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TouchLauncherThe best selling Palm OS application in the PIC store has just been updated. TouchLauncher combines a touch friendly home screen and app launcher. Among its many features are finger scrolling, rearrangeable apps, drag and drop operations, custom iconsets, wallpapers, weblinks, contact icons and much more. The new version 2.3 brings a number of critical fixes, a new dynamic unread email icon, a new tap and drag to category gesture and the ability to change the operator text.

TouchLauncher v2.3 is available now for the Centro and devices running Palm OS 5 and higher including Palm PDAs (Palm TX, LifeDrive, T3, T5, Zire 72). The app comes with a free trial period and costs $6.99 to purchase. This is a free update for previous customers.

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email badge

espc31 @ 6/11/2009 5:10:08 PM # Q
Too bad it only works with versamail. My versamail locked up with the SSLopen error so I've been using Snappermail. would be nice if the badge features worked with iambic sms and mail.
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