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PalmSource has sold the remainder of the WeSync software and technology to a company called Tanner Research.
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Good News

sralmas @ 3/16/2004 1:14:49 PM #
This is good news and a long time coming. This was/is a great app and service for folks wanting to share calendar and contact info. Unfortunately, after Palm acquired the technology, they did nothing with it and it hasn't been updated to work with OS5 devices. I can't wait to see what Tanner does with it.

RE: Good News
rsc1000 @ 3/16/2004 2:25:36 PM #
Yeah - maybe Tanner can make something of this. I can understand PalmSource dumping this - not profitable enough to warrant taking resources from their core projects. But for a smaller / different company, the profits could be worth it if they develop and expand the product.

RE: Good News
TedTschopp @ 3/16/2004 5:14:00 PM #
This is indeed good news, I just wish that Palm had done something with this application.

There needs to be a way in the Palm to sync more than one schedule into your Palm.

I wish I could sync my co-workers calendar. My family's calendar. Etc.

This needs to be built into the defauly conduit.

Hopefully this will eventually get folded into the OS, but I ain't holding my breath.


RE: Good News
Scott R @ 3/16/2004 7:50:41 PM #
Well of course it wasn't profitable...they never charged money for it. WeSync was an amazing idea chock full o' zen that was ahead of its time and the Palm execs were clearly clueless about the value of it.


PS - Ben, if you're reading this, get in touch!
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RE: Good News
johnbartley @ 3/17/2004 5:56:31 PM #
Well, it's been working just dandy since Tanner got it. They moved the servers further downstate last weekend, and it's been working both wired and wirelessly with no problems.


anarchangel @ 3/16/2004 4:02:09 PM #
I came across some references to WeSync this week while I was researching Palm software to share household calendars with my family. Is this a recommended solution? The nicest thing I've turned up so far is an old freeware program by palmOne called DualDate but it looks old/outdated.


RE: Recommended?
wookie @ 3/16/2004 8:43:23 PM #
Speaking of DualDate. I found a problem. My wife is using IBM WorkPad (a re-badged Palm Vx) and I am using Tungsten T. We wanted to share our calendars but I found that I can only beam my calendar to her. When she beamed her calendar to my T|T. An error pop up saying something like no apps registered to receive this data...etc. Or otherwise, it is a perfect apps.

Anybody gets a clue?


RE: Recommended?
Nusm @ 3/16/2004 9:02:29 PM #
DualDate is not supported with OS5. Shame too because it worked pretty well. I had an m130 and my wife had an m105, and we used DualDate to share our calendars. I purchased a T|T and gave her the m130, and we lost our calendar syncing.

Alternatives to wesync...

gfunkmagic @ 3/16/2004 7:25:04 PM #
There's already various alternatives to Wesync out there that exist like Notwired and ChaosSync. IMO, wesync may have been dead too long to recover...

I support




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