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palmOne today reported revenue of $242.5 million for the third quarter of fiscal year 2004, ended Feb. 27, up 22.6 percent from the $197.9 million reported during the third quarter a year ago. The company sold over 900,000 handhelds in the quarter and saw increasing market share.
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I thought palmOne was supposed to be doomed?

TooMuch @ 3/22/2004 5:41:19 PM #
I guess another year comes and goes and palmOne doesn't get the boot. Hmmm. Do the prophets of doom have another new prediction?

RE: I thought palmOne was supposed to be doomed?
LiveFaith @ 3/23/2004 7:19:26 PM #
30% pop! The street loves this news.

Pat Horne;

PLMO up in after hours trading

just_little_me @ 3/22/2004 5:42:49 PM #
Closed day at 13.84. Currently at 15.45 in after hours trading!


RE: PLMO up in after hours trading
hotpaw4 @ 3/23/2004 4:24:06 PM #
and up to 17.99 in Tuesday trading. That's getting closer to not being a penny stock (after un-accounting for the 20:1 reverse stock split).

Volume per device?

gfunkmagic @ 3/22/2004 5:42:06 PM #
I wonder how many of those 930.000 devices were Treos, Tungstens or Zires? Is this info published somewhere or can some one elucidate upon this? In increase in average selling price is probably indicative of demand in Treos imo...

I support


RE: Volume per device?
Rome @ 3/22/2004 7:39:57 PM #
I think 173,000 units of Treo 600 were shipped during the quarter. Demand still exceeds supply:(((

RE: Volume per device?
SeldomVisitor @ 3/23/2004 5:38:52 AM #
The TREO number(137,000 not 173,000) for last quarter was not broken down into TREO 600s and "others"; the CFO explicitly mentioned "legacy TREOs". So we don't know how many TREO 600s were shipped (not sold through to end customers). The CEO sai the sell-through rate for TREO 600s was twice the best sell-through rate of the prior TREO models, whatever that was.

The following quarter, however, the CFO outright said they planned to ship 160,000 TREO 600s (no idea, however, about sell-through rate).

RE: Volume per device?
Rome @ 3/23/2004 8:38:57 AM #
I got the number transposed. Thanks for the correction. As for the sell-out rate, the JP Morgan on the call noted that the inventory in the channel for the CDMA phones is about 2-3 weeks, but the inventory for GSM phone is non-existent. So we can safely assume that almost all of those 137,000 units got sold.

The CFO also said the demand will still exceed the supply at end of this quarter (5/31/04), even after shipping 160,000 units.

Good job, palmOne. Keep those innovative products coming!

company split

hotpaw4 @ 3/22/2004 5:44:43 PM #
Given the market share increase, (and to paraphrase Mark Twain I think) reports of Palm's demise seem to have been greatly exagerated.

RE: company split
tfftruoa @ 3/23/2004 12:10:20 AM #
That's exactly what I was thinking. PalmOne seems to be doing pretty well for itself. Very few computer makers (handheld or desktop) have been turning huge profits lately, and the financial situation for P1 has improved drastically from last year.

The economy is picking up and P1 has a strong and well balanced line, with the T3 for high-end, Treo 600 for smartphone, TE for mid-range, and Zire 21 for low-end, so they're ready to capitalize on any increase in purchsing power, no matter its size.

The Federation for the Responsible Use of Acronyms

RE: company split
SeldomVisitor @ 3/23/2004 5:43:41 AM #
Gotta be careful about those bogus "marketshare" numbers that companies love to fling around. The market being discussed is USA-only, is HANDHELDS only (not smartphones), and that particular market is shrinking with other manufacturers dropping out.

Thus if PalmOne's market share increases from, say, 40% to 50% but the market itself decreases from 100,000 to 75,000, then PalmOne has actually done less businees (decreased from 40,000 to 37,500 units).

[numbers above are for example purposes only]

RE: company split
Timothy Rapson @ 3/23/2004 7:36:09 AM #
Say, sElDom, did you lose your password or something sElDom?

RE: company split
SeldomVisitor @ 3/23/2004 5:42:09 PM #
I literally don't understand - is there another user ID called "seldom"?

And what the **** does it have to do with PalmOne?

RE: company split
Timothy Rapson @ 3/23/2004 7:05:09 PM #
I was jokingly asking if you were Ed Hannsberry who irregularly posts here (capitalized "ED" in the name). It is exactly the kind of business report he likes to scrutinize.

You can take it as a compliment. He really knows corporate accounting.

Stock Price up

Timothy Rapson @ 3/23/2004 7:38:54 AM #
I think the stock price being up may be a bigger story. Those who buy stocks know more about the company than most of us would. Many of them probably even know what a "sell-through" rate is. A lot of them may also have already seen the new T4, Zire 72, TE2, and Zire 31. If PalmOne is increasing its market share without these new models and those who have seen them see a bargain in PalmOne stock, I am seeing it as evidence that they are very good models.

RE: Stock Price up
Scott R @ 3/23/2004 10:00:39 AM #
I disagree. I'll bet you most of the investors know a lot less about the company than we do.

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RE: Stock Price up
ocspub @ 3/23/2004 12:35:02 PM #
I guess it would depend on whether we're talking individual investors or institutional investors. While companies are no longer allowed to give anyone preferential treatment as far as information is concerned, there are a lot of ways mutual funds and other institutional investors can get insights that Joe Shmoe can't easily get.

RE: Stock Price up
LiveFaith @ 3/23/2004 7:23:37 PM #


Pat Horne;

How much money came from the sale of Palm Digital Media?

Scott R @ 3/23/2004 10:01:53 AM #
It's my understanding that palmOne owned Palm Digital Media which they sold off to PalmGear. How much money did they get from that sale?

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RE: How much money came from the sale of Palm Digital Media?
lemketron @ 3/23/2004 11:50:05 AM #
Actually, according to Palm Digital Media was a subsidiary of PalmSource, not PalmOne, that was sold to PalmGear last September (which was part of the quarter that ended in November, not February).
RE: How much money came from the sale of Palm Digital Media?
ocspub @ 3/23/2004 12:38:54 PM #
Yup, and PalmGear is still spamming my email account with Palm Digitial Media adverts claiming to originate from PalmSource.

RE: How much money came from the sale of Palm Digital Media?
Scott R @ 3/23/2004 2:37:06 PM #
That's funny. I could have sworn that it was owned by the hardware division, since I seem to remember thinking that it didn't make much sense that the hardware division would own it. I guess I was dreaming.

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markgm @ 3/23/2004 9:47:09 PM #
I'd be curious to see the numbers for how palm faired without the merger. Did Handspring represent a large portion of that 11%?

RE: Merger
SeldomVisitor @ 3/24/2004 5:44:35 AM #
No, the 11% increase in Marketshare was for Handhelds in the US only thus the Handspring merge with Palm had nothing to do with that since Handspring brought the TREO and nothing else.

However, the TREO is a major part of PalmOne now and brought in large numbers of bucks by itself.

RE: Merger
markgm @ 3/24/2004 2:31:41 PM #
That's pretty impressive then.



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