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Mark/Space today began shipping version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS, their highly-anticipated successor to PalmSource’s HotSync Manager for Mac OS X, with support for PDAs and smartphones from companies including AlphaSmart, Garmin, palmOne, Samsung, Sony and Tapwave.
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So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?

acaltabiano @ 7/29/2004 8:46:51 PM #
Great that I can now dump PD since this has its own little memopad syncer, however, I STILL need a conduit fix that will sync the individual Categories and Calendars together, instead of lumping them all to one calendar.

And the same goes for groups in address book.

How 'bout it?

RE: So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?
sinebubble @ 7/30/2004 2:12:25 PM #
Do that and I can see spending the $40 for this software. Otherwise, I just don't understand the value added.

RE: So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?
dbutenhof @ 7/30/2004 8:01:32 PM #
After having regular HotSync problems with the Palm infrastructure recently, I decided to give Missing Sync 4.0 a try.

I (and many others, judging from their discussion mailing list) immediately ran into a major bug. It sometimes (frequently) screws up saving the registration number into its pref file; on subsequent launches it immediately (and SILENTLY) quits. I repeatedly deleted the pref file, repairs permissions, reinstalled, etc., etc, through last night and this morning with no effect: it repeatedly did the same thing. When I got home from work, it finally ran OK.

The bummer, though, is that I rely on Group Organizer. (I'd actually switch to NOW if that wouldn't be so expensive, because they're a lot better with maintenance... but that's a different matter.) Unfortunately, while the MS 4.0 compatibility list calls out "Personal Organizer" (and doesn't list "Group Organizer" as incompatible), it doesn't work. It hangs both Missing Sync and the Palm.

Unfortunately, this makes it pretty much useless to me. (I can't even take this as a final excuse to shell out for a NOW migration, because MS 4.0 is only compatible with ONE of their two conduits: the other is listed as incompatible.)

With any luck, these problems will be addressed soon. I can certainly see the potential for this to be enough better than Palm's package to be really worth the money. This is a ".0" release, though, and just barely out into wide distribution;. As much as we might like it to be otherwise, major product releases always hit customer situations different from all in-house and beta testing. It's a basic law of software. The critical test is in how well, and how quickly, they handle it.

RE: So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?
kp* @ 7/31/2004 4:28:54 AM #
I too am having the silent quit problem. I keep deleting the prefs and every now and then I get lucky and it works for a while, but then the problem comes back. I've also had a lot of other buggy behavior and other types of crashes/quits. And when it's working it still won't sync with Vindigo. It has the same behavior on my desktop and laptop. I can't imagine what they tested it on not to have run into these major problems. Hope a patch is coming soon, I'm really excited about this release, once it's working!

RE: So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?
jho4thclie @ 7/31/2004 12:15:42 PM #
Open the pref file (dev tools? omni outliner?).

Under 'Registration Code', delete the garbled stuff at the end of your real registration code. Save.

All works well from there on out!


RE: So... When will someone fix Calendars/Categories for ical?
dbutenhof @ 7/31/2004 6:13:31 PM #
In fact, my understanding from the Missing Sync mailing list (a response from a developer) is that the bug was in their registration SERVER, rather than in the software. That bug has been fixed so that if you are having the problem you should be able to simply trash the prefs file (if anyone doesn't feel comfortable editing it) and register again.

However, I'm still disappointed that one of my most critical conduits, Group Organizer, doesn't work. Yes, on the other hand, technically they didn't say that it would. (Though it was loosely implied by listing Personal Organizer and not saying that the Group version wasn't supported.) In any case, whether this is their problem or mine, it renders Missing Sync essentially useless to me. Sigh. It definitely has potential...

Decuma is invited to Missing Sync

vesther @ 8/5/2004 12:10:20 AM #
I had so many sync problems when I used to have Palm Desktop deployed on my Mac while I synced my Handheld using Palm Desktop as everytime I synced a Palm OS Handheld installed with Decuma, HotSync would hang. I no longer have these kind of problems with Missing Sync, as apparently, its code is optimized. This is, however, an early release as I'm gonna be expecting a lot of updates soon to optimize the code even further.

I am so proud of Mark/Space right now.

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