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Handmark has released a public beta of a new multiplayer version of Warfare Incorporated. The game features real time strategy gameplay, high resolution graphics and enhanced sound.
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Only wifi ?

Konstantin @ 4/20/2004 3:18:01 PM #
I have a Zire71 no wireless of any kind.
Is there a way to play multiplayer from the craddle?

RE: Only wifi ?
rory @ 4/20/2004 3:51:16 PM #
I doubt you would be able to use the cradle to do multiplayer, considering getting networking work over USB is a bit of a hack anyway.

Your best bet is one of those illusive wifi SD cards or the wifi PDA case that has been mentioned here a few times before.

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RE: Only wifi ?
JKingGrim @ 4/20/2004 5:25:49 PM #
If only the bluetooth card supported OS5!

If only the zire72 were out...

RE: Only wifi ?
Altema @ 4/20/2004 5:28:29 PM #
If only it did IR like RifleSlugsW...

Warfare Inc. may need more bandwidth than IR can provide though.

RE: Only wifi ?
Konstantin @ 4/20/2004 9:12:29 PM #

Servers or Lobbies?

He||Raiser @ 4/20/2004 10:37:35 PM #
Are there any servers or public lobbies ala or where prospective players could congregate to find people to play WI with? If not, then this multiplayer pack becomes as useless as the one for Worms, as there's no one to play the game with. How do you all find people with which to play WI?

RE: Servers or Lobbies?
tfftruoa @ 4/21/2004 12:22:31 AM #
I don't think its intended for multiplayer use in the same way starcraft, diablo, and other games were intended. It's more like "I have a TT3 with warfare. My friend has a TT with warfare. Let's fight eachother."

A warfare inc multiplayer hosting server would be an awesome addition and it may come in the future, but the multiplayer aspect of the beta is great for playing people you know who have connected palms.

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