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The Rio Grande City Consolidated Independent School District in Texas has more than 2,700 handheld computers in use in second through fifth grades. School administrators have found that the handhelds both motivate students and help them prepare for the state assessment exam.
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Send some money to MY district!

Palm Cow @ 6/2/2004 1:35:29 PM #
Yeah. So my district is leaning on this Proposition K thing on June 8th, or else all sports and music is cut. I don't like that. So while they want more and more PDAs for their 8 year olds, we're getting football cut. Damned.

Chess or Chyes
Palm Cow loves it.

Alphasmart Killer

Code Ronin @ 6/2/2004 2:47:43 PM #
I am sure that the Alphasmart people are not too happy about PalmOne encroaching on their K-12 turf.

Have Keyboard,
Will Travel

PPC and schools

The Black Moose @ 6/2/2004 4:16:04 PM #
This must be the third article I read on a school using palm/palmone brand PDAs. First m125, then Tungsten E, now a combination of Tungsten E and Zire 71 are being used. Does anyone have any intelligence report on whether or not PPC is claiming schools too? I am sure the price of HP's PDAs is a deterrence compared with what low end palms sell for. Maybe palmone should promote this school idea, it may assist in a lead not to mention the students being potential customers if they see and like a palm first.

In case anyone gets the idea to look at retail prices for something like this, ignore them. Palmone offers bulk rates for arrangements like this.


M3wThr33 @ 6/2/2004 4:45:59 PM #
What about kids playing games during class or running stuff like Kinoma or Palmasutra?

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

Cameras in school

tooele @ 6/2/2004 6:39:10 PM #
I thoght people were woried about cameras in schools and public places. As far as I know the Zire 71 has a camera. The Tungsten E in school is a good idea though I wish they would use them in my high school.

RE: Cameras in school
The Black Moose @ 6/2/2004 11:11:11 PM #
My guess is that with the new Zire 72, Palmone has a stash of Zire 71 PDAs which need to be handed off somewhere. Besides, I use a Zire 71 in high school, no problematic issues to date. Then, some are clueless as to it having a camera. Maybe the camera PDA is seen by the school district as a note taking instrument. I'll miss that concealed camera if I upgrade to a Zire 72.


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