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PocketSensei today announced VideoHoundís Golden Movie Retriever is now available for Palm Powered devices. It features the most in-depth and full-featured movie guide ever created for the Palm OS platform.
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DonPaqui @ 4/15/2004 6:21:08 PM #
Can't wait to try it!!!

RE: Nice!
TTrules @ 4/15/2004 6:34:30 PM #
How much memory does this take? I am willing to bet that this is for people with expansion cards.

One Palm to rule them all!
RE: Nice!
Palmary @ 4/15/2004 7:10:54 PM #
The whole package (including REX, which is needed if you want the detailed reviews in addition to the basic ratings) is just over 10Mb. No problem for my T3 once I sacrificed Adobe Reader :-) I actually tried it on a card at first but found it a little slow.

I also have the Maltin guide and, which I prefer. VH is prettier but I find LMMG easier to navigate and faster. Having said that, VH is good and I like having a second opinion.


Unfortunately not JUST $14.95

Palmary @ 4/15/2004 7:17:11 PM #
I got a bit caught out because I didn't realise that you must also buy REX for $12.95 if you want full reviews as opposed to the basic ratings provided in VideoHound. I had to go back and make a second transaction.

Not really a gripe, but I think the info could have been more clearly presented on the PocketSensei and Handango web sites. In fairness, REX is a good db with very good links to actor info.


RE: Unfortunately not JUST $14.95
JarJar @ 4/16/2004 5:57:18 PM #
I also found this confusing. I now understand, the basic product is the VideoHound and the expansion product is REX.

That being said, both VideoHound and REX are great products and I would have rather they just packaged them together. I would have still bought both.

Some of the reviews are pretty clever. Check out The Matrix Revolutions...

As a movie geek....

Operator99 @ 4/16/2004 1:39:21 PM #
As a movie geek I knew I would want to pick this up. As another poster said, it does provide a second opinion vs. the Maltin guide. It certainly works as advertised, but I personally don't think it has the flexibility as the Maltin guide from Landware. I want the ability to create, name and build list of genres, sort by a large number of criteria, etc. and comparing the two programs, this one seems a bit limited. Not a criticism, per se, but for me the program seems a little limited. Its bought and paid for and I will be using it along side Maltin; hopefully next versions will be a bit more robust.
BTW - neither guide has a number of lesser known films - even those that may show up on TCM. Example- a great little programmer from 1932 with Preston Foster entitled called "Muss'em Up" was on TCM last week - is in the IMDB, but not in either database.

RE: As a movie geek....
Palmary @ 4/18/2004 11:42:39 PM #
I prefer the term 'anorak' :-)

It's not just lesser known movies. e.g. neither program lists Peter Greenaway's 'The Baby of Macon'

Having played with VH all weekend (I admitted I'm an anorak!) I have to say that LMMG is far faster and better structured. VH is very pretty, but it is definitely not as flexible as LMMG. Cataloguing my DVD collection was dramatically slower than doing so with LMMG.


anything for music?

serpico @ 4/19/2004 8:24:30 PM #
This is a great app for movies and very nicely done. Is there anything for music that anyone has come by? My wife and I own a thousand cd's and would be nice to record it and read up on it.
Thanks guys.


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