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PalmInfocenter reviewer Kerry Lannert takes an in depth look at the new Clie Organizer Software from Sony. The updated PIM and multimedia suite is included with the Clie TH55 handheld. The review covers all aspects of the new program and also compares functionality with the new palmOne software and third party programs.
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Voice Memo as a todo...

garethj @ 4/21/2004 12:07:41 AM #
Why doesn't someone mkae a voicememo as a todo item? I use the voicememo's as quick todo's - but I would like to be able to incorporate them as normal todo's

Picture this - you jot yourself a todo - assign a priority, due date, alarm and then attach a voicememo to use as the alarm...

I know you can kinda do that with the current voice memo app - but - would be nice to see someone do somthing simple like this.

GAreth "insert Comment here" Jones

Clie Organizer is unusable

tompi @ 4/21/2004 1:17:37 AM #
It kind of looks cute in the store. Its user interface is at best debatable. It is kind of annyoing that it takes up even a little space with tabs on the already narrow TH55 screen.

But what makes it unusable is how slow it it. With a few hundred items, it takes 15 seconds (!) to switch into its ToDo list. Presumably, that's because it needs to/tries to synchronize with the Palm's built-in ToDo list. Actually, some other PIM add-on's have the same problem--it's probably due to POS--but that doesn't make it any more tolerable.

It takes a lot of effort to disable Clie Organizer, but it can be done. You can remap the first three hardware buttons to the standard applications. To remap the fourth, you need a piece of software called "THeGoGo".

Clie Organizer still insists on inserting itself into the "Find" output. To get rid of it there, use "Find Hack", which lets you select which applications to search through (again, this is really a design problem with POS).

When you have done all that, you'll still get two alarms for every alarm that you set: one from DateBook and one from Clie Organizer. I haven't been able to figure out how to turn that off.

Another problem is that, in order to be able to add information to the standard databases, Clie Organizer apparently adds odd looking strings into attached notes. If you commit to using it and Clies, and if Sony keeps supporting this, this may not be a problem. For me, it is.

Even though it has problems of its own, Clie Organizer could have been a good first attempt at a new generation of PIM applications for Palms. But the limitations of PalmOS make it unusable for the kinds of people who most need an improved PIM application--those with any reasonable amount of data.

I only wish I could remove Clie Organizer from flash permanently and replace it with some application I actually use. As it is, the TH55 can be turned into a decent handheld (great hardware, iffy software) with some effort, but you'll still get reminded pretty regularly of the presence of a pretty substantial piece of software that, as far as I'm concerned, is only a nuisance.

RE: Clie Organizer is unusable
scoT1753 @ 4/23/2004 3:57:37 PM #
So how slow is it going to be for me.

According to FileZ - I have 2212 Datebook Entries, 450 Address Book entries, about 1 meg of Mapopolis maps, about 1 meg of Docs to go. I don't use the To-Do List, I have over 100 Memo records. I currently have a T-615 - I'm getting mixed signals, is the TH going to be noticably slower or noticably faster than my 615??

RE: Clie Organizer is unusable
tompi @ 4/24/2004 12:17:07 PM #
is the TH going to be noticably slower or noticably faster than my 615??

I suspect that the TH would be faster running the standard Palm apps, but much slower if you access that data through the Clie Organizer.

Keep in mind that the TH still has the original Palm applications installed--you don't have to use the Clie Organizer software.

RE: Clie Organizer is unusable
scoT1753 @ 4/26/2004 7:36:50 AM #
That's what I'm wondering. Would I be better suited to the TJ-37 - I don't have an extra $100 laying around...

RE: Clie Organizer is unusable
fraeniowa @ 4/26/2004 6:28:22 PM #
There are several problems when syncing with Outlook 2000 that are worth mentioning:
1.- The neat feature that allows you to color your appointments is worthless because the colors will dissappear from your CLIE Org. after syncronizing.
2.- The icons are worthless too because they will disappear too after syncing with Outlook.

Other issues includes the fact that you cannot make an appointment last for more than one day, i.e. you cannot make an apopointment starting at 8:00 AM Tuesday and ending at 4:00 PM Thursday.

Overall I find the TH-55 a nice toy, but falls very short of being a business tool.

Back to Palm OS!

Other Applications are 'cons'

Gar @ 4/21/2004 7:51:50 AM #
A couple other items you can _not_ do in the applications area. You can not delete an application. You can not edit your category folders list. You can not move applications to different categories. You can not get info on any applications.
You have a bunch of folders with the files the way Sony wants the applications ordered into. You can choose big or tiny icons and you can assign apps to launch in the quick launcher area. Oh yea, you also get to wait many times longer for it to load (appear) everytime over the Palm OS launcher. Don't really understand their thinking on this one. Knowing all the visual features found elsewhere in the CO area, you would think there would be all the normal launcher features plus the ability to insert a snap shot into the background (don't use that feature personally in the other aftermarket launchers), etc...

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RE: Other Applications are 'cons'
DevPOV @ 4/21/2004 8:34:17 AM #
I can delete and organize files from the Applications Launcher tab.

RE: AgendusOther Applications are 'cons'
chinchorrero @ 4/21/2004 8:36:16 AM #
I like Agendus and Agendus Mail to much to change.
I had a TH55 for 2 weeks and I was happy to return it.

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RE: Other Applications are 'cons'
radleyp @ 4/22/2004 2:07:24 PM #
One question: does the datebook link to the addressbook in the manner of Agendus (or even Datebk)? If not, it is missing the one feature that I (and others I know) consider essential. Cosmetic enhancements such as photos are mere glitz when what you want from the PIM's is enhanced functionality. Tell me, who is going to append photos to names and calendar entries? Not I, to be sure. I see little ot genuine added value here. Philippe Radley

Clie Org sync

keithbohanna @ 4/21/2004 9:09:56 AM #
I liked the org. software - but had to uninstall it. I am using the Palm Desktop as my PIM and the sync never picked up all of the calender items.
It also almost always froze when syncing (i have a couple of thousand entries in both contacts and calender).
So it was not worth the hassle of working with (and the recent patch did all contacts to sync for the first time - but not the calender).


Sounds about right...

viqsi @ 4/21/2004 8:50:20 PM #
Sounds pretty much like most of what I've started to come to expect from Sony - flashy and neat-looking at first, but ultimately rushed, incomplete, buggy, and generally impractical.

I think I'll continue to stay far away from them, thanks. *clutches her T|E*

It's not like you *have* to use it...

Miss Clie @ 4/22/2004 1:53:18 PM #
Heh, all of the folks who discount the TH55 because of this one application suite are losing out. Sure, the CO is underbaked and not as nice as other 3rd party apps.

But the CO is not the reason to buy the TH55. For a price-to-feature ratio unseen since the N760C came out, you get a large screen VG setup, small thin pocketable size, MP3 player, movie player (and recorder if you already 'have' the software), camera, voice recorder, and enough RAM for your very favorite 3rd party apps.

I am totally thrilled with the unit, and haven't even looked at CO since the first couple of days. If you pass this unit over just because of CO, it'd be like passing over a Ferrari just because you didn't like the floormats.

RE: It's not like you *have* to use it...
radleyp @ 4/22/2004 3:04:28 PM #
I agree but this was a review of the CO software, which indicates that the PIC folks considered it a very important feature. I did pass on the TH55, but that's because I own a T3, and there just isn't enough enhancement here to make a difference. Moreover, there are, at least for me, some real drawbacks, such as the awful hardware buttons and the placement of the jog dial. Philippe Radley

RE: It's not like you *have* to use it...
Puppy @ 4/22/2004 8:05:44 PM #
You don't HAVE to use it, but you're stuck with double alarms, and you have to use 3rd party apps to more or less completly disable it.

The T3 has tweaked versions of the regular apps, which seems like a better idea to me. It's also got a brighter screen (at least one of the screens they use is), a faster processor, double the RAM, and a more normal IMO useable layout.

On top of that, the T3 is usually $30 cheaper.

RE: It's not like you *have* to use it...
kezza @ 4/23/2004 11:55:40 AM #
For the record, I only experienced a double alarm once, and it was DateBk5's fault.
Besides, Sony released a bug fix for the CO about two weeks ago that fixes the duplicate alarm problem (which is why I didn't address it at all in the review, there's no point mentioning a bug if it's been fixed).

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RE: It's not like you *have* to use it...
tompi @ 4/24/2004 12:20:44 PM #
"The T3 has tweaked versions of the regular apps, which seems like a better idea to me."

It helps a little, but it still has problems. The way the T3 adds additional information to records also is not compatible with other Palm devices and desktop software.

Ultimately, the whole Palm database architecture is just rotten: it's slow and it is nearly impossible to extend databases cleanly and reliably with additional information.



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