, only on the right of the Home page:

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vetdoctor @ 3/15/2010 5:14:16 PM # Q
So is 800 actually overclocking the processor or just bringing it up to speed?
In short, I had always believed that the world involved magic: now I thought that perhaps it involved a magician.
- Chesterton
RE: Overclock?
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 5:24:58 PM # Q

and here's your Qualcomm snapdragon -

not sure why Intel is not a player in this space. they should be.

RE: Overclock?
mikecane @ 3/15/2010 5:35:47 PM # Q
Intel has been wasting time trying to create a MID OS: Mobilin.

Having finally admitted internal defeat, they've combined it with that other loser OS from Noka -- Maemo -- and now call it , this is NOT a joke!, MeeGo.

RE: Overclock?
Gekko @ 3/15/2010 5:56:02 PM # Q


as a long suffering INTC shareholder, i'm not happy.

RE: Overclock?
rpa @ 3/16/2010 2:31:59 AM # Q
"meego"....appealing to the tween market?
RE: Overclock?
Gekko @ 3/16/2010 4:07:18 PM # Q

i guess Intel has bigger fish to fry -

Intel (INTC) Shares Rise Most in 7 Months Amid Release of 5600 Series Processor

More News related to INTC

* Intel (INTC) Shares Rise Most in 7 Months Amid Release of 5600 Series Processor
* Red Bend Announces Support for Intel-based Handhelds and Smartphones
* Intel Applauds FCC's National Broadband Plan
* Kingston Technology 1.35-Volt Registered DDR3L Memory Modules Validated by Intel
* Intel (INTC) Sees Upside Action

More News related to INTC
More News related to Analyst Comments

* Intel (INTC) Shares Rise Most in 7 Months Amid Release of 5600 Series Processor
* General Electric (GE): A Momentum Play?
* Study Shows Record $65 billion Spent by U.S. Biopharmaceutical Companies in R&D
* UBS Sees Continued Momentum for Ford (F), Ups Price Target
* Street Undervaluing eBay's 'Return to Earnings Growth in 2010'; Piper Sees Stock at $35 in a Year (EBAY)

More News related to Analyst Comments
March 16, 2010 3:35 PM EDT

Shares of Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) have surged nearly 4% today, the largest single-day rally since late August of 2009. Traders are attributing a portion of the strength to the release (and the resulting analyst reaction) of the tech-bellweather's highly-anticipated Xeon(R) Processor 5600 series, the first 32 nanometer process technology-based processor designed for the enterprise-class market.

On the analyst front, Wells Fargo issued a mid-day research note in which the firm admits that the "processors offer better performance than we had expected and significantly increase Intel's already large performance lead in the 2-way server space." Wells Fargo said that Intel remains its Top Pick. The firm currently has a $30-$34 valuation range set on Intel.

Close Price 0.85 (+4.02%)

RE: Overclock?
abosco @ 3/17/2010 1:59:07 PM # M Q
The market in general has been on fire this week. Even stocks with a low beta have caught a fever.
RE: Overclock?
Gekko @ 3/17/2010 2:06:52 PM # Q

i don't think you guys know what beta means.

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