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Additional details and a new clear image of the possible next generation palmOne Treo smartphone have now been posted. The new image and details reveal a slightly smaller unit with a revised keyboard, a higher resolution screen and bluetooth connectivity.
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gfunkmagic @ 8/26/2004 6:12:01 PM #
Hey Ryan, did you upload all 8 pics of the Ace yet? So far it supposedly will also have PTT, a removable battery, new connector (old accessories no longer compatible :( ), and mic on font!! Can't wait!!!

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RE: WAHOO v2.0!!!
LiveFaith @ 8/26/2004 11:26:16 PM #
Has anyone seen the so-called "Treo 800" with GPS that's out there too? Looks similar to Treo 650, but with larger hard buttons, no keyboard and that SCREEN! Saved the pic to my webspace. Knew nothing about this one!

Built-in GPS receiver
320x480 screen (w/landscape)
324mhz processor & 64mb RAM
GSM/GPRS or CDMA, BT & 802.11g!!!
OS Garnet 5.5.1?
Dedicated phone buttons
No external antenna
No thumboard
$625-$675 retail?
Treo 800g for GPS?
Rumored release 2/29/05-4/1/05?

Pat Horne;

jseasvuess2000 @ 8/27/2004 12:43:49 AM #
I want that NOW!!! Is this what the prez was talking about by this fall? Dates too late.

gfunkmagic @ 8/27/2004 2:46:45 AM #
Hehe... Livefaith, you always got some really cool looking mockups! ;) Btw, I posted your "Treo 480v" mockup a while ago on Treocentral and Brighthand, and everyone went bonkers! LOL! ;)

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LiveFaith @ 8/27/2004 10:27:40 AM #

Ahhh, the 480v. I nearly forgot. We had to pull that one right before production b/c Sony & Sharp refused to supply the 160x240 screens. The 800g is a sure thing tho. Should hit right on the 29th!


Pat Horne;

Don't like the new keyboard

I.M Anonymous @ 8/26/2004 6:18:07 PM #
Having the number keys a different color on the 600 was a real plus, it's too bad they got rid of that (although it's nothing a good sharpie can't fix).

Now if they could only get Verizon to carry it without waiting two years...

RE: Don't like the new keyboard
sub_tex @ 8/27/2004 2:38:26 PM #
I hadn't noticed that before. I agree. Mistake on their part leaving it out.

RE: Don't like the new keyboard
sandbuck @ 8/27/2004 5:58:08 PM #
I've always wondered what goes on in the mind of someone that can "modify" a pristine new tech toy with a sharpie, pocket knife, or other brute utensil.

Orange UK clearing Treo600 stock out

IanJD @ 8/26/2004 6:52:18 PM #
Orange UK, the only UK provider carrying the Treo600, have today slashed their prices for the Treo600 to 50 with their cheapest plan (was 200) and free with a 120min per month plan (was 100). It has been out of stock at Orange recently, but I presume the price cuts are to clear the stocks, and heralds something new coming.

RE: Orange UK clearing Treo600 stock out
JonathanChoo @ 8/27/2004 4:40:24 AM #
This is long overdue...should have came out two months ago...but hei...better than nothing. Performance wise this should be better than HP h6xxx series which uses a Ti processor. The lack of WiFi is not an issue for me too - and I am sure that the recently released PalmOne WiFi card would work on this.

The issue is whether o2 will stock them. For now it seems highly unlikely.

However I have first I wanted to upgrade my mobile to a Treo but now decided against. I am going to keep my mobile and PDA separate for now.

Generic PDA > 5mx > Vx > m505 > N770C > T625C > NR70V > e310 > m550 > h2210 > T/T3 & h4150

StarTac > T28m > T39m > T68m > T610 > T630 > K700i (nxt week)

Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????

GearHead @ 8/26/2004 8:43:42 PM #
Finally Plam came up with a good up to date product. But I think it's missing WiFi over HP's new ipaq. I wish processor was 624MHz. But anyways still good machine. Good Job! Please consider WiFi!

Free 802.11 No More Wires!!!
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RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
LiveFaith @ 8/26/2004 8:59:26 PM #

In all due respect, comparing the Treo to one of those HP brick-fones is like comparing a Ferrari Enzo to a Hummer. What good is 600mhz when you have to use a carry cart with wheels to haul it around like luggage through the airport.

This thing is stunning and simply works as every Treo reviewer on earth has already reported. Now with most of the gripes addressed. Yes, WiFi would be a + for those who want it, but a SDIO is probably on the way since the T3 & 72 versions are "out". BT is very useful for phones thanks to the BT headsets.

BTW, at 324mhz, I cannot imagine any Palm OS5 app that would not absolutely "blink" at you to get a task done.

Although, does this Treo look a little taller and "thicker" than the 600?

Pat Horne;

RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
tooele @ 8/26/2004 9:30:58 PM #
I agree this new treo looks nice. They finally put a hi-res screen and bluetooth! I don't know of any program that you need a processor faster than 300 or 400 Mhz to use on a palm. I have a TT3 and I can listen to MP3's and play games using the whole screen and it's plenty fast. Also the treo is nice because it's small. Unlike PPC.

RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
hkklife @ 8/26/2004 9:40:49 PM #
The PDA side specs of this device are about what I expected it to be---Zire 72ish. Let's hope for a better camera, though (unlikely).

However, the attention to detail and overall "polish" of this Treo (based on these shots, at least) is very much a pleasant surprise. NOW, guys, what if the "new" connector coming for this Treo is the UC replacement and will gradually be rolled out to the rest of the Tungsten line...standardize Tungstens & Treos (the most expensive PalmOne models, generally) on one connector and leave mini-usb for the bottom-feeder Zires. I really hope we have some sort of a connector standard coming up that PalmOne will at least halfheartedly stick to for a few years. I like the self-portrait mirror, removable battery, new keyboard layout & backlight and dedicated green/red phone call buttons the best, btw. All very nice touches!

Possilble EDGE/1xEvDo
gfunkmagic @ 8/26/2004 10:09:43 PM #
FYI, it's still uncertain right now if the Ace/650 will have EGDE or 1xEvDo wireless radios. If true, then I think most people will be happy to think of lack of integrated wifi as a footnote... :)

Right now the following specs look pretty good imo!

312 Mhz Proc
320x320 rez screen
1.3 MP cam
(possible 1xEvDo/EDGE??)

I support


RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
dsm363 @ 8/26/2004 11:47:50 PM #
WiFi would have been nice but I agree, I think it's a great product anyway and that WiFi really isn't needed in this phone. Especially if you get the unlimited data plan. WiFi would probably take too big of a hit on the battery anyway.
The thing I wish would change is the amount of RAM. 32MB for this phone works ok but should have been upgraded. It can't be due to cost. Is there some technical reason why PalmOne won't go above 32MB?
Anyway, awesome phone. I'm going to have to trade my Treo 600 in to get this one.

RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
gfunkmagic @ 8/27/2004 12:34:29 AM #
>>>>The thing I wish would change is the amount of RAM. 32MB for this phone works ok but should have been upgraded. It can't be due to cost. Is there some technical reason why PalmOne won't go above 32MB?

It's rumored that PalmOne is using 64 MB M-Systems based Nand Flash for the Ace. 32 MB would be for ram and another 32 MB for automatic backup file store similar to the way the Clie UX series handles ram. Thus, in case of power failure you would not loose your data which would automatically be backed up to the file store. This would also make sense since the Ace will supposedly have a replaceable battery. IMO, this would be a very smart move since it's a very bad idea to have a phone loose all its data every time you run out of power or change the battery! ;)

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RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
Winter_ @ 8/27/2004 4:27:02 AM #
it's a very bad idea to have a phone loose all its data every time you run out of power or change the battery!

Indeed so!!! It's so disgusting on the m125 and the T3. This has caused months of dust-gathering for my girlfriends' m125 after some particularly abject data losses - the last one when the Palm crashed while BackupBuddyVFS was doing the routine night backup. Next morning batteries were dead, memory was empty... and the backup wasn't current. Sooooo desperately nice.

(about a week before that, I had just managed to convince her to try again the m125; I told her that this time BackupBuddyVFS' automated backups would save her data whatever happened... now she's once again -and for the foreseable future- using a non-volatile paper notebook, thanks)

I've heard that Clie's have some backup battery... if only for that they would have merited a better fate than PalmOne.
I guess they simply bet on the wrong OS.

RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
Marshall Flinkman @ 8/27/2004 2:44:36 PM #
It always cracks me up to see someone say "loose" instead of "lose"... here I had the image of the Treo falling over and all these bits of data (pun intended) falling out like someone knocked over a box of Rice Krispies...

I want this Treo, just without a camera! Although I do miss, looking at the pictures, the alternate coloring creating that "mini-number pad"...

hotpaw4 @ 8/27/2004 3:48:15 PM #
And what's with the camera? There are lots of companies practically next door to PalmOne where anything with a camera is strictly verbotten.

RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
just_little_me @ 8/27/2004 6:40:05 PM #
They *did* release a camera-less version of the 600 you know...?


RE: Excellent! Finally Bluetooth! Missing WiFi??????
Marshall Flinkman @ 8/28/2004 1:35:36 PM #
Not all carriers released a cameraless 600--just Sprint and maybe Verizon. No GSM cameraless 600... so far, at any rate.


just_little_me @ 8/26/2004 10:18:01 PM #
Look at the Treo logo in:

It's messed up in that shot - but not the others... someone didn't check their Photoshop'ing work carefully enough... :-)


NumLock @ 8/26/2004 10:26:29 PM #
thats just the glare/camera angle. Like the current treo 600 this probably has the same logo casting under the screen.
LiveFaith @ 8/26/2004 10:30:00 PM #
It's real. Hear me now and believe me later.

Pat Horne;
just_little_me @ 8/26/2004 10:38:33 PM #
I want to believe - but tha tlooks really messed up. Open it in your fav editor and zoom in...

I hope I'm wrong!


People never learn...
alee @ 8/26/2004 11:12:12 PM #
Everytime a Palm photo has been "leaked", it has been real and accurate. Scroll back through the many years of PIC and you'll see this is true. Inevitably someone always says it's a fake.

To come up with a Photoshop job of this caliber would require an incredible amount of effort for a cheap thrill/hoax.

There's no doubt this is the real deal. The only question is when can I buy it? :)

LiveFaith @ 8/26/2004 11:47:32 PM #
alee @ 8/27/2004 1:20:31 AM #
LOL, making product hybrids is much easier. The 650 pics have real reflections that are extremely hard to fake. :)


treo007 @ 8/27/2004 12:19:21 AM #
I just picked up a 600 at my T-mobile store...TODAY! Great timing...

RE: Great.....
LiveFaith @ 8/27/2004 12:26:01 AM #
Can you say "14 day refund"? Is that legitimate?

Pat Horne;
RE: Great.....
treo007 @ 8/27/2004 1:47:11 AM #
Trust me, I know...I've returned so many phones (3) over the last 28 days, they've start laughing when I walk in the door (can't blame them by now).

Problem is that I'm really liking this Treo so far. Don't know that I want to give it up for something that may be delayed and/or exorbantly overpriced for the moment (it took T-Mobile forever to get the 600, I'm going to have to pay through the nose to get an unlocked Ace/650).

RE: Great.....
jseasvuess2000 @ 8/27/2004 10:08:53 AM #
No telling when T-mobile will give the go ahead on this fone. Could take months.

These shots are great but ...

Token User @ 8/27/2004 12:42:39 AM #
... where is the FCC leak of the tech specs and manuals?

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~
RE: These shots are great but ...
edeab220 @ 8/27/2004 12:58:37 AM #
We'll see it the day after it comes out :-p. Recently palmOne has been good at telling the FCC not to make the product's documents public until a day after release.

Technology Reporter at


heavyduty @ 8/27/2004 4:55:05 AM #
Could anyone tell me if the Treo 100% compatible with "normal" Palm apps (i.e. apps not developed with the Treo in mind)?

I have the T|E, loaded with apps, and it would be a great advantage if I could run all my apps on the Treo.

RE: Compatibility?
JonathanChoo @ 8/27/2004 5:04:42 AM #
90% of all PalmOS apps developed for OS5 should work on this Treo.

Generic PDA > 5mx > Vx > m505 > N770C > T625C > NR70V > e310 > m550 > h2210 > T/T3 & h4150

StarTac > T28m > T39m > T68m > T610 > T630 > K700i (nxt week)

RE: Compatibility?
GearHead @ 8/27/2004 10:42:45 AM #
I think there is no problem there. I had a Treo 600 with Sprint PCS, I was able to run all my goodies I had with my Tungsten T. So I don't think you'll run into problems with that.

Good Luck!

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RE: Compatibility?
LiveFaith @ 8/27/2004 12:03:32 PM #
Not a Treoite, but I'm of the understanding that some of the OS5 apps have had trouble with 160x160. The new screen being more in line should theoretically maek things even more compatible. No?

Pat Horne;
RE: Compatibility?
hkklife @ 8/27/2004 12:10:43 PM #
I think that since the arrival of the Zire 31 and Treo 600, most of the OS5 apps updated in the past 6 months or so have added support for these devices.

I do know that some of the earlier high-res-only OS5 titles do have problems on the Z31 and Treo 600. A lot of devlopers, with the increasing popularity of the Treo, have gone back and made "downsized" skins or updates for their apps/games just to accomodate the Treo users, Aerodrome Software being just one of several.

RE: Compatibility?
JonathanChoo @ 8/27/2004 12:51:12 PM #
Some OS5 programs were optimized for early Sony OS5 Clies. Just make sure you install the 'generic' OS5 version.

The new Treo (320x320) should not have a problem. The 600 might have with hi-res programs.

Generic PDA > 5mx > Vx > m505 > N770C > T625C > NR70V > e310 > m550 > h2210 > T/T3 & h4150

StarTac > T28m > T39m > T68m > T610 > T630 > K700i (nxt week)

RE: Compatibility?
rsc1000 @ 8/27/2004 3:15:23 PM #
>>I think that since the arrival of the Zire 31 and Treo 600, most of the OS5 apps updated in the past 6 months or so have added support for these devices.

There are still quite a few apps that have not been changed for the low res treo 600 screen. For example, Legacy is one of the most popular Palm OS games (if not the most popular) - but it is not available for the Treo. Having 320 x 320 (the 'normal' resolution for OS 5) will improve compatibilty and, of course, apps will look better:)

Strangely accurate reporting

SeldomVisitor @ 8/27/2004 6:47:58 AM #
Except for thos last four words "due in the Fall" which I don't believe ever was expressed by a PalmOne person, CEO or not, your article is probably the most fact-based and/or accurately "qualified" (*) I've seen on anything TREO-related.

Well done!

(*) That is, using words like "speculation" when that is indeed what is happening.

A call from the past

cz1 @ 8/27/2004 6:48:07 AM #
Sorry for being so outdated, but still my company uses a lot of faxes. So I wonder if there is there any hope for a new GSM modem with fax capabilities, built into this little marvel?
RE: A call from the past
pkuhns @ 8/27/2004 10:13:12 AM #
Well there seem to be several FAX solutions. Most are OLD (outdated) unfortunately...

Product: P-Fax Wireless Fax Machine v3.1

Product: In-Step Fax (might not work with POS 5! Also, need Instep Print 2.2 too)

Product: Hand Fax (hella old might not work with POS 5!)

Product: efax (I use this every day. No reader for Palm however).

If anyone knows of any more please post!

Nokia 3650 bluetooth magnate

RE: A call from the past
hkklife @ 8/27/2004 11:12:38 AM #
I'd REALLY like to see a "modern" fax client with high-res+ support, expansion card support etc integrated into DocsToGo 7.x or 8. There are still many, many bosses/owners/CEOs out there who swear by fax transmissions.

RE: A call from the past
cz1 @ 8/27/2004 1:07:18 PM #
Sorry for not being explicit enough - yes I know there are some fax clients available and I regret that Mark/Space has removed its very sophisticated solution.

However the point is, that the current TREO600 is unable to send/receive any fax at all, due to a shortcoming in the inbuild GSM/CDMA device. As there were reports some time ago, that P1 is changing the GSM/CDMA supplier, I hope that new TREO will re-introduce this feature. And yes I totally agree there are a lot of bosses out there, still relying on good old paper faxes with real signatures.

Another point worth mentioning is the TrueType font capabilty of the upcoming COBALT. A lot of coding of the existing fax programs obviously went into the generation of fonts. That of course will make a COBALT fax program much easier to code - but the we would have to wait for a COBALT enabled TREO which is not even on the horizon.


I want one.

tthiel @ 8/27/2004 10:58:03 AM #
Hopefully Verizon won't take forever to carry it once it is available.

RE: I want one.
mazensho @ 8/29/2004 12:54:50 AM #
Well just a thought, but I don't think it will take to long for verizon to get this treo. From what i understand from other sources, verizon was actually thinking of not carrying the treo 600 and just waiting for the new treo. Also I remember reading in the treo 650 spec thats both GSM and CDMA versions will be available. Its just "rumors" of course, but its definitly a good sign.


viglactin @ 8/27/2004 11:10:38 PM #
Any info on how long the battery will last with screen on?

Bad news for me...

Fzara2000 @ 8/29/2004 1:18:03 AM #
1. My service provider, T-Mobile, will roll this probably a year after the Treo 650 is released.

2. I also want to note...apparently if anyone from T-Mobile gets this phone, they are REQUIRED to get the $19.99 unlimited internet plan, in addition to their phone plan which is very expensive for some of us. (I've also heard this is the same case with Verizon-forcing you to take an internet plan)

I wanted a Palm PDA, kind of like my PPC Dell X5, however I wanted it integrated into my phone that looked stylish and sleek. Sure the high res and BT are a plus...but the disadvantages are far more heavier when one gets this phone with T-Mobile.

"Now thats just PRIME!"

RE: Bad news for me...
just_little_me @ 8/29/2004 7:27:35 PM #
Why not move to a country with a sense of normality in its telecommunications infrastructure. Where you can buy any damn device you want and use it on any available network you like...


RE: Bad news for me...
Graffiti @ 8/30/2004 2:51:58 PM #
We're eagerly expecting it in Malaysia, "where you can buy any damn device you want and use it on any available network you like..." :-)

AND bring it along on our trips to the US, working on international carrier roaming arrangements.

PDA Networks

RE: Bad news for me...
benixau @ 9/18/2004 10:58:52 AM #
1) In australia we have a 'normal' network. Every major carrier is GSM 900/1800 and it is cheaper to buy the treo separately that to bundle with a plan
2) you statement is wrong for OZ - it should be:
"where you can buy and damned phone you want and get raped in broad daylight by any phone carrier you think will be the gentlest"

The Temptation of the Darkside

lab_monkee_see_all @ 9/1/2004 12:44:23 AM #
Please Help Me......

I once again was tempted to buy the HP 6315. I stopped by today at CompUSA, and I was able to talk the sales guy in letting me install my SIM card into a demo 6315. It worked. I was able to test out all three wireless options. Neat. I was able to pair it with my JABRA BT earphone and make a call.

I then accessed the internet via GPRS, and then via WiFi. I told the guy I wanted one. As he and the manager looked for a unit under the displays, I said to myself...WAIT....I then told the salesguy I wanted to think about it just a little bit more.....and I hurriedly walked out.

The gravitational pull of the Darkside is great, but the only thing holding me back is......

1. The various palm software I've purchased to run my life
2. The stability of the palm OS
3. The speed of the palm OS
4. The thought that PALMONE will one day soon release a unit to
compete directly with the 6315. And since the 6315 is the
first of it's kind, I'm sure there is a wall of competitors
just holding back to release theirs.

Thanks, I just had to get the thoughts out of my head. Ponder, Ponder, Ponder.....sigh.....

Has anyone else in the rebel force played with the 6315? What do you think? Has it too tempted you?

Have you given in and why?

RE: The Temptation of the Darkside
billjw @ 9/9/2004 5:35:45 AM #
lab monkee

snap out of it, son! (slaps hard across the face!) Don't do it to yourself. You'll wake up in the morning feeling violated in the worst way!
I know, they may look pretty on the outside but inside they are full of deceit and trickery! Many have fallen by the wayside, seduced by their flashy wiles and promises of stability and fidelity, HOWEVER, their bones are a grim reminder of what once was!
Look to the light, the bright signing light of Palm salvation andf you shall, indeed, be saved.

There, that should do it, no charge!




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