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Speedometer GPS Palm OSRNS Software has released an interesting new app for Palm OS devices. Speedometer GPS is the billed as the first real-time GPS speedometer for Palm OS. The program works with any GPS accessory to provide fairly accurate speed readings based on the GPS data. It can measure the instantaneous speed of any moving vehicle and it displays them in a number of skinnable display gauges. In addition to the speed measurements, the app can also display comprehensive GPS information such as current coordinates, satellites in range, GPS date and time, etc. It also offers support for high-res+ displays.

Speedometer GPS v1.0 is available now for $9.95 and it comes with a free trial period. It is compatible with Palm OS 4 or higher and requires a GPS receiver.

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A Palm speedometer

philpalm @ 3/17/2009 9:56:31 PM # Q
Notice that the article doesn't mention the use of a speedometer on a bicycle. Here is one link for an electronic speedometer for a bike:
And the price is very close to what it will cost for a Palm device w/gps. YCMV.

However if you use it for a car it can replace a broken speedometer a lot cheaper than fixing it.

I suppose if you use the program for walking or hiking a speedometer is not too useful unless you are a marathon runner and want to run at a certain speed....

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Intriguing , but

Eternal_Visitor @ 3/18/2009 5:59:47 AM # Q
is this any better than (or any different from for that matter) the speed readings my iQue gives me?
that's how I see things. you think I'm wrong? well, that's the way you see things.
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off subject

linds @ 3/19/2009 9:34:10 AM # Q
When are we going to see another software sale, ie 20% off all palm software? I am waiting to buy up a few apps.


RE: off subject
Ryan @ 3/19/2009 9:42:40 AM # M Q
Make sure you are signed up for the email newsletter. There is a sign up box in the left column of the store pages.

We send out a lot of subscriber only specials through that, and of course announce all sales.

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Free alternative

Wolfboy @ 3/19/2009 12:12:56 PM # Q
Cetus GPS has a lot of the same functions (including current speed, average speed), plus additional features (compass, other common GPS features), and has been available for many years.

It's also free.

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