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Enfora has a new version of their wireless portfolio case for the Tungsten E. The leather case brings Wi-Fi connectivity through an attachment via the mini-USB connector.
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On an SSS?

mikecane @ 7/30/2004 8:17:14 AM #
Web surfing on a Small Square Screen?

No thanks.

(No offense to you Treo fanatics!)

RE: On an SSS?
palmhiker @ 7/30/2004 8:30:30 AM #
I purchased a Tungsten C a couple of months ago (hell of a deal at $298) and surfing on it, although not the most pleasurable experience, is really not that bad. There are plenty of sites that lends themselves to mobile surfing.

It beats the alternative of being out and about with no access at all, and I am amazed how many un-encrypted access points are cropping up.

What I don't understand about the folks that make this Enfora case - Why don't they try to package this thing in a more portable enclosure? Something like a cigarette pack-size (maybe thinner) enclosure that could clip onto the back of a PDA - you only bring it our when you need it.

RE: On an SSS?
Alric @ 7/30/2004 10:14:43 AM #
Or get an Axim X30 with WiFi and BT for under $250.

Flame on!

RE: On an SSS?
statik @ 7/30/2004 10:47:26 AM #
I bought a Sony SJ37 last week and have found that the web browsing on a 320 * 320 screen is quite good.

Nothing on the web that is designed for 800*600 is going to work well on any PDA screen, but I found it worked good enough for sites like e-bay, superpages, google news, palm infocenter :) and a lot of the Other pages out there. I can even log in to trade stocks and check my bank balance. Not too bad in a pinch.

Besides that, WiFi isn't just meant to browse the web with. What about e-mail? Wireless syncing? Wireless updating of Avantgo? The list goes on. There's even programs out there that let you use your camera & wifi enabled PDA as a wireless web cam.

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RE: On an SSS?
JonathanChoo @ 7/30/2004 11:12:04 AM #
320x320 is alright for web browsing with Web Pro. You can't really compare with the Treo (160x160). 320x320 might not be as great as 320x480 but atleast its better than 240x320 that the Axim X30 has.

PalmOne Tungsten T3/256Mb Panasonic SD; HP h4150/512Mb Sandisk Ultra-II, Sony Ericsson T630
RE: On an SSS?
palmhiker @ 7/30/2004 11:15:55 AM #
"Or get an Axim X30 with WiFi and BT for under $250."

I was actually one mouse click away from purchasing the Axim, had signed up for Dell's credit (to get 6 months same as cash).

When I saw the T-C for just $50 more, and realized how much more I would save on existing accessories and Palm software I purchased, I just couldn't go through with getting the Axim (add to that the fact that many users were complaining on Aximsite that alarms were not working, any PDA I buy HAS to have functioning alarms).

I think the Axim is a great deal in terms of the hardware you get for $250. If I could get that hardware running Palm OS I would be all over it.

I never thought I would like the T-C when it first came out, but it is actually a treat to use, although I would rather have the T-3's screen and no keyboard...

RE: On an SSS?
Alric @ 7/30/2004 12:25:10 PM #
<320x320 might not be as great as 320x480 but atleast its better than 240x320 that the Axim X30 has.>

Before the Axim I used to browse the web using a T|T. The point of the Axim is the landscape mode which makes text readin much easier. You actually want the text bigger than what 320x320 could give you, and preferably landscape. IMHO.


A bit expensive, isn't it?
TMann @ 7/30/2004 3:13:09 PM #
I think a bigger issue than the size of the screen is the cost of this device. Tungsten E's can be found much less than $200 now. Why would I want to pay $170 to get Wi-Fi capability on a Tungsten E? If Wi-Fi was THAT important to me, I think that I would just sell the TE and buy a refurbed TC, TH55, TJ35, or any number of PPC's.


RE: On an SSS?
mikecane @ 7/30/2004 5:47:18 PM #
I keep forgetting the Tung C -- mainly because I haven't seen one on sale in AGES! Are they even being made?!

RE: On an SSS?
vesther @ 7/30/2004 6:50:37 PM #
I'm used to browsing the Internet on a Small Square Screen. The TE may not be the most pleasant Internet Browsing Experience as far as power is concerned because of it's rather austere 126MHz OMAP Processor. I'd rather browse using a minimum Tungsten T2 IMO. The Tungsten C still rules as far as Palm-Powered Wi-Fi is concerned.

Get used to the Small Square Screen guys. That's the way PDAs were born guys.

Intel PXA27X, Motorola's ARM Processor, or Texas Instruments OMAP? Pick one Palm Enthusiasts, the choice should be yours. When handheld makers make you choose the ARM Processor, you win.

RE: On an SSS?
tfftruoa @ 7/30/2004 7:23:08 PM #
No one is going to buy a TE and this case at the same time. It wouldn't make sense. But from the sales figures I've seen, there is a large chunk of people who already have invested in Tungsten Es and may be interested in adding some wireless to it.

Let's say I bought a TE when they were first introduced. At the time, all I thought palms were good for was PIM, but now that I've discoved how much more they can actually do, I want to add wireless. The Bluetooth SD card doesnt work. The wifi SD card doesnt work. I don't have a universal conector. My connection options were limited to IR.

So along comes Enfora, and suddenly, I have wifi. Considering that the Enfora case is the only way to add wifi to a palm, adding support for one of the most popular models is a good thing.

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RE: On an SSS?
asiayeah @ 7/31/2004 1:34:44 AM #
It's pretty good to play instant messaging on a wireless Tungsten E, even on its screen screen.

With great power comes great responsiblity.
RE: On an SSS?
JonathanChoo @ 7/31/2004 1:50:47 AM #
I have seen a group of execs in London a couple of weeks ago walked into a store and bought a bunch of Tungsten C. So yes, they are still being made - and sold. They were all carrying company issued BlackBerrys as well.

PalmOne Tungsten T3/256Mb Panasonic SD; HP h4150/512Mb Sandisk Ultra-II, Sony Ericsson T630
RE: On an SSS?
Nusm @ 7/31/2004 1:50:54 AM #
>I keep forgetting the Tung C -- mainly because
>I haven't seen one on sale in AGES! Are they
>even being made?!

I don't know about being made, but my local Office Max has the Tungsten C for... I don't remember how much they are, but they definitely have one on display and sell them.

RE: On an SSS?
mikecane @ 7/31/2004 10:15:41 AM #
>>>Get used to the Small Square Screen guys. That's the way PDAs were born guys.

God Almighty, what an idiotic statement. Are you still doing it in your diapers? After all, you were *born* that way.

RE: On an SSS?
palmhiker @ 8/2/2004 9:11:28 PM #
>>>"I keep forgetting the Tung C -- mainly because I haven't seen one on sale in AGES! Are they even being made?!"

I have a feeling they aren't making them anymore, but there appears to be zillions of them in the pipeline. My guess is, that Palm will introduce a replacement for the C in the next 6 months.

The great thing about the C (if you can stomach the keyboard), is that its specs. are very good, even though it is nearing 2 years of age, and $300 for a PDA like this is an excellent bargain. 64 MB RAM (51 useable), built-in wi-fi and great battey life.

At least the Enfora works!

pdouglas12 @ 7/30/2004 10:16:31 PM #
After waiting for going on two years for the promised SD card for my T1, following broken promise after broken promise, I broke down and bought the Enfora case. While I find it sometimes squeezes a button on the T1, turning it on unintenionally, and it is certainly too big for a shirt pocket, it works. It works, and that's what is important. For example, I found an open hot spot on the train platform, where I can download my email while I wait for the train every morning. Reading the overnight emails on the train is a big advantage. And, dammit, despite the inconvenience of the connector which pops off all to frequently, the size of the case (can't they make it smaller?) and the accidental turn-ons, it works!

Removing parts from case?

grahamnind @ 9/13/2004 6:14:02 AM #
The Enfora case looks interesting, but a bit too big for my liking. Does anyone know if you can remove the adapter from the case and 'rehouse' it to make it smaller?



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