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The ClieVideo software group has released a new desktop application that turns any Palm OS handheld with a built in camera into a fully functioning webcam.
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First First Post. Wow.

Gurn @ 6/17/2004 2:23:33 PM #
Does this only work when the device is in the cradle? If so, it will be a lovely shot of my messy desk.

RE: First First Post. Wow.
The Black Moose @ 6/17/2004 5:07:54 PM #
In a way I agree it would be a hassle to have it in the cradle, but could work. My Zire 71 could be in a position above my monitor to handle it, but I must arrange it just so that the cradle does not get bumped and the connection lost.

Really, I think the non-cradle connection would be better. Maybe a non cradle hotsync cord with a firm connection. Or, a Zire 72 which has no cradle in the first place. Now, to prop it up... They should enable the Zire 72's audio to work as well if it is not already enabled. Either way, this would end up in spending more money besides the program cost.

Maybe I should just buy a web cam?

RE: First First Post. Wow.
The Black Moose @ 6/17/2004 5:13:53 PM #
Actually, it may work best with Sony models. I do not quite know how they are set up, but the clamshell design might be useful.

Still, this is useless to me if it offers only Windows compatibility.

RE: First First Post. Wow.
just_little_me @ 6/17/2004 5:21:39 PM #
Cool idea - these guys are obviously very good developers. However... the logisitcal issues of mounting a Palm in a cradle so that it could be used successfully almost negates its coolness - almost. For any serious webcammer this would be a toy unfortunately.

What I want to see is the VoIP software for the TC and other devices that support a 802.11 connection!


RE: First First Post. Wow.
cbowers @ 6/17/2004 6:04:15 PM #
Seeing it is easy enough to at

Specifically here:
Last update was October 2003.

Works well enough on my Tungsten C. That is unless you were hoping to use it to make a call rather than just look at the eye candy. The voice quality is virtually useless.


Yeah, but...

ggaspari @ 6/20/2004 8:12:05 AM #
Zire 71 CANNOT be connected to the cradle in camera mode. Since you have to slide the unit UP, there is a void between the fake-metal cover and the universal(?) connector.

I guess you can get around using a sync-cable but anyway.

Dose it Work??

PDAinHand @ 6/21/2004 7:57:28 AM #
Hi All

I just downloaded the software and it works great on my TH55 but the desktop version dose not, I am using an WinXP.

Has anyone been able to use this yet??

PDA in Hand

Still looking for something for the TREO 650

kcJim @ 3/7/2007 9:45:39 PM #
Just so everyone knows .. the ClieVideo software does NOT work on the TREO 650. I wish it would .. but I've downloaded it .. and .. no luck!

Anyone know of a program that does work on the 650?




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