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Snapperfish has released a free public beta trial of SnapperMail Enterprise Edition version 2. The new version includes IMAP mail support, a refined interface and other new features.
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Waited, and waited for IMAP!

treo1 @ 6/9/2004 8:25:11 PM #
Now its here and I can't connect to my Compuserve account, via IMAP because it does not support the "search function" I can with all other imap email programs for Palm, but I wanted this to be the one....oh well

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RE: Waited, and waited for IMAP!
Lidocaineus @ 6/9/2004 9:20:13 PM #
Hey, what imap clients are out there? I only know of this one and VersaMail, which I used to love, but have run into too many limitations... like the folder character limitation...
RE: Waited, and waited for IMAP!
gfunkmagic @ 6/9/2004 10:32:46 PM #
Quick list of various email clients for PalmOS that support IMAP:

Corsoft Aileron
Papi Mail
Gopher King
Iambic Mail
Snappermail 2.0

I support


RE: Waited, and waited for IMAP!
gillardm @ 6/10/2004 9:34:09 AM #
This new IMAP client WORKS with my account perfectly - and i can select any subfolder to sync with I like! This is the ONLY client to do it successfully and is fully usable.
Has anyone contacted palm about fixing the folder character limitation in Versamail? I tried but never got a reply. If they fixed that issue then Versamail would suit my needs. But otherwise I will have to fork out the cash for snappermail.
Iambic Mail is very buggy and unreliable for IMAP. And all the others seem really limited.
RE: Waited, and waited for IMAP!
burtba @ 6/10/2004 7:58:21 PM #
Well its good to see, Snapperfish have finally let their hair down and accepted they are unable to finnish off what they started without help. After broken promises of release dates, now they come out with a public beta, so the public can sort out the bugs they could not put their fingers on.

Good to see guys.

But it does seem odd to me. Snapperfish were heavily defending their overpriced product, saying it was aimed at the corporate market, now we see a public beta, not really a corporate idea, I mean who in a corporate market is going to risk their business's data with a beta product. It was also a point they made to support their price, they release rock solid products and only when its fully functional. So does that mean we are going to see a price reduction?? Or are we (the public) just sorting out bugs for them to correct for the corporate market. Is there a benefit for us.

RE: Waited, and waited for IMAP!
Altema @ 6/11/2004 5:06:02 PM #
You say the public beta is a good thing, then critique them for it? What's up with that?

Anyway, I agree that the price is higher than I'd like to pay. I have tried a lot of email apps because email is critical to my job, and choose SnapperMail. Still, it was a big chunk for someone with a big family to feed.

Regarding the public beta, it's not really a case of us sorting out the bugs for them. They have their own beta testers that have been sorting things out for months, and God knows how many versions they have been through before this beta was released. I don't how may beta testers they had on their own, but I doubt it would have covered every possible device, configuration, ISP, and server setup. Throwing the beta out to the public winds will reveal whatever did not come to light in earlier testing. I pulled the public beta down and loaded it on my T3. Setup with both firewall protected IMAP accounts and several ISP POP accounts, it has been running fine (can't wait for the manual though!). However, it may not run that smoothly for someone on the beach running a Treo through a Hawaiian ISP to a mail server in China ;)

Also their forums have been ringing with cries of "give us a beta, give us a beta!". So here it is.

$30 - $60? Good luck, Will!

;-(( @ 6/9/2004 9:59:02 PM #
As good as SnapperMail has been, I'm afraid you'll price yourself out of the retail market. Treos ship with a decent email client, most Palms seem to come with a flavor of VersaMail. How many end users will shell out $60 for a Palm app? (Even one as important as an email app.)

I used to support SnapperMail, but it's hard to argue with a free app that offers 90% of SnapperMail's functionality. Good luck, but I think SnapperMail's best bet would have been to get bought out by Palm and shipped as the default email app.

RE: $30 - $60? Good luck, Will!
orol @ 6/10/2004 9:27:12 AM #
plus if you want to upgrade from snappermail 1.9.2. premium to snappermail 2.0 premiu where you get just the memory storage function you have to pay 23 usd or 28 usd if you are from europe.

for that price you cen get another standalone client

btw this beta is VERY buggy, according to many users it destroys attachmens (especialy jpg pictures), it resets devices when autofetch is on, discontinues selection work only on treo 600, memory card storage function doesn't work at all on devices with two storage cards as UX50 and NX series

so if you want rock solid application look elsewhere. plus you can save yourself some money too :-)

e.g. versamail supports ssl/imap/pop3 as does markspace. and you cen get mark/space even for $15 with discount ($30 is original price). for that price you cannot get snappermail lite!

so don't even bother with snappermail 2.0 it's not worth the money. I made that mistake and bought it. but I warn you

e.g. downloading email is VERY slow. and I really mean slow. with snappermail it took me 4 moniutes to download file with 1 MB pdf file. the same took only 40 seconds with clie mail!! (over WiFi with my UX50)
100KB plain text msg took 40 seconds!!

RE: $30 - $60? Good luck, Will!
thomaslb @ 6/10/2004 10:56:28 AM #
I also feel it is--and has been--sloppy coding. It has multiple components that have to be installed and it takes forever to figure out what will work off a card and what has to be in RAM. Other programs like MarcSpace can put it all into one PRC.

Now working great

volcanopele @ 6/10/2004 1:50:15 PM #
The beta released last night is working great on my NX80V. the memory card support really reduces the load placed by Snapper mail on my device's RAM. Plus, now I don't have to be so stingy on what emails I want to keep. However, the other feature I have been looking forward the most to, improved font support, has not been included. In addition, I hope some ARMlets are added to improve email download speed.

This post contains violent content. Viewer discretion is advissed
RE: Now working great
just_little_me @ 6/15/2004 12:27:34 AM #
Armlets are unlikely to have a massive affect on email download speed - which is mostly governed by your connection. Second in line would be the speed at which the app can write the retrieved emails to storage - which again is something an armlet won't fix.


RE: Now working great
orol @ 6/15/2004 12:11:16 PM #
well, so why is clie mail or versamail 3-4 times faster then snappermail ? (ceteris paribus)

SnapperMail - How will the wolf survive?
;-(( @ 6/16/2004 10:25:55 PM #
Do you want speed or (bloated) features? If you like it lean stick with your ClieMail. If you want features you acccept the compromises. Will is not CESD or Bozidar Benc - he can't produce a stable app that does everything everyone wants. (Nor should he even attempt to do this.)

RE: Now working great
jdh @ 7/22/2004 10:14:16 AM #
Well, I jumped back onto SnapperMail as soon as I saw the beta out with IMAP4 support (which was the only reason I ever went over to other products). Firstly, the product has been extremely stable on my T3, and the [I]only[/I] problems that I've had are more related to my mail server's non-compliant implementation of IMAP4 than anything else, and the Snapper folks have been very responsive and good at correcting those problems.

As far as the speed goes, there is a stark comparison between SnapperMail and other products, but I think that's because Snapper actually [I]synchronizes[/I] IMAP folders, rather than just downloading new messages (which it actually does very quickly if you think about it). I had been messing around with the beta of Agendus Mail, which was really quite fast by comparison, but can't move messages between folders, or even purge deleted messages.

SnapperMail is the first and only Palm e-mail client that gives me what is effectively a wireless remote mailbox. There is almost nothing I can do from my live GroupWise mailbox that I can't do from my PDA with Snapper... I'm willing to live with some of the mail download speed issues for that benefit.

I should mention though that Snapper is actually [I]very[/I] fast on WiFi or BT LAN connections... The only time it seems slow is on a GPRS connection through my cell phone... Again supporting my theory that the performance issues are more connected to a lot of two-way sync traffic than anything else.



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