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The Treo 600 v1.12 update had now been made available for the T-Mobile network. The new software features a number of performance and reliability enhancements.
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About time

Quickster @ 6/7/2004 2:05:39 PM #
I just do not understand why it is that T-Mobile is always at the back of the pack when they have such a good network and pretty descent personnel working for them. Oh well, better latet than never.

RE: About time
hkklife @ 6/7/2004 5:25:06 PM #
Actually, "...better late with T-Mobile than a year late with Verizon (if at all!)"

On a related note,Treocentral is reporting the imminent availability of a camera-less Treo 600 with a few software changes/tweaks for Sprint.

RE: About time
sremick @ 6/8/2004 10:31:35 AM #
It might be a "good network"... if you have reception.

Here in Vermont, the only reliable cellular networks are Verizon and Unicel (RCC), with Unicel edging out Verizon with more towers because they are more of a local/regional company. Of course this doesn't stop Sprint and Nextel from selling phones... but the reception is horrible. They just don't have coverage to speak of, and not everyone spends their entire lives around the 2 places with towers. People come up all the time from NYC with their fancy Nextel phones and bitch because they can't use them hardly anywhere. Sprint is a huge scam too, luring people with their fancy phone features which don't mean jack when you can't get an signal anywhere. Sorry... I'd rather have a phone that works than one that plays video games (get a Gameboy), takes pictures that you can't send to anyone with no signal, and has 1000 ringtones that never go off because no one can call you.



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